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Chapter 352: 352
Sacred Lady (2)

“Ye Lang,” the archbishops approached Ye Lang .

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“Oh, have you decided?” asked Ye Lang without even turning around . He was still staring at the crystal, deep in thought .

“We have decided for you to attempt this,” said one of them .

“Since you’ve decided, please leave the room,” Ye Lang gestured for the archbishops to leave .

The archbishops were so surprised they could only grunt, then turn to leave . Very quickly, they realised this was wrong .

“Why should we leave? We want to watch . ”

“What use would you be? You’ll only distract me . Also, you might not be able to bear seeing the Sacred Lady with her injuries . ”

“Oh, then we’ll wait outside at the door . Call us at once if anything happens,” said one of them . They looked at Ye Lang, then at the crystal, then walked out of the room .

“Sister, Little Seven, Xiaoyan, you all should go too . It won’t be pleasant later, I’m afraid you might not be able to watch,” Ye Lang suggested for them to leave after the archbishops left .

“Alright, we’ll wait outside too,” Ye Lanyu didn’t insist on staying at all but rather agreed very quickly . This surprised the seventh princess .

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Then again, it made sense that Ye Lanyu didn’t want to see the Sacred Lady’s tattered body . It would be horrifying .

Ye Lanyu agreed not only because of this . It was mainly because she wouldn’t be able to help, and might even distract Ye Lang .

“I want to help…” Zhen Xiaoyan was the only one who was qualified to help .

“It’s alright, you should leave with them . Let me handle this, there’s no need for you to witness something like that…” Ye Lang shook his head, giving Xiaoyan a warm smile .

Zhen Xiaoyan’s heart felt warm as she saw his smile . She knew he wanted to work alone to protect her .

However, this only lasted a second . In a moment, her cheeks were puffed up…

“We don’t know if you’d faint again if you stay in here either . I won’t have time to deal with you too . ” This was what Ye Lang thought . He didn’t want to have to look after another person .

“Hmmph! I’m not speaking to you!” Xiaoyan stomped her foot, then turned to leave .

“Oh, right . Don’t wait outside the door, I’ll need a very long time . A minimum of seven days, but it might be ten or even half a month .

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“Do you need such a long time?” Ye Lanyu was surprised . She thought he was going to be done within a day .

Ye Lang nodded, “And that’s an optimistic estimate too . If the Lady isn’t in good condition, we might need more time .

“Won’t you be exhausted?” said the seventh princess, her heart aching .

“I don’t think so, I’ll only be controlling a few alchemy formations, and they’ll be running automatically on their own . I’ll just be watching them,” Ye Lang shook his head .

“Take care of yourself . Ask someone to help if you can,” the princess nodded, reminding Ye Lang .

“Mm,” Ye Lang nodded .

And just like that, the three girls left . They also told the archbishops about the time Ye Lang needed, then headed towards the exit . They still had to pass the message to Second Sister outside, and then prepare for the ranking competition .

Ye Lang was in there treating the Sacred Lady, there weren’t any immediate threats so they were not worried . It wasn’t his first time treating a patient either, he’d been working at the House of Confusion for a few months already .

However, based on Ye Lang’s schedule, this meant he wouldn’t be able to participate in the ranking competition . They wondered if the organisers would make separate arrangements for his special circumstances .

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Or he might be dismissed from the competition- this would be the best outcome to Ye Lang . He was never interested in participating anyway, he preferred watching people fight instead .

“Lanyu, what happened? Did you find Ye Lang?” Second Sister was still waiting outside the gates . She immediately asked about him once she saw the three girls .

Second Sister wasn’t alone, she had Mia and Ye Lang’s nemesis, Fei, by her side .

Fei wasn’t there because she cared for him, she was there to take what Ye Lang owed her back .

“He’ll be inside for a period of time, probably about ten more days . You don’t have to wait for him,” said Ye Lanyu . As for why he was inside, she didn’t mention because she had already promised the archbishops .

“No way, this is the Cloud Palace! Why would that sick bastard be able to live in there?” Fei leapt in anger .

“Miss, please do not call my brother a sick bastard or you’ll have to deal with me,” threatened Ye Lanyu, giving Fei a look .

“He IS a sick bastard . He has a wife and yet went for a matchmaking event for a mistress, and he talks like an asshole too…” Fei would not back down .

“?? What? Matchmaking? With his personality, he wouldn’t do that,” Ye Lanyu very quickly refuted this idea .

“Lanyu, I think she’s telling the truth . Ye Lang once mentioned it in passing but I’m not sure . He said he was helping someone,” said the seventh princess .

“So he was helping someone… Tell me what happened,” said Ye Lanyu to Fei . She couldn’t ask Ye Lang now, and she wanted to know everything that happened to him .

“This is what happened…” Fei didn’t whine or beat around the bush with Ye Lanyu . She was intelligent, and she knew how to act according to the situation . Ye Lang’s presence only sometimes irritated her .

Ye Lanyu, the princess and Zhen Xioayan all listened quietly . They would always listen intently whenever there was a story about Ye Lang . They wouldn’t ruin the moment or miss any detail .

Second Sister was also curious what Ye Lang did, so she listened too . Mia had no choice but to stay and listen by her side .

Ye Lang sounded like a horrible person from Fei’s descriptions- but the girls were smart enough to differentiate which parts were exaggerated .

However, for him to participate in a matchmaking event was indeed a horrible concept .

Only a person like Ye Lang would do something like that without considering the consequences . He only thought about his objectives…

“This is very obvious, Ye Lang was helping that Edward . ” After listening to the entire story, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess immediately gave a conclusion .

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