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Chapter 364
Level 1 Defense (3)
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“I don’t know how powerful she is, but I do know that she is a patient who'd only woken up from a coma a few moments ago . We don’t know if she’s completely recovered so you both shouldn't fight her,” Ye Lang shook his head .  

He defended Xuan Yuanbing not only because of the relationship they shared from the dreams, but also because of her physical condition . She was his patient .  

With these two reasons, Ye Lang naturally favoured her more .  

If it were a regular day, Ye Lang might’ve ignored the conversation entirely . Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess fought at least a few battles every day, he couldn’t care less! 

However, the two girls didn’t know of his intentions, only seeing that he was defending Xuan Yuanbing- in a fight against them! This irritated them .  

They were about to rage when his next sentence calmed them down .  

“Xuan Yuanbing, they’re the people closest to me . You can argue, I don’t mind, but don’t ever hurt them,” Ye Lang didn’t believe Xuan Yuanbing would be powerful enough, but he knew accidents could happen .  

“And what if they hurt me?” Xuan Yuanbing asked .  

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“They won't,” he shook his head . He knew Ye Lanyu and the princess were still reasonable people .  

“What if?” Xuan Yuanbing didn’t want to drop the topic .  

Ye Lang had a very short answer for this: “Bear with it, and come look for me . ” 

“You’re playing favourites,” said Xuan Yuanbing cooly .  

“One’s my sister, one’s my future wife . It’d be hard to not favour them, you know . Let tell you a secret: my sister is very scary, don’t offend her, alright…” whispered Ye Lang . Unfortunately, his ‘whisper’ wasn’t soft enough .  

“Hey, what did you say?” Ye Lanyu appeared in a flash, smacking his head .  

With her speed, even the swordsman wouldn’t be able to hide . No one knew how this magician could achieve such speed, though it seemed to only appear when she needed to hit Ye Lang’s head .  

“Ahh…” cried Ye Lang, “I’m not wrong…”

“How dare you…” Ye Lanyu glared .  

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“Xuan Yuanbing, hurry up and take me in, I want to sleep,” Ye Lang immediately changed the topic, dragging Xuan Yuanbing off to a run . Xuan Yuanbing didn’t have to chase after him this time .  

“ . . . ” Ye LAnyu and the seventh princess looked at each other, then ran after them . Zhen Xiaoyan followed too . She realised she was only out for a jog, but she was alright with it .  

Feng Xing and the rest were stunned…

“Where’s the Lady?” At this moment, Archbishop Will arrived, panting .  

“Probably going back to her room,” Feng Xing furrowed his brows . He suddenly recalled that he’d forgotten about Archbishop Will’s instructions .  

“Her room? Alone or with that kid?” asked Archbishop Will, supporting himself on the walls .  

Feng Xing nodded, “Logically, I think they’re together . ” 

“What? Inform everyone immediately that this is a Level 1 Defense emergency, separate the two now!” roared Archbishop Will, giving a very unreasonable command in the heat of his rage .  

“Uh, Archbishop Will, that doesn’t seem appropriate . It will be very awkward for the Lady, and the situation would just escalate…” reminded Feng Xing . This declaration wasn’t appropriate for the situation at all .  

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“Never mind that . If the sanctity of the Sacred Lady is tarnished, the consequences will be unimaginable!” insisted Archbishop Will .  

“I’ll go then,” answered Feng Xing . He had no choice but to obey if Archbishop Will insisted . This was the influence of the Archbishop .  

“What happened? Level 1 defense emergency?” 

When the Level 1 defence alarm blared, the entire palace slid into anxiety and confusion . No one knew what was going on, but they were doing their best to brace for the emergency .  

“I have just received a message… Look for the Lady, separate her and Ye Lang . Under no circumstances do you let them enter the LAdy’s quarters together . From Archbishop Will . ” 

“ . . . ”

Everyone was stunned when the message was announced, either from their surprise at the content, or exasperation that they had to be on alert because of something so small . What was the Archbishop thinking?! 

“Archbishop Will is overreacting, do we really need to be on alert just for this? Wait, does that mean the Lady is awake? Not bad, this Ye Lang kid knows his stuff after all, to be able to save the Lady,” the Pope had his brows furrowed . He was at a meeting when he received the news .  

“Yes, the Lady is awake, and Mr Ye successfully treated her without so much as a scar,” continued the messenger .  

“Oh, she’s all well then? That’s great news,” the Pope nodded, very satisfied with Ye Lang’s work . “Why is she with Ye Lang?” 

“We don’t know either, but apparently she and Mr Ye had some special relationship since a few years ago . She immediately hugged him when she woke up, and no one has been able to pull them apart,” reported the messenger . It was already impressive he knew this much . The Pope would have to wait if he wanted to know the details .  

“Tell them to stop the emergency alert, send someone to the Lady to find out what is happening . Report to me once you get more information,” instructed the Pope . Even if it was related to the ‘sanctity’ of the Lady, this was an overreaction . And it wasn’t something they wanted other people to know either! 

Something as sensitive as this should be dealt with in secret…

Within moments, the Level 1 defence emergency alert was dissolved but the entire palace know knew that Ye Lang and the Lady had a very close relationship, that they did something in her quarters… If it wasn’t true, why would they sound the alarm, then feel it wasn’t appropriate and cancel the alert? 

“Will, that was dumb! Even if Little Bing didn’t do anything, this would’ve caused a lot of misunderstanding . ” The rest of the ARchbishops shook their heads .  

“Hehe, that’s none of my business . Little idiot, I think I don’t want to be the Sacred Lady anymore,” chuckled Xuan Yuan when she received news . She didn't feel that it was as if she got together with Ye Lang- she would be happy if it turned out that way .  

Of course, that didn’t mean she had a crush on him! She treated him as a very, very intimate friend, a person she could tell everything to .  

They shared the same dream for years, that meant their brainwaves mirrored each other . They could even be soulmates .  

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