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Chapter 398: 398
To Save Or Not To Save (2)

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“What are you complaining about? You’re going there to guard Sida anyway . I don’t understand what the problem is,” answered Ye Lang, taking a jab at Feng Xing .

“ . . . ” The group of Light Riders fell silent, peering at Feng Xing and barely holding back their laughter in fear of offending the ‘boss’ .

“I… Fine, I’ll never be able to explain… Let’s go,” Feng Xing led Edward and Kesha away unwillingly .

And this was how Ye Lang didn’t get to display his medical skills when he initially had the opportunity to . This was why most people still didn’t know he was the legendary confused genius doctor .

Then again, the audience couldn’t hear their conversation . After Edward used the illegal technique, the wind-attribute voice-amplifying alchemy tools lost their functions . Therefore, the audience in the stands could no longer hear the conversations in the field .

Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe it was meant to be .

“Sister, Little Seven, Fatty, Cousin and the rest…” Ye Lang wanted to greet every person there but realised there were too many people .

“Hey, hey! How could you put me in ‘the rest’? What do you mean by this?!” The rest of the people didn’t have any opinions but Ye Lang’s very own Second Sister was very unhappy .

“There are too many people, greeting everyone individually will take too long,” explained Ye Lang, not noticing the problem .

It was obvious Second Sister wasn’t referring to that . She wanted to ask why she wasn’t mentioned individually, not why he said ‘the rest’ .

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“ . . . ”

“Alright, I’m going to the Cloud Palace . See you all later,” Ye Lang could care less . He prepared to leave .

Cloud Palace…

This was a place even some of the most influential people couldn’t visit . And Ye Lang was talking about the place like he could visit anytime he wanted . Many people thought it was very weird .

“Wait,” shouted Ye Lanyu .

“What?” Ye Lang stopped running .

Ye Lanyu furrowed her brows, “Did Xuan Yuanbing ask you to go to the Cloud Palace?”

The first person Ye Lanyu thought of was Xuan Yuanbing .

Ye Lang shook his head, “No, I’m just going to look at their book collection . Xuan Yuanbing told me they have the most complete book collection across the mainland . She learned everything from there . ”

“You’re still there because of her, it’s the same . But, your sister is a reasonable person so you can stay there for a night . You won’t get to see her much after the competition,” said Ye Lanyu gently, smiling .

This was normal, as an older sister she would never interfere .

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She pitied Xuan Yuanbing too . As the Sacred Lady, she wouldn’t be able to meet him outside of this city .

And Ye Lang might not ever come back here unless it was necessary .

Xuan Yuanbing, on the other hand, as long as she was the Sacred Lady, would never leave Sheng City .

“Xuan Yuanbing? Who? Why does he get to visit the Cloud Palace like he’s going to his house? He’s allowed to touch the precious books inside? Little Brother, tell me the truth, are you some high-level priest in the Sacred Religion?” Second Sister was getting increasingly confused, she had many questions .

Although she had a brief understanding, she still had to ask because the circumstances were too peculiar .

Many people present wanted to ask these questions too .

“No, I’m not a member of the Sacred Religion… Also, what’s so difficult about entering the Cloud Palace? It’s not a cave filled with monsters…” said Ye Lang . “There’s no time, I need to read the books before we leave . Xuan Yuanbing has books I’ve never seen…”

When he finished, Ye Lang and Little Xin sprinted away so quickly the people were shocked a human being could run this fast .

“That little jerk…” Ye Lanyu shook her head, exasperated . “Alright, let’s go home and get some rest . We have another battle tomorrow . ”


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Although Ye Lang’s behaviour was odd, everyone seemed to understand and didn’t think too much into it .

When they were about to leave, Ye Lang ran back to them with a trail of dust behind him…

“ . . . ”

“Ye Lang, you forgot something?” asked the seventh princess . She knew Ye Lang would only return because he’d forgotten something . He’d never turn back just to say goodbye .

“Yeah . Fatty, can you give me some dinner and supper…” Ye Lang nodded and turned to Zhen Xiaoyan .

“You remembered,” Zhen Xiaoyan took a lunchbox out and gave it to Ye Lang . From the etchings on the box, you could tell it was no ordinary lunchbox but one reinforced with an alchemy formation .

This was a lunchbox that could keep its food fresh and warm .

“Hey, would I eat anyone else’s cooking if you’re here? Alright, I’m leaving,” Ye Lang took the box and left once again .

“ . . . ”

Zhen Xiaoyan stared at the spot where Ye Lang disappeared . There was still a cloud of dust . A smile crept up her face- the kind that made your heart warm .

“Don’t smile like that, you need to know that he likes you… . Your food…” Ye Lanyu jerked her arm .

“And that’s enough . It would be too much trouble if he liked me . I don’t like that clueless idiot anyway,” Zhen Xiaoyan blushed .

“I know, I know . You don’t have to explain…” said Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess at the same time but there was a knowing look in their eyes .

“ . . . ” Zhen Xiaoyan’s response was just silence . She didn’t feel the need to explain herself . There were no romantic feelings between herself and Ye Lang -- at least, she didn’t feel it .

To Ye Lang, she was more than just a regular friend . She was a person who knew him .

She didn’t feel the same way she felt when she saw Moya when she looked at Ye Lang . Moya was a lot better looking, a lot smoother and a lot more suitable as a romantic partner .

Sometimes, she would use Moya to make fun of Ye Lang- which made him upset- and she would laugh .

Xiaoyan liked spending time with Ye Lang though . He was a lot better than Moya in many aspects, the most important thing was his friendliness . She felt comfortable and relaxed around Ye Lang .

At the same time, she was happy with him .

Every time her train of thought arrived at this point, she would give up thinking about the relationship between Ye Lang and herself . In her own words --- it doesn’t matter, as long as everyone’s happy .

The audience, still confused, continued to watch the rest of the battles . Ye Lang’s battle wasn’t the last event .

And just like that, the world went on with their lives and this incident ended here .

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