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Chapter 37 – It’s not a crime for a man to cry (3) Translated by imakeussmile
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“Alright, young master, I’m really going now! Help me by taking good care of yourself, alright?” Tigress looked at Ye Lang, her expression having a bit of reluctance and concern.

Help me by taking good care of yourself, alright?

This sentence let Ye Lang’s heart be moved deeply, that kind of feeling was unable to be expressed with words.

“Alright, I surely will……”

Ye Lang looked at the troops which escorted Tigress get further into the distance slowly, until he wasn’t able to see the shadow of the carriage which Tigress sat on anymore, he was still standing and stared blankly at the door for a good while. If Ye Lan Yu hadn’t spoken, he would perhaps have stood there for a much longer time.

“Reluctant to part now right! Are you regretting for not being a bit more selfish?” Ye Lan Yu stood at Ye Lang’s side and said lightly.

“What is there to be reluctant about, I can still live on as usual by my own! Selfish. In my dictionary, there is only ‘unselfish dedication’!” Ye Lang said while somewhat trying to be brave. Anyone was able to see that he was trying to be brave.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. I am very baffled, since you treasure her so much, why did you not send her back home yourself?” Ye Lan Yu also did not want to provoke Ye Lang, seeing him suffer, she herself also did not feel good.

“I did want to do so, but would you guys agree?” Ye Lang asked in reverse.

“No!” Ye Lan Yu and Long An Qi’s answer was very clear-cut. The Ye Lang right now, how would they be reassured about him going out, they would resolutely oppose it.

“Not only would you guys disagree, she also would not agree either.” Ye Lang looked at the place where Tigress slowly faded away and said faintly.

She would not agree, not only for the reason that Ye Lan Yu and Long An Qi had in their minds, but also the other worries she had, for example, she did not want Ye Lang to be seen by her tribe as she did not know how her own race would treat her own young master.

This matter, Ye Lang was also able to guess it. In the past, she had also said it before. At that time, when Tigress talked about her family, and the little thirteenth prince said that he wanted to go her house and take a look, she immediately opposed the idea. For her, who was totally submissive towards her own young master, it was something which was rarely seen.

That’s right, Tigress herself indeed admitted that she was Ye Lang’s slave. But would the people of her race acknowledge this identity of hers? It was hard to say, and maybe they would feel that this was a humiliation to them, and would do some actions which were harmful towards Ye Lang.

Perhaps, after understanding the situation and knowing that Ye Lang was her benefactor, the people of her race would let Ye Lang off. But this was still an uncertain factor. Thus, she would not let Ye Lang go and take risks, she wanted to confirm if it was alright, before allowing Ye Lang to come visit her family.

Ignoring all that, even if those reason didn’t exist, if Ye Lang were to escort Tigress back home, Tigress would also escort him back home afterwards, continuing and repeating like this. Thus, only if Ye Lang does not escort her back home, then can she really go back home!

Turning around to leave……

“Eh?” Ye Lan Yu suddenly discovered that when Ye Lan Yu turned around, she felt a bit of water element fluctuation, could it be that……

“Little brother, are you crying? Ha, ha, you’re crying……”

That’s right, Ye Lang’s eyes were a bit wet, he was indeed crying.

At the start, Ye Lan Yu felt that Ye Lang would not admit It, but Ye Lang instead did a thing which would be unforgettable to the others, not only did he admit, he also said…..

“It’s not a crime for a man to cry! Cry, cry! Even strong people have the right to break down! If only a broken heart is left behind after laughter, why must it be so hard to be a person! It’s not a crime for a man to cry……” Ye Lang imitated the singing style of Andy Lau, letting out all his emotions within his heart, singing loudly as he entered Ye Residence.

“Little brother, although this song of yours is not really much, there is however a very manly spirit feel to it. Where did you learn it from?” Ye Lan Yu chased after Ye Lang and asked curiously beside him.

