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Chapter 36 – It’s not a crime for a man to cry (2) Translated by imakeussmile


“Eventually, you will have to go back home, you can’t always stay by my side, you have your own family too. You have already been here for 8 years, your childhood should not only have me, it should also have your family too. It is still not too late, you still can be with your family.” Ye Lang said softly.

“……” After hearing what Ye Lang said, Tigress remained silent, as she quietly and tightly hugged Ye Lang. She seemed to understand that after this hug, they may be separated for a very, very long time.

At this time, Ye Lan Yu and Long An Qi suddenly felt ashamed, they only let Tigress take care of Ye Lang, and from the start, they had never considered Tigress’ situation.

Perhaps, only the most intimate friend would be able to understand, and Ye Lang had never looked at Tigress as a female slave at all, and instead regarded her as his own close childhood friend who he grew up together with, his most, most intimate friend. So how would he not be able to feel Tigress’ feelings of thinking about her home.

Actually, in front of Ye Lang, Tigress also did not hold back anything from him, and had also talk to him about her family before. She had talked about who was in her family, and sometimes when she would be in a daze under the moon alone, it would mean that she was missing her family.

Because of this, Ye Lang also knew that she was not an orphan, and not only was she not an orphan, her parents and elders were all still healthy, and her family all doted on her.

The Ye Lang in the past was still muddle-headed, and simply did not know how to handle this matter. Thus, just like this, the matter was dragged on for 8 years. The Ye Lang right now knew that this matter had to be handled immediately, but he still wanted to be a bit of selfish, and let Tigress continue accompanying him for 3 more months.

Of course, during this 3 months, he had also done many things, like for example, teaching Tigress some martial techniques and some special skills to protect herself.

Right now, everyone also seemed to understand why Ye Lang suddenly requested Tigress to sleep together, so it was actually at that time, he already had this kind of plan. And during this period of time, he also had to bear the pain of having to separate from Tigress, but on the surface, he was still just the same as usual.

Thinking about this, Tigress’ heart seemed to ache once again, and naturally, she would also not blame Ye Lang for not having told her about it.

“But, young master, if I leave, there would be no one to take care of you, you are always that clumsy.” Tigress’ tone brought along a faint sadness.

“Right now, I won’t be that stupid like in the past anymore, I can take care of myself, you don’t have to worry.” Ye Lang said gently, wanting to let Tigress feel reassured.

“As if! You are not much better than you were in the past, often being muddle-headed and stupid.” Tigress straightforwardly exposed Ye Lang’s comforting words. Her understanding about him was much more than what he understood about himself.

Although Ye Lang had recovered his memories, but just as Tigress had said, he would be muddle-headed when doing things sometimes, and his reaction were also very slow, not sure if he was affected by his earlier childhood or he himself was originally just this kind of person.

Fortunately, all those were just about the small matters, letting others feel that he did not lose the point that made him cute.

About all that, Ye Lang did not really care much. And Long An Qi, Ye Lan Yu, and the others also did not mind it much either. After all, there would be people helping him handle the small matters, and it was all alright as long as he wasn’t muddle-headed about the big matters.

Perhaps, the only person who would really be worried about this thing would just be Tigress herself.

“It will be alright, when the time comes, I will be fine.” Ye Lang casually said.

“……” Tigress did not say anything anymore, just quietly stared blankly at a spot.

At this time, within the courtyard, no one made any sound, only just quietly waited for the time to pass by. Ye Lang and Tigress seemed to want the time to not pass by, and wanted the time stop at this moment.

Just that, time would not stop for anyone, whatever were to come, would come in the end. The arrival of Group Captain Anna gave Ye Lang no choice but to part from each other, and begin discussing about this mission this time.

His request was very simple, not hesitating about any costs, they must ensure that Tigress does not suffer from the slightest harm at all, and if they can’t do it, they can call others to come help.

Towards Ye Lang’s request, the beautiful Anna was dazed. A bit not daring to believe it. Was this real?

It was not that the request was too demanding, but that the request was just too simple. Just for only escorting Tigress, there was simply no need for their entire mercenary group to be dispatched, and also no need for such a big amount of commission fee. Only 10%, no, just 1% of the commission fee was enough for the escort.

In the continent, Tigress was not an important figure at all, at least, she currently was still not. And even if she were to set out on the journey by herself, other than perverts, there would be no one who would try to make trouble for her. For this kind of person, there was naturally no need for such a big troop-arrangement to guard.
But whatever else, since Ye Lang’s request was like this, and he had also given such a big amount of commission fee, they would naturally escort Tigress with their best, not letting Tigress suffer from any tiny bit of harm at all.

After this event, many people would ask Ye Lang as to why he had paid a commission fee of a million gold coins, a mere Tigress was simply not worth this amount. And even if it was he himself, the commission fee would not be that big


This question, Ye Lang did not answer, he disdained to answer this question, disdained to discuss about the worth of Tigress, as this would let him feel that it was a kind of a humiliation towards Tigress.

“Young master, I’m going, you have to take good care of yourself, I will come back.” This sentence was said by Tigress after much reluctance to part, and it seemed as if it was a life and death separation situation.

Come back. Of course she would come back. From the start, she had only intended to go back home for a certain period of time, then afterwards, she would let her family arrange for her to attend Imperial Academy. The beastmen students in Imperial Academy were also not a small amount.

How could she not worry about Ye Lang, she would not be able to stop worrying about him for her entire life!

“I got it already, I will take good care of myself. If you don’t come back, I will go over and look for you.” Ye Lang replied, with his understanding about Tigress, he naturally knew that she would come back.

“Also, young master. Before I come back, don’t you sleep together with Princess Qi, other girls would be even more out of the question.” Tigress said lightly, seemingly to be teasing Ye Lang, yet seemed to be serious too.

“Don’t worry, I am not such a casual person!” Ye Lang said very seriously.

“Is your next sentence that, if you were to casually stand up, you would not be a person?” Tigress said while smiling and this sentence let Ye Lang to be dazed.
[That’s what it literally says, we think it has THAT kind of meaning.]

“……. Who taught you those words.” After being dazed for a while, Ye Lang asked very curiously. According to what he knew, this sentence should not be popular in this world.

“Oh you, you said this before 2 years ago. At that time, you were……” Tigress said lightly, explaining slowly and detailed about the situation during that time.

“……” Ye Lang only listened silently. This matter, even he himself had also forgotten about most of it. Yet, she still remembered that clearly, and this was just merely a very, very small interesting incident in life.

How many times had it been? The members of the Anna Mercenary Group at the side could not help thinking about it in their mind. This was already not the first time the two of them had said goodbye, and then talked about another subject, being reluctant to part with one another.

These two little fellows were already sticking and lingering together like this, who knows how they would be like when they grew up!

However, everyone was very fond of the feelings between the two of them. That kind of very, very pure feeling, which did not have any impurity in it at all, made everyone think back to their own childhood, thinking back of their playmate in their childhood……

Such a precious feeling, but how many people would even be able to keep and continue on with such a precious feeling.

Hope that the two of them would be able to always retain this feeling, until eternity! This was seemingly the wish of everyone present.

[Damn, I feel all fuzzy inside too. *Cries*]

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