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Chapter 395: 395
Defeat (2)

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As Edward dodged the bullets, he was slowly approaching Ye Lang despite Ye Lang’s best efforts to stop him .

Edward was regretting his starting position now . He’d already known Ye Lang’s pistols were long-range attack weapons, he should’ve begun the fight nearer to Ye Lang!

“Are you trying to come nearer?” asked Ye Lang, laughing when Edward was three meters away from himself .

“ . . . ” What question was that? He wasn’t going to be a sitting duck far away!

“To be honest, you’ll be at a disadvantage if you come nearer because the bullets will take lesser time to reach you and it’ll be much more difficult for you to dodge them!” Ye Lang chuckled, switched the mode on his pistols, then continued firing .

“Consecutive attack!”

The pistols fired at an alarming speed- if they were previously firing at one bullet per second, right now it was ten bullets per second!

“?!” Edward was astonished at this change, switching to a defensive stance to protect his life . The best technique to escape a life-threatening situation for a wind-attribute fighter was a technique called Wind Run -- he sprinted as fast as he could to dodge the bullets in a second .

Why didn’t he use this technique a lot sooner to get closer to Ye Lang? He had his reasons too . When he ran, he had to focus all his douqi on his feet so he wouldn’t be able to use douqi anywhere else .

That meant that he wouldn’t be able to attack if he was running .

Edward ran like the wind, easily escaping from the rain of bullets and was preparing to charge ahead and knock Ye Lang in the air . This attack wouldn’t work on other people but it might with Ye Lang . It was just a thought .

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“Fuck, you escaped THAT? That won’t do, I’ll have to increase my speed… Super Consecutive Attack!”

Ye Lang’s pistols had another ultimate setting . It was its most powerful setting that was a hundred times faster than normal .


When Ye Lang activated the Super Consecutive mode, the energy explosives fired from the guns looked almost like they were stuck together . This time, Edward had no choice but to take a few steps back because he’d already been wounded a little from a few bullets barely whizzing past his skin .

Once he retreated to a safer region, Edward was still dodging the bullets . Although he was safe, he had no way to approach Ye Lang .

The most worrying thing for him was using up his douqi if the fight carried on like this!

Every energy bullet Edward dodged either hit the ground or one of the protective alchemy formations . Feng Xing finally understood why Ye Lanyu needed reinforcements for the formations .

He also understood why Zhen Xiaoyan was so eager to pack up and leave without so much as a reminder . She knew it would be very unfortunate if she had to be near the field .

“Haha… Left, Right… Jump…” Ye Lang was having fun now, making Edward jump in all directions .

The crowd in the stands was speechless but they were sure of one thing -- Ye Lang was a terrifying person in this aspect!

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Just as Ye Lang was having a lot of fun, something happened that killed his spirits- his pistols ran out of energy again!

He looked down at his pistols and remarked, “How is that possible? They used to last me a long time!”

Nonsense, you were firing it at Super mode, of course it would run out of energy quickly! It’s your fault!

When Ye Lang stopped firing, Edward was still dodging out of reflex and habit . After a few moments, he noticed Ye Lang’s problem .

“Aha, he must’ve run out of energy again! Nice, that’s exactly what I want!” Edward charged immediately with his Wind Run technique . His heart was on fire now, he needed to release all his pent up rage .

Ye Lang stood stunned when he saw Edward barreling ahead at himself .

Edward was filled with anticipation as he approached Ye Lang, getting increasingly excited by the second . This was the moment he could finally prove himself, to prove to everyone that he could beat Ye Lang in a fair fight even though Ye Lang was allowed to have weapons .

“Ye Lang…”


At this moment, everyone watching was worried for Ye Lang . They were worried he would get hurt if Edward knocked him down . He had no weapons now, what would he do to protect himself?

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What else? He still had to rely on his pistols!

As Edward got closer, Ye Lang’s stunned expression changed into a smirk . A smirk that meant he had a plan .

Ye Lang threw the guns in the air, then caught them by their barrels . He slammed the butt of the pistols into Edward’s face!

He had no choice, Edward’s face was the closest and it was the largest target!


The pistols slammed hard into his face . The impact was astronomically worse because of the speed he was running towards them .

Edward’s momentum carried him forward for a bit, then he collapsed flat on the ground . He didn’t move for a few moments . He didn’t seem to be able to get up anymore…

Ye Lang ignored Edward . He used a purification alchemy formation to clean his silver pistols then kept them back in his ring .

They were still good weapons without energy!

“ . . . ”

No one knew what to do . Should they cheer? That felt weird though . But Ye Lang won .

“I think Sir shouldn’t have battled with anyone . It’s not appropriate,” said Feng Xing solemnly .

“Third Sister, Little Brother’s fighting technique is so weird, has he always fought like that?” asked Second Sister . This was a question many people had .

Ye Lang’s fighting technique had no discipline and no rules . It didn’t feel like a serious battle, more like he was having fun .

“He’s usually like that,” Ye Lanyu nodded .

“As long as he can win… That last hit was… Poor Edward…” Fei had a peculiar sense of approval towards Ye Lang now .

“You’re right… But I thought that last hit was awesome! I’ve always wanted to punch that face!” laughed the seventh princess with no intention to hide what she thought .

“Yeah, me too!” nodded Zhen Xiaoyan .

“Me… Too…” added Ye Zhiqing, looking at the ground .

The girls present all wanted to punch Edward because they hated his guts . All because of how he treated Ye Lang .

“He’s an ungrateful rat, abandoning his friends after getting himself a girl . He deserved it!” Many people agreed Edward brought this to himself . Ye Lang’s final hit was satisfying .

Only Kesha remained silent . She still loved and adored Edward even though he was in the wrong . Edward did all this for her .

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