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Published at 21st of November 2019 05:10:07 PM
Chapter 360: 360
Let Me Fix Your Dress (2)
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“…” Ye Lang stared at Xuan Yuanbing .

“What are you looking at?!” she shrieked .

“You look very pretty like this, but it’s too bright!” Ye Lang said very honestly .

“Blinding is better than you all seeing me like this! Do you have any girl clothes?” she asked Ye Lang . While she didn’t sound like she was reacting to his compliment, deep down she was delighted with his comment .

Shouldn’t you be asking us for girl clothes? Why are you asking the idiot, he wouldn’t have girl clothes on him! —This was what Ye Lanyu wanted to say .

Based on Ye Lanyu, the seventh princess and Zhen Xiaoyan’s understanding of Ye Lang, they knew he would never bring girl clothes with him unless he needed to .

This was all because of Ye Lanyu because he liked seeing him in girl clothes and it was a traumatic experience for him .

However, they forgot something!

“I do!” he said, “I have many, you take this since you like white1”

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Ye Lang took a white dress out from Little Xin’s ring . The girls didn’t take into account the clothes he prepared for Little Xin .

He never used to bring girl clothes with him, but with Little Xin here, he started to keep a collection of luxurious clothes suited for an aristocratic girl with Little Xin .

“Do you want underwear too…” Ye Lang suddenly asked as he passed her the dress .

Everyone was stunned with his question, including Xuan Yuangbing although she only rolled her eyes and returned to her normal expression .

“Hey, wait . Why is Little Xin here too?” Ye Lang suddenly realised, after taking the dress from Little Xin’s ring out of habit .

This was because Xuan Yuanbing had never asked him for clothes . She could get whatever she wanted in the dreamland, she could play god in the dream!

“Not just Little Xin, we’re here too… You only have your little Sacred Lady in your eyes, you’ve forgotten about us?!” huffed Ye Lanyu . She wanted to remind him that she existed, and she wasn’t transparent .

“…” Ye Lang turned to look at Ye Lanyu, then regarded his surroundings… “Why is our dream so weird today? My scary sister is here… and why are all these people here too?”

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“What? You called me scary?!” Ye Lanyu shot forward, twisting his ear .

“Ah! It hurts! Why does it hurt, I’m dreaming!” he squealed, though very quickly grew confused again . Was it still a dream?

“You’re not dreaming!! Tell me, how did you get to know this Sacred Lady?” questioned Ye Lanyu, slapping him .

“It’s not a dream… I don’t know the Sacred Lady, I only know her… Say, Xuan Yuanbing, why were you dressed like that Sacred Lady,” he asked . He still hadn’t connected the dots, that Xuan Yuanbing was the Sacred Lady .

“Because… I’m the Sacred Lady!” she said, already wearing Little Xin’s clothes . No one was sure how she made her old, tattered clothes disappear .

She even ‘cleaned’ herself using light magic, ‘washing’ herself of grime . There was also a purification spell in the light magic branch .

[Note: Sacred Lady sounds like Leftover Lady (an older lady who is still single)]

“I know you’re not married, you don’t have to tell me that! Wait, you’re trying to get a partner, aren’t you?!” Ye Lang slammed one fist into another palm, his face a look of understanding .

“Please!! I’m the Sacred Lady!! And I’m only seventeen, I still have time, alright?!!” scolded Xuan Yuanbing, using magic to soothe his red ear after Ye Lanyu twisted it .

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Is this girl angry or not? Why was she still treating him? Everyone present wanted to know .

This was out of habit to her . She often bullied him in the dreamscape because she could control everything there .

Ye Lang stopped struggling after a while because she would treat him after anyway .

Then again, it didn’t hurt because they’d be in a dream!

How would it hurt if he was dreaming?

However, she would still send him healing magic every time even if he wasn’t technically hurting .

“Sacred Lady? You’re THE Sacred Lady? The Sacred Lady I’ve been treating for half a month?!” he cried, staring at her in shock .

“You finally understand! How could you be so slow?” Xuan Yuanbing laughed, looking at him with her bright eyes .

Xuan Yuanbing’s eyes had been staring at Ye Lang since she met him, she never looked away!

Ye Lang was used to this and didn’t mind it at all .

“Wait, let me fix your dress! We’ve known each other for seven years . While it was in a dream, I’ve spent more time with you than anyone else…”

“Yeah, other than your identity, I know everything about you so you have to behave, don’t lie to me! You’ll be in trouble if you do, even if this is reality and not our dream anymore!” interrupted Xuan Yuanbing .

“I know, I won’t lie to you . When have I ever?”

“You haven’t, but I’m afraid you might . I’m warning you now!”

“Don’t interrupt me, I’m still fixing it!” said Ye Lang, while Xuan Yuanbing stuck out her tongue . It was adorable .

Xuan Yuanbing’s actions stunned the people of the TEachings who were watching . They couldn’t believe their Sacred Lady just made a face, and it was adorable .

It was normal when she was very young, but ever since she became the Sacred Lady, she maintained the elegance and composure of the pure Sacred Lady .

As the Sacred Lady, she couldn’t display emotions and actions like a regular human, she must be detached with everything, like a goddess living among humans .

Ye Lang ignored her face, still talking, “Where was I? Oh right, we always meet in our dreams, but we never got to ask each other about our identities…”

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