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Chapter 356
Regaining Consciousness (1)
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“Mr Ye, we are here . What do you need us to do?” said the doctors politely . Although they were much older than Ye Lang, some even his grandfather’s age, they still talked to him with the utmost respect .  

This respect was beyond the limits of one’s age . Once a person achieves a level of expertise in a field, the respect he/she receives will never change because of age .  

“ . . . ” Ye Lang did not reply, merely focusing on devouring his meal . He suddenly started to chew very quickly, putting in huge effort to swallow it down .

Maybe he stuffed too much food in his mouth…

Zhen Xiaoyan quickly offered him some water, “Slow down, no one’s going to eat your food! Why are you in such a hurry?” 


Ye Lang chugged the water down .


A long, satisfied sigh . “I still have something to do later, that’s why I have to hurry . ” 

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Ye Lang shot up after finishing his sentence, then ran back to check on the Sacred Lady . The three girls understood why he was in such a hurry- he knew there wasn’t much time to rest .  

Did he have to suffer so much for this? 

The three girls almost resented the Sacred Lady now… If she was here, she would have been so confused .  

“Alright, once I remove the crystal, use your most powerful healing magic on the Lady . We have to heal her heart, back and neck all at once, within a short moment . It should not be a problem for you all,” said Ye Lang to the doctors after wiping his mouth and passing the napkin back to Zhen Xiaoyan .  

“It’s not, but can you tell us the exact moment when you remove the crystal? That would be best for us,” nodded the doctors .  

After Ye Lang healed her abdominal area, the rest was easy for the doctors to deal with .  

“Yes, I will count down,” nodded Ye Lang .  

The doctors were very surprised when they saw the crystal- Ye Lang could even manipulate the crystal to re-form wherever he wanted .  

They couldn’t believe how accurate his workmanship was too .  

“We shall begin . Focus,” Ye Lang exhaled, and a soft glow came from his hands . There was a beam visible to the naked eye extending from his palm to the crystal .  

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This beam then resembled more like electricity extending between him and the crystal . Modern folks would think he was ‘shooting electricity’ into the crystal .  

The ice crystal melted uniformly- or you could say recede back into its core . The ice core that was tens of thousands of years old .  

Although the crystal could recede, the effectiveness of this core would greatly diminish after this . The preservation effects of this crystal might only be four or five hundred years if they had to use it again, and after a few times, maybe a few years, months, or days…

Despite that, this ice core was still a rare treasure .  

Under usual circumstances, an ice crystal receded at its own pace- quickly and unaffected by its external environment .  

A person controlling this rate, like Ye Lang greatly slowing it now, was unheard of .  

Perhaps it was because no one had thought of doing this as they were so fixated on the general ‘rule’ . Well, the inflexibility of the mind can be a very serious problem in the long term .  

Sometimes, change is required even if it means changing an established habit .  

Ye Lang removed the crystal layer by later so it grew thinner and thinner…

“Focus,” reminded Ye Lang once the crystal reached a certain level of thickness .  

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“Ten… Nine…”

“Three… Two… One… Go . ” 

The doctors released their magic at Ye Lang’s word, each in charge of a specific portion as they had already allocated before .  

Many beams of light magic fell on the Sacred Lady, her wounds disappearing in the blink of an eye .  

At the same time, Ye Lang also added a few needles for acupuncture to ensure the success of the procedure .  

“We’re done,” announced the doctors after the rays grew brighter . They could feel the Sacred Lady’s life energies slowly recovering, hence they retracted their magic .  

Ye Lang kept his needles, taking her pulse . He observed her intently- he had to check if the reconstruction was a success, especially the parts he worked on .  

“Alright…” nodded Ye Lang after observing the girl . She looked like she was in a stable condition .  

“Ye Lang sir, how were you able to manipulate the crystal?” asked the doctors .  

“That’s simple, as long as you…” Ye Lang explained what he did to the doctors, about how he manipulated one of the crystal’s unique characteristics using very simple alchemy .  

The doctors grew more ashamed of themselves as they listened to Ye Lang . It was so simple they never would’ve thought of it . At this point, they couldn’t believe they were once arrogant people who took so much pride in their medical skills .  

“Brother, how did you know to use it?” asked Ye Lanyu . This was one of those questions that didn’t require an answer . Ye Lang sometimes did, other times too lazy to .  

Ye Lang would usually choose to give answers if Ye Lanyu could understand it, while the rest he was too lazy to answer was because she would not understand . Giving an explanation would only invite more questions .  

“I have an ice core, I’ve used it before so I know,” he replied casually .  

“Hmmph,” snorted Zhen XIaoyan, her expression upset .  

Looking at her, Ye Lanyu and the princess understood . “You froze Zhen Xiaoyan?” It must be, she was often his lab rat .  

“Yep, but I’ve helped freeze her food a few times too . That was from the time I hired hunters… or sometimes I hunt them myself,” nodded Ye Lang .  

“ . . . You used the ice crystal core to freeze the animals you hunted?!” asked Ye Lanyu .

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