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Published at 28th of November 2019 06:53:27 PM
Chapter 367
Dream? (3)
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“Why must it be like this? Why!” screamed Xuan Yuanbing in her heart . If anyone could hear her, they would feel her pain and sorrow .  

As the Sacred Lady, she had never felt such strong emotions in her life . If anyone dared anger her like this, they would become the religion’s biggest enemy! 

Xuan Yuanbing looked around her room, there was no one around her . She didn’t know where Ye Lang and the girls went . She almost cried, thinking she was still dreaming .  

If she slept in her dream, she sometimes subconsciously changed her surroundings to mimic her quarters, and she’d wake up comfortably in the middle of her bed like right now! That was why she thought she was still in her dream, denying all that had happened! 

“Forget it, at least that was a good dream!” she shook her head with a bitter smile, shaking the bitterness out of her head to look at this with optimism .  

On a positive note, at least it was a good dream . She didn’t lose anything, she gained the memory of a good dream! 

Different perspectives, different feelings .  

Xuan Yuanbing always looked at everything with a positive attitude or she would’ve gone crazy here before Ye Lang came to meet her in her dream .  

Out of habit, she cleansed herself with magic . It didn’t matter if she cleaned herself or not in her dreamscape, but she preferred to clean herself with magic and look presentable 

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Then, she opened the door to step out . Another day of aimless walking…

“Good morning, m’lady! The Pope wants you to meet him once you’re ready!” There were two guards stationed outside her door . They were both female Light Riders .  

“Oh… The Pope…” Xuan Yuanbing continued walking before she realised what just happened .  

“?!” Suddenly, she reacted, turning her head sharply to see the two Light Riders behind her, her eyes filled with surprise and disbelief .  

“What did you say?” 

“The Pope invites you to meet him . Probably to see how you are!” repeated the female Light Rider .  

“You exist! I’m not dreaming? I’m awake?” Yuan Xuanbing’s eyes shone with happiness, getting excited .  

“Yeah!” nodded the Light Rider . What did the Lady mean? Dreaming? Were the rumours true? That the Lady had gone insane? 

“Since I’m not dreaming, and everything is real, then why don’t I see that little idiot? Where did he go?” huffed Xuan Yuanbing . She was upset Ye LAng left her without a word .  

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The most important question to answer right now was her second one: where was he? 

“You must be talking about Gentleman Ye . The girls took him with them to the ranking competition . He’s one of their participants! He’d already been absent for half a month because he was treating you, m’lady, he can’t miss any more of the competition!” answered the rider .  

He didn’t leave her, he was going to that competition . Wait, what’s a ranking competition? And, where was it? 

Xuan Yuanbing had many questions but chose to ask a weirder question, “Gentleman? Why do all of you call him that?” 

The way the rider used ‘Gentleman’ was weird . With their culture, they usually greeted people with their names . This sounded as if they were working for Ye Lang! 

Many people thought this was weird too, including some of the Teaching’s members and foreign scholars . Why was there a new position with a different greeting? 

“We call him that because many people do, probably because some people truly respect and admire him . They greet him as if he were their master at home! Also, he is a very grounded person and is very easy to talk to, that is why we do this!” answered the Light Rider after thinking for a moment .  

No one knew why they started calling him that either, but it’d became a habit and it suited him .


“Yeah, that sounds like him! What ranking competition is that? Where is it?” asked Xuan Yuanbing .  

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“At the Light Arena, it’s a ranking competition among all the schools across the mainland held every ten years…”

“You don’t have to tell me, I know! Why would the Sacred Teachings be interested in organising this though? Never mind, I don’t think you’ll know the answer . I’ll go change and wash up!” she giggled, then ran back into the room .  

Since it wasn’t a dream, she wanted to give herself a proper bath and got ready for real to change into pretty clothes . Now she was presentable… to someone very specific! 

The Light Rider waited outside . As a girl, she understood that Xuan Yuanbing would need time to get ready- at least half an hour .  

However, she thought wrong . Xuan Yuanbing was in a hurry so she only took ten minutes . She didn’t need to do her makeup, the Sacred Lady relied on natural beauty! 

“I’m leaving!” Xuan Yuanbing left the room without waiting for the riders .  

“M’lady, the Pope’s room is there…” the rider was pointing in the opposite direction .

“I know it’s there, you don’t need to tell me!” yelled Xuan Yuanbing without turning back .  

“Then why are you still walking there?”

“I’m not going to the Pope’s,”

“ . . . Where are you going?” the riders could guess the answer to this question but was still very surprised .  

The Lady wasn’t going to the Pope’s but rather visiting him . Looks like the rumours were true! 

Xuan Yuanbing was ecstatic, running towards where Ye Lang was…

AT the Light Arena, Ye Lang was standing with a confused expression on his face .  

“Sis, why do I have to participate? Aren’t I in the alchemy category?” 

Ye Lang was very confused because when he arrived, it didn’t look like a typical alchemy competition at all but rather a gang fight .  

There were a group of terrifying warrior-magicians standing opposite them, bright sparks made of magic shooting out of their palms, and that powerful douqi rippling off them…

On this end, there was only him, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess . Even Zhen Xiaoyan knew they were much more powerful than her! 

Was this a gang fight?! 

My dear sister, can you tell me what is going on? 

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