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Chapter 375: 375
The Arrival of the Sacred Lady (2)

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Only a small number of people knew the answer behind her unexpected arrival . Some had heard about it but were unsure about its validity .

That was not the main concern now though, everyone had their eyes glued to the Sacred Lady, mind filled with awe .

Without moving a single muscle, the Lady passed through the arena’s protective formations with ease, floating above everyone .

The personnel in charge of the defence barriers were surprised to find out later that the formations were still functioning . They were baffled at how the Sacred Lady had gotten past it without issues .

Trying to come up with a good reason to convince themselves, they had hypothesized that the formations had recognized the Sacred Lady and hence deactivated themselves for a brief moment to allow her entry, which had made sense as the defence mechanism was made to prevent enemy invasion!

The Sacred Lady, Xuan Yuanbing, started to lower herself, slowly lowering herself unto the arena . Her elevated position had allowed her to spot Ye Lang immediately among the crowd- It wasn’t that difficult as he was huddled together with three other girls .

Xuan Yuanbing was in a daze, watching Ye Lang wolf down another bite of food . The boy was ridiculous, taking advantage of the switch of attention to do something “unsightly” .

The Sacred Lady shook her head before plastering a smile so ethereal yet dazzling which mesmerised everyone in the arena .

“Hey! Is eating the only thing you know?!” Xuan Yuanbing tilted slightly and zoomed to Ye Lang in a flash, giving his head a teasing knock .

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Ye Lang was caught mid-way, the knock rendering his mind blank . He gawked at Xuan Yuanbing for awhile .

It was funny watching his expression .

It wasn’t long before people started to react to the odd display . Was the Sacred Lady here for Ye Lang? Their interaction seemed intimate .

Only time would tell .

“Ye Lang, I told you to stop! Why are you still eating?!” reprimanded Zhen Xiaoyan, soon forgetting about Xuan Yuanbing’s presence .

To her, Ye Lang was evidently of higher priority .

“Wow, the sky sure is blue today! Hehe,” commented Ye Lang, gulping down his food .

Really? What the fuck…

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Everyone around him was at a loss for words, that was so lame!

Ye Lang wasn’t uncomfortable around Xuan Yuanbing, nor was he very aware of her presence, the boy was accustomed to it already . They may not have met in real life but they had met countless times in dreams .

This was very weird to the others . The Sacred Lady they respected and worshipped was treated by Ye Lang as if she was just another regular girl . The group was ignoring her?!

Ye Lang and the bunch were so focused on arguing about food that they hardly took notice of her!

Ye Lang was truthfully ignorant but the seventh princess and Ye Lanyu had done it on purpose . They were not pleased with Xuan Yuanbing’s presence .

“You idiot!” exclaimed Xuan Yuanbing urgently, grasping Ye Lang’s forearm in hopes for some comfort . The girl was worried that this was still a dream .

Her biggest fear was that this moment wasn’t real .

At least it wouldn’t be a bad dream…

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Emotions surged through her heart as she felt his warmth, clenching his arm tightly . She was so overwhelmed that she held him tighter, not wanting to let him go .

Ye Lang didn’t mind it . After all, it was his left arm that was in her grasp so it didn’t hinder his eating . The boy wasn’t even a tad bit curious about her behaviour, it wasn’t the first time she had done this anyway .

Taking in the sight before them, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess felt something ugly brewing in the pits of their heart . Xuan Yuanbing was keeping him for herself! They would’ve attacked her with magic at this point if they hadn’t heard what she said the night before .

Also, the girls were aware their magic wouldn’t work on Xuan Yuanbing, the Sacred Lady was a Tian Level expert!

“Yuanbing, why did you hit me?” Ye Lang was slow to ask .

“ . . . ”

“You were so focused on eating you hardly noticed me at all!” answered Xuan Yuanbing straightforwardly, not afraid that her words made her seem a little bratty .

“Ah, really?” Ye Lang nodded his head, accepting her reason .

“ . . . ”

“Also, you left without a word this morning! I thought I was still dreaming, I was so scared!” Xuan Yuanbing held Ye Lang’s arm to her lips and bit down hard .

“Fuck! I’m bleeding! Stop, this is not a dream!” Ye Lang jumped, quickly tugging his arm away . The boy didn’t need to worry long .

Xuan Yuanbing pulled his arm close to her again to gently cast Light Healing Magic on it . She even had the nerve to look concerned .

Most were surprised by the peculiar display, save for Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess who were fuming at this point .

The surprising sight proved to be too much for everyone else . Their Sacred Lady was healing that prodigal son of the Ye Family with such a gentle expression! What the heck?! It was obvious they weren’t just friends .

Everyone had seemed to forget that Xuan Yuanbing was the one who bit him moments ago!

Couldn’t blame them for it was essentially sensory overload at this rate!

“I guess the rumours about the young prince and the Sacred Lady was real!” thought the shell-shocked Sheng City civilians . They felt very conflicted at the realization, not sure whether to object or approve them .

In the end, they decided to leave it up to fate .

“Answer me! Why did you leave?!” asked Xuan Yuanbing again, adamant to get an answer .

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