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Published at 26th of December 2019 08:01:26 PM
Chapter 397
To Save Or Not To Save (1)
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“Genius doctor, please save him, I beg you…” Kesha knelt in front of Ye Lang, kowtowing as she placed her forehead on the ground .  

She tried her best to express her sincerity . She wanted to show Ye Lang she was willing to pay any price for him to save Edward .  

“ . . . ” Ye Lang stared at Edward, whose face was smeared with blood, without a word . Other than furrowing his brows, he did nothing .  

“Fei, help me beg him…” when Kesha saw how Ye Lang still wasn’t moving, she panicked .  

“Uh…” Fei didn’t know what to do either . She didn’t know Ye Lang well and they didn’t have the best history in terms of friendship either…

At the same time, Fei couldn’t help but think about how Edward dug his own grave and his current condition was his own fault! 

“Save him? Why? So he can continue hurting Ye Lang?” spat the seventh princess coldly . In any situation, she would still have the conscience to ask Ye Lang to help . However, the current situation was that Edward wanted to attack Ye Lang, failed, and then became the victim himself .  

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It was already very nice of her to not burn Edward to crisp on the spot .  

“Little Brother, just ignore them . Let him be!” said Ye Lanyu . What if Ye Lang didn’t know how to use the moon mirror technique? What if Ye Lang was confused? The consequences would’ve been unimaginable .  

Zhen Xiaoyan agreed . She grabbed Ye Lang, who was still silent, and then shook her head to imply he should leave Edward .  

“ . . . ” Ye Lang didn’t speak, he only stared at Edward, who was still suffering the effects of the reflected attack .  

“Ye Lang, if you’re not comfortable with it, you don’t have to force it…” Fei wasn’t sure why she said this either . She should’ve helped Kesha, but the words stopped at her lips . The words that fell out was instead this sentence…

“Little Brother, he’s still a person no matter what . Save him if you can,” frowned Second Sister . She was thinking in the bigger picture and she felt like saving the man would benefit Ye Lang in the future . And she couldn’t bear to see him die just like that .  

“Yeah, save him and you won’t have to return the feathers you took from me…” Although Mia had a pair of dark wings, she was a kind person . Her heart was not as dark as her wings .  

“I never intended to return the feathers . If you want to be a kind person, you should give me ten more…” Ye Lang eyed her wings .  

“No…” She folded her wings tight . His look seemed to mean he wanted to pluck her wings bald .  

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Yep . If he could, he would’ve taken all of it! 

“Ye Lang, are you going to save him?” asked Ye Zhiqing softly .  

“I was still considering saving him, especially his face but after listening to you all, I realised this person had always wanted to hurt me . Why would I want to save him?” said Ye Lang as he pointed as Edward .  

“ . . . ”

Did you just notice the problem? And you’re only thinking about his face? He’s already so badly hurt, who cares if his face looks like crap .  

Well, it did look like crap . His face was horrifying .  

“No! I beg you! I will give you anything you want! I’m willing to be your servant, your slave! I just want you to save him!” Kesha knocked her forehead on the ground as she knelt . The blood on her forehead proved the depth of her love .  

“ . . . ” Ye Lanyu and the rest were silent now . They were starting to sympathize with Kesha .  

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Although Edward wasn’t worth their pity, they pitied Kesha . They didn’t know what to do either .  

Fortunately, they were not the final decision-makers . Ye Lang was the one who would make the decision . They were only going to watch, they would neither support nor object! 

“It’s fine, I already have a servant, I don’t need anyone else . I admire your love for him but I’m still very hesitant… He tried to hurt me…” frowned Ye Lang, hesitating .

“Sir, what if we pass him to Lord Sida? He should be able to solve the problem,” offered Feng Xing . Although he did think Edward was looking for trouble, as a follower of the Sacred Teachings, he still had a heart of light . He would never watch a man die like this .  

Unless that person was a criminal who was about to be executed . However, Edward wasn’t a serious criminal . A lesson was enough .  

“ . . . ” Ye Lang didn’t speak . He turned to Ye Zhiqing, who was very quiet, and asked, “Cousin, do you think I should save this person?”

“Huh? Uh…” Ye Zhiqing didn’t expect Ye Lang to ask her and was stunned for a moment . “I don’t know, if you don’t save him, other people can . It’s the same!” 

“Alright, that’ll do! That old man Sida should be able to deal with him . And the face… Nevermind, it’ll be a lesson!” nodded Ye Lang . The best course of action was to pass this matter to someone else .  

Ye Lang pulled out a few needles the moment he started to speak, inserting them into Edward’s body . This was to stabilise his condition and prevent his injuries from worsening .  

However, the crowd who didn’t know what this was thought Ye Lang wanted to hurt Edward even more -- or to take revenge .

Then again, they didn’t think it was a problem . It was just a few needles, a few pricks wouldn’t be a problem .  

Kesha could only clench her teeth, glaring at Ye Lang with hatred . She didn’t express her anger though, quickly burying it in her heart because she knew Edward’s life was still in Ye Lang’s hands .  

She would never know that if Ye Lang hadn’t used these needles, Edward would’ve likely died on the way to Sida! 

In simple terms, Ye Lang saved Edward though in an indirect manner . You could say it was doing a good deed without leaving a name . Or you could say he was just passing the job to someone else .  

Under regular circumstances, what he did would likely trigger future conflicts again . However, everyone believed Edward must have already learned his lesson . The couple should know to just live peacefully and appreciate the time they shared together by now instead of always thinking about revenge .  

If it weren’t for this, Ye Lang might not have saved him .  

“Alright, I will bring him there . I think Lord Sida is already at the House of Confusion but it’s a long way from here!” frowned Feng Xing . The House of Confusion was located at the Miracle District near the foot of the mountain .

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