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Chapter 362: 362

Chapter 362 Level 1 Defense (1)

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“That troublemaker always does that, he’ll go missing again! Little Seven, Xiaoyan, go! Or he’ll be kidnapped by that Sacred Lady!” came Ye Lanyu’s shouts, proving the Light Riders right .

The riders didn’t understand what she meant by the second sentence though . The Lady kidnapping him? Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way round? More like Ye Lang kidnapping their Sacred Lady .

The three girls each had their own plan to reach him as fast as possible . They flashed past Feng Xing and the rest .

When the riders wanted to run after them, another person appeared, though this person didn’t run, only started to speak .

This was Archbishop Will . He was an Archbishop, why would he run? Of course this was a job for his subordinates .

He instructed the riders standing guard outside, “Go get the Sacred Lady, don’t let her bring the kid into her room . The girl slept too much . ”

What did the Archbishop say? She was bringing him to her room? Wow, aggressive and direct indeed .

A scene couldn’t help but appear in Feng Xing and the riders’ minds…

Xuan Yuanbing bringing Ye Lang into her room with a smile, they both fall on the bed, Ye Lang looking clueless…

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Fuck, they had to check on them .


There were battle cries as Feng Xing and the rest charged enthusiastically . No one would be able to stop them from the drama that was about to unfold!

What was going on with this bunch of people? Were they going insane too?

Archbishop Will and the rest of the doctors watched Feng Xing and the rest run, confused .

Archbishop Will might have a mental breakdown in the corner if he knew what they were thinking . This group of people was going insane! Anyone who spent too much time with that kid would go insane!

“Where are you going? Come to my room,” after a short run, Xuan Yuanbing finally cornered Ye Lang .

“Fine, but you can’t hit me,” Ye Lang looked pitiful being cornered, his back against the wall .

Fuck, it was a scene indeed . We’re very lucky to be able to watch this! It would be our life’s regret to miss this!

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Feng Xing and the rest were able to take a shortcut to reach then, arriving right when Xuan Yuanbing spoke .

This meant that they were listening to the conversation without context! The misunderstanding grew…

Anyone would’ve had a misunderstanding if they only heard this part of the conversation . Xuan Yuanbing was aggressively seducing Ye Lang, while Ye Lang was running away from her advances, afraid she would hit him…

The Sacred Lady was a very strong woman indeed, not every girl would do something like that!

Every Light Rider present understood the entire situation wrong, but they were sure of one thing: their Sacred Lady was no longer as innocent as they thought, but they didn’t think it was bad- which was odd .

They would’ve chopped the man to pieces if the man wasn’t Ye Lang . However, with Ye Lang, even they were surprised that they felt he was a good fit for the SAcred Lady .

Perhaps it was Ye Lang’s unique aura, the grounded, down-to-earth kind of vibe . They didn’t feel like he was just a common boy, he seemed to be a very special, out-of-this-world person- like Sacred Lady!

Even the rest of the people of the Sacred Teachings who’d met Ye Lang felt that way- though naturally the ones who hadn’t met him didn’t .

“Don’t worry, why would I hit you? I like you too much . Be a good boy and follow me,” she coaxed . She was used to coaxing him like this when Ye Lang threw a childish tantrum in their dreams .

“Alright,” he grunted, about to follow her into her quarters .

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This is awesome! The show is about to start!

Wait, what were we here for? To watch the drama? Never mind, this was more important .

“No! You are both can’t do that!” objected a loud voice .

Who was that? Who dared interrupt the show?

Feng Xing and the rest were annoyed, glaring at the direction of the voice . However, their rage quickly faded .

They weren’t afraid of the person, but they still wouldn’t want to offend her . Then again, she had every right to stop them .

This person was Ye Lang’s future wife… The seventh princess .

“Why not? Also, who are you?” Xuan Yuanbing held Ye Lang’s hand, turning to the princess . Although they’d spent many nights talking, they never talked about family or friends .

This meant she only knew Ye Lang, but wasn’t familiar with the people around him .

Therefore, she didn’t know the seventh princess or anyone else .

“Who am I? I’m the future wife of the idiot you’re holding hands with! Now you know why you can’t,” the seventh princess stepped forward and took his other hand .

“Future wife? Is that true?” Xuan Yuanbing was stunned for a moment .

“Yeah, she has been since we were young . She’ll be my wife in the future,” Ye Lang nodded with no intention to keep this a secret, even promising that the princess was going to be his wife .

Ye Lang used to not care, then decided he had no preference, and recently thought he was very happy with this .

“Oh, not bad!” Xuan Yuanbing regarded the princess, then complimented her . The crowd was confused at this point .

From their predictions, even if Xuan Yuanbing wasn’t annoyed, she’d definitely rebut the princess . They didn’t expect this outcome, where she complimented her .

Did this mean she didn’t care Ye Lang had a wife? Or she was willing to be his mistress?

Fuck, the plot thickens!!

“So now that you understand, can I take him home? We still have things to do tomorrow . We’ve put a lot of stuff on hold because of you,” the seventh princess was about to pull Ye Lang away . She thought Yuanbing would give up and let him go .

However, what she didn’t expect was that not only did Xuan Yuanbing not let go, she tugged so Ye Lang now stood behind her . She’d taken him away when the princess wasn’t looking!

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