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Published at 14th of November 2019 05:46:31 PM
Chapter 353
Sacred Lady (3)
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“Help Edward? No way… Edward never mentioned his name, and look at how Edward talked to that bastard just now . They didn’t sound like friends, why would the bastard help him?” Fei immediately shook her head .  

“Think about it . Who benefits most from Ye Lang’s performance at the fight? If he really was there to get a mistress, he wouldn’t act so mean,” said the seventh princess .  

“Also, you said Ye Lang admitted defeat because his alchemy weapon ran out of power- that’s just an excuse for Edward to step in . Ye Lang would never back down just because one or two of his weapons ran out of power . He has at least a hundred alchemy weapons in his ring, he could make Edward suffer with any random thing he has in there,” added Zhen Xiaoyan .  

“She’s right . My brother was helping Edward during the fight, so that means he was only there to help Edward,” confirmed Ye Lanyu .  

“If he really helped Edward, why hasn’t Edward ever mentioned his name? And looking at their interactions, they don’t look like great friends at all . Why would the bastard want to help Edward?” Fei didn’t understand .  

“Since Edward never mentioned Ye Lang, that only proves he’s a person who forgets his friends when he has a girlfriend, that he’s ungrateful enough to forget about my brother after he got the girl,” scoffed Ye Lanyu .  

“You mentioned Edward was here, is that him?” asked the princess .  

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“The one who talked to the bastard, the slightly tanned young man… Yeah, that one…” Fei pointed at Edward . It was easier to point him out since the girls had seen him around before .  

“You said Edward used to be coal-black? Was that during the matchmaking?” asked Zhen Xiaoyan, her voice soft but clear .  

“Yeah, we couldn’t even recognise him . He’s mostly recovered these past few months though,” nodded Fei .  

“It’s simple then! Edward’s condition was caused by Ye Lang . I remember Ye Lang carrying a bottle of black poison pills . These pills make a person turn black all over, and I believe this must’ve been due to Ye Lang making a mistake . He must’ve helped Edward out of guilt,” guessed Zhen Xiaoyan .  

Zhen Xiaoyan was able to guess almost the entire story by now . Kindness also played a factor here, for Edward’s love touched Ye Lang’s heart- therefore he was willing to help .  

After this incident, Ye Lang could only comment that not every emotional person was a good person… But if he met another person like that, he would probably still help him .  

That was because there wasn’t much that could move him in this world anymore…

“I don’t believe you, are you sure he’s so kind?” Fei didn’t want to believe her . Ye Lang had always been a horrible person to her, a pervert . ”

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“Why wouldn’t he be kind? Don’t forget, that day at the cafeteria, he had already apologised to you . You were the one who didn’t want to forgive him, you literally created the problem yourself,”  Lanyu said coldly . She was never happy with how that situation unfolded, she never liked Fei .  

“…I’ll look into this matter . I will admit it if it really was my fault . ” Fei was very honest too . She had always been an honest, straightforward person, unlike snobbish rich girls who would never admit they were wrong .  

“Then you should ask your friend’s future husband . If he doesn’t admit Ye Lang helped him, you still shouldn’t bother my brother . He can be a little clueless, but I am not . So don’t bully him,” warned Ye Lanyu .  

If Edward refused to admit this, then Fei would have to choose to believe Ye Lang or Edward . Based on the current circumstances, it was impossible for her to pick Ye Lang’s side . That was why Ye Lanyu would rather not let her near Ye Lang at all .  

The answer Fei received was a ‘no’ from Edward . Edward told her he didn’t know Ye Lang and he relied on his own capabilities to win Kesha’s heart .  

To be fair, we can’t blame Edward either because Fei asked him the question at the wrong time . She’d accused him right in front of Kesha, anyone would’ve said no .  

However, this also proved Edward was not a person you should be close friends with- maybe not even a friend . He was only alright as an acquaintance .  

Friends should obey the code . He should’ve at least talked to Fei after this, then let Fei know to no mention it in front of Kesha .  

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We can’t eliminate the possibility that he might love Kesha too much, that was why he acted like that…

Ye Lanyu and the rest all left the palace . Sheng City arranged new accommodations for all the participants, and gave special passes to Ye Lanyu and the other two girls so they could enter the Cloud Palace to look for Ye Lang . This was probably at Ye Lang’s request .  

Ye Lang’s reason for this was that they would go crazy and be very distracted if they were not allowed to see him .  

As for Ye Lang, after everyone left, he started to draw an alchemy formation in the room with the crystal at the centre, its radius approximately ten metres long .  

This was a Boundary Formation . Without Ye Lang’s permission, no one can cross to enter the formation . There was probably no one in this world who would be able to destroy this formation either .  

At least not within a short period of time .  

At the same time, other than acting as a boundary in space, it also blocked vision from the outside . People outside the border would not be able to see inside, that meant no one would know how he was treating the Lady .  

Many Light Doctors were very upset with this, throwing harsh criticism at his decision- though Ye Lang didn’t hear them, of course .  

After these doctors vented their anger, they returned and continued with whatever they were doing before .  

“If we let him stay inside like this, are you sure it’ll be alright in there?” the archbishops asked worriedly, watching the doctors leave .  

“Nothing much can happen . Mr Ye will be alright in there,” waved the doctors, still leaving .  

“I’m not talking about Mr Ye, I’m referring to the Sacred Lady,” the archbishop’s brows were furrowed . Wasn’t what he said obvious enough? Why would he be worried about the kid?

Did this mean that, to these doctors, the kid was more important than the Sacred Lady? 

“Oh, the Lady? She should be alright . For Mr Ye to have to make such a drastic decision, he should be using some secret techniques in there,” replied the doctor .  

“Don’t worry, he never used secret techniques even when treating severe cases in the past, and it was as if he brought them back from the dead . I’m just saying that it’s very likely the Lady will recover,” the doctor added the second sentence when he saw the archbishop about to say something . Although what he said was vague, everyone understood what he meant .  

What he meant was that Ye Lang was probably going to use a much more powerful technique compared to what he had done in the past, so the probability of success was very high .  

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