Towards Ye Lan Yu’s question, Ye Lang’s answer was: “Don’t bother me, I still haven’t vented out enough!”

“Just as falling rain is a kind of beauty, it’s better to hold this opportunity well, and cry out one round. It’s not a crime to cry!”



During the night, the moon used its gentle white light to illuminate the earth, and during this silent night, within Ye Residence, there was however a voice which broke this serenity.

“The cold wind tonight tears my heart to shreds, the flurried footsteps don’t let me go home until I’m drunk, the hazy drizzle has its own hazy beauty……Why did I cry in such a sorry state, is it that I still have some attachments towards you……a person who cried out, cried out, cried out……”

Ye Lang held onto a Chinese lute, stubbornly playing this song. The sorrowful sound of the Chinese lute, adding on the sorrowful singing voice, let the listeners to have a sorrowful and wanting to cry feeling.

The reason as to why he used a Chinese lute was not because he was not able to find a guitar, but instead because that he did not know how to play a western musical instrument like a guitar. Because within the martial arts treasury, there were only China’s ancient musical instruments. If he had some time in the future, he may go and try out western musical instruments. But in any case, the musical instrument he was best with was this Chinese lute.

Simply speaking, with the Chinese lute sound and his singing voice, people wouldn’t feel that it was unpleasant to listen to, and would instead feel that it was very pleasant to listen to, and would want to continue to listen it. But right now, the people in Ye Residence however did not want to continue listening to it, and the reason was –

“I can’t take it anymore, how can I even sleep like this!!” The servants of Ye Family dared to be angry, but did not dared to say it out, and only just mumbled softly.

“Fuck, Thirteen this brat has already sung for an entire day already, is he not tired?” The elders of Ye Family were only curious and helpless.

“Thirteen, your sister still has a date tomorrow, can you let me have a good sleep!!” Ye Lang’s female and male cousins did not have any trace of politeness, and instead of being affected by Ye Lang, they straightforwardly cursed loudly at him.

No matter how good the music was, during unsuitable a time, it would also become noise. Especially when the song had already continued for a very long time.

Not sure if Ye Lang still had not vented out enough, or it was that he had sing until he became addicted to it, after Tigress had left, he had been singing since then till now. Moreover, he still chose those songs which had faint sorrowful feelings in them, letting everyone in the Ye Residence to feel sad along with him.

Of course, at the start it was not a problem, and many people also liked listening to songs like these. The problem was that he been singing for way too long now, letting everyone feel a bit unbearable.

And this phenomenon also proved one thing, which was that the importance of Tigress within his heart could be something which no one would be able to surpass. At least, in the future, this kind of mood was extremely rarely seen on him.

“Tai Ya……” After Ye Lan Yu and Long An Qi saw this situation, their hearts seemed to be a bit jealous of Tai Ya, just that, what they felt more was still gratitude. After all, it was Tigress who had taken good care of Ye Lang for so long, surpassing the amount of time they had taken care of Ye Lang by several folds.

After this matter, Ye Lan Yu and Long An Qi started treating Ye Lang much better than they already had treated him in the past, completely having the feeling of holding him up in their palm as they seemed to want chase up to the position where Tigress was in Ye Lang’s heart.

Afterwards, Ye Lang really stopped singing loudly, and this made that older female cousin of his to feel very comfortable, deciding that tomorrow she was going to reward this younger cousin of hers for being so obedient. Except, very quickly, she was about to be driven mad again, and swear that she would not give any good look to Ye Lang in the future anymore.

That’s right, Ye Lang did not sing loudly afterwards anymore; but instead, he took his Chinese lute, and started playing a Chinese lute song which brought forth a faint sorrow feeling.

Tonight, Ye Residence was destined to be sleepless!

During this night, many people all hated Ye Lang’s music, and many years later, they would however instead feel why they had not listened for a while more during that time, why had they not treasured that time.

[Ominous chapter ending. Dun dun duuuuuun.]

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