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Chapter 346
Another Path (2)
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“Why can’t I enter if I’ll be able to in the future? You’re all so stubborn!” said Ye Lang, starting to force himself towards the door- only very mildly .  

“Please stop or we will not be as kind!” warned the riders guarding the door once again . All of them stepped forward to stop Ye Lang because Ye Lang was already in the designated danger zone! 

“You wouldn’t! Little Seven, go!” roared Ye Lanyu, immediately stepping forward with the seventh princess . Powerful magic was released in the blink of an eye…

Ice and fire appeared once again! 

They were still spoilt rich girls…

Feng Xing and the rest were having headaches now, not only because of their actions but because of the power of their magic .  

These riders had once been at the receiving end of this magic, and they knew it wouldn’t be easy to defend! 

Fortunately, these riders were specially trained for defence, and there were many of them! 

These riders combined to realise alchemy formations, then each did several gestures to send hurling blades of douqi and easily neutralised Ye Lanyu and the princess’ attack .  

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They were stunned . They had never anyone neutralise their attack this easily, ever .  

Then again, they were used to attacking people who were fighting alone or a lot weaker than them . The two girls had never fought such a disciplined team of fighters, especially not one with so many members .  

There weren’t many teams like this one within the city either- not even in other empires .  

However, they existed, and the girls sensed that they were threats . They finally understood that their capabilities had room for improvement and they should never gloat .  

No matter what, this was a reality check for the girls, who after this incident took self-improvement more seriously . It was a good thing .  

Ye Lang frowned as he watched them . He knew it would be very difficult, very troublesome to get past their defences .  

Feng Xing and the rest also joined the guards which was even more trouble for Ye Lang .  

Feng Xing was still a Light Rider and he had to fulfil his duties to stop Ye Lang from entering the room .  

“Sir, you should return and wait for a while . I’ll look for a way for you to enter! I don’t understand why you have such a feeling though? Are you sure you’re not mistaken?” Feng Xing still thought the entire situation was odd .  

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Ye Lang said he felt ‘a familiar feeling’, yet he didn’t know what was inside . The people of the Sacred Teachings knew that there was only one object inside .  

“No, it’s not! How could it last so long if it were a mistake?” Ye Lang shook his head .  

“Then what is it? There’s only the Sacred Lady inside, and it’s impossible for you to know her because she has always been in Sheng City after she turned seven, and you’ve never been to Sheng City… And you’re only twenty… It’s impossible both of you have met each other, even if you were thirty!” Feng Xing shook his head .  

He was sure Ye Lang and the girl had never met because it was impossible for them to physically meet! 

The Sacred Lady was more than thirty-seven years old, while Ye Lang was only twenty .  

Then why did Ye Lang have such a feeling? 

Perhaps it was something from their past lives? Or fate? 

This was the only explanation for having an inexplicable feeling of familiarity, a reason many people liked to give .  

Could it be true for Ye Lang? 

They didn’t know . If Ye Lang himself didn’t, they sure wouldn’t know .  

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“I’m not even here to meet the Sacred Lady, I just want to see what’s inside!” Ye Lang shook his head- why did they think he was here to meet her? 

“There’s nothing inside other than the Sacred Lady!” came Feng Xing’s reply .  

“That’s impossible! I don’t even know her, why would I have a feeling about her? It must be something else in the room!” Ye Lang insisted it must be about something else .  

“Then you must have made a mistake  because there’s nothing else in the room!” said one of the guards, “please leave immediately!” 

“Since you said so, then I guess I should excuse myself!” Ye Lang waved and excused himself very politely . He turned and left .  


Everyone was stunned by his actions, especially the ones who knew him well . Their eyes  , not sure what Ye Lang was up to now . Why did he leave so suddenly?

This was a surprise! 

Something was up, but what? 

Ye Lanyu and the other two girls ran after Ye Lang along with Little Xin, who was now by Ye Lang’s side after he terminated his command for it to look after Xiaoyan .  

“Follow him, don’t let him wander around this place! I’ll go speak to Archbishop Will, he’s always been supportive of bringing him to meet the Sacred Lady . We should seize this opportunity!” instructed Feng Xing to a subordinate .  

Ye Lang entered a stairwell after walking at top speed…

“Huh? Why isn’t he downstairs? Did he go up?” The Light Riders followed suit but realised it was completely silent downstairs . There were two possible reasons: he was moving very quickly, or he had gone up .  

Looking up, they saw the three girls flash by .  

They were very lucky to be fast enough . If they were only a little bit slower, they would’ve completely lost Ye Lang . But why did Ye Lang go up? 

At this moment, Zhen Xiaoyan, who was walking on the sixth floor, asked, “Ye Lang, we’re on the sixth floor . Why did you come here? Are you lost again?” 

“No, I wanted to come here . Where do you think I’m going?” 


Zhen Xiaoyan fell silent, thought for a moment, then gave up because she couldn’t imagine where Ye Lang wanted to go .  

Every place was a possibility to Ye Lang . Him expressing that he wanted to leave the fifth floor didn’t mean he was going to leave the Cloud Palace entirely, he might go to the fourth, seventh, and of course the sixth floor . . .

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