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Chapter 34 – Blade of Tai Ya (3) Translated by imakeussmile


Returning to the main topic, the strong point of Tigress’ martial technique was simply being straightforward, where there were no complicated changes. Her entire life’s cultivation was to exhibit this strong point about herself.

And with Ye Lang’s saying,”The martial path, it goes from simple to complicated, and then back from complicated to simple. Upon reaching the end of the martial path, the techniques used would usually all be simple, even up to the point of them being just straight punches.

But, when facing against someone of this realm, even if you knew what kind technique they were going to use, and where the technique would hit you at the end, you would still always be unable to avoid it, unless you were also a peerless expert of the same realm.

Tigress being like this also did not mean that she had leave out the process in the middle, and she had also similarly gone from simple to complicated. Just that her complicated was much simpler compared to others.

After the storm reached the extreme, it suddenly became serene, changing from extreme movement to extreme calmness. The douqi had also disappeared along with the changes, causing the entire courtyard to become serene again.

And during this process, there was a point which was very odd. From the start to finish, Ye Lang’s side was always very serene, even the pile of books which he placed on the table were also, similarly, very serene, not being affected by Tigress’ douqi at all.

This was not that Tigress was looking after Ye Lang, she was still not able to do this point yet. The only explanation was Ye Lang himself, not sure what kind of method he used, he made the douqi near him calm down.

This was very odd, and if this was seen by others, they would surely be extremely confused, not understanding why the thirteenth prince, who did not how to do anything at all, was able to neutralize the douqi!

Could it be that this thirteenth prince was deeply hiding and not revealing his talent? Or was it that he had some special alchemy equipment, which was able to suppress the douqi!

Tigress, however, did not feel that it was odd. It was perhaps because she did not notice it, or perhaps she was already used to it, since after all, Ye Lang had always been sitting at the side like that.

What’s more, Tigress would discover new things at the side of Ye Lang every day, and if every single thing surprised her, her mental state would have long become hypersensitive!

“Young master, right now, I have already completely finished practicing Yang Jia Spear Technique to perfection.” Tigress seemed to want to take credit for her achievement, wanting Ye Lang to praise her for a bit. After all, to Tigress, one sentence of praise from Ye Lang would be able to make her feel very happy.

Of course, this was just merely because of the feelings between the two people and not Tigress’ characteristic preference. If it was changed to someone else who praised her, she would just straightforwardly ignore it. And as for Ye Lang, he would also let Tigress praise him sometimes too, wanting to let her adore him for a bit.

This was a very special feeling, and also a very ordinary feeling. Just that in the modern society, this kind of feeling was quite rarely seen, and that was the feeling between close innocent childhood friends who grew up together.

The kind of intimate friend that did not distinguish between male and female, and accompanied one while growing up, playing together, and after growing up, shared your happiness, suffering, success, and failure with you.

“Yep, not bad, you just need to have a bit more control with your technique now, it only needs time now. I, your young master, am also very strong, I have already completely memorized the entire Ban’s notebook, and right now, I also just need to research, also just a matter of time.” Ye Lang smiled and answered, and from the beginning to the end, his gaze did not leave from the book in his hand.

“Hmph, praising me half-heartedly again. I’m going to go bathe now, you just sit here and don’t move.” Tigress snorted lightly, seemingly a bit unhappy with Ye Lang’s way of praising her, and ordered him not to wander off, before entering into the house to go bathe.

“Oh, got it.” Ye Lang replied very naturally and continued on with reading his book, enjoying this moment of serene.

After a good while, a young lady rushed into the courtyard from outside, and chopped on Ye Lang’s head as she asked: “Little brother, what did you hire a mercenary group for, the mercenary group has already come to our house, just what do you want to do? You couldn’t be trying to be prodigal again, and playing around right?”

Needless to say, this young lady was Ye Lan Yu, and according to her experiences, all of these kind of similar conducts of Ye Lang, most of the time, would belong to him being prodigal, purely just his prodigality.

Ye Lang oddly went into a daze for a while, then slowly lifted up his head and continued being in a daze as he looked at Ye Lan Yu, as if he was thinking about something.

At this time, Ye Lan Yu still had not discovered Ye Lang’s odd behavior, and continued saying: “It must be like this, if not why would you want to hire Anna Mercenary Group. They are one of the top 100 large scale mercenary groups in the entire continent, and moreover, one of the few mercenary groups which consisted of only females. Little brother, your motive is not pure oh……”

“I am pure.” Ye Lang replied blankly.

“……” Ye Lan Yu remained silent.

“Little brother, what are you trying to do this time. Not only did you hire them, you also requested for them to dispatch their entire group, there should not be one person less. Since you hired them for an escort mission, just what is it that you want them to escort?” Ye Lan Yu was somewhat unable to grasp the situation, the situation made her feel very muddle-headed.

From her understanding, Anna Mercenary Group had received Ye Lang’s commission request 2 months ago, but only now did they show up to do the escort mission. This was also not because they were too busy, but because that Ye Lang’s request was a bit weird.


Ye Lang’s request was that he wanted her entire mercenary group to carry out this mission. It must be the entire group, and the time was of no issue, he could wait for their entire group to gather together.

The mercenary group only knew that the mission this time was an escort mission, and as for the other details, they completely knew of nothing at all. Originally, for this kind of thing, mercenary groups would normally ask clearly about the situation, then afterwards they would look at the situation, before deciding on how many people to dispatch. They would not dispatch the entire group. Even if the client wanted the group to dispatch the entire group, they may also not agree to it. But they agreed to it this time, just because the commission fee which Ye Lang put forward was just too generous. An amount which would make any mercenary group not be able to reject it at all.

Right now, they understood one thing clearly, which was that this Ye Family‘s thirteenth prince was indeed worthy to be called an ultra-prodigal son, completely not treating money with seriousness at all!

“You sure that this is not one of your new tricks to be prodigal?” Ye Lan Yu looked at Ye Lang who was in a daze, and asked very suspiciously.

Although Ye Lang was much more peaceful for the past 3 months, and practically did not go out to be prodigal at all, and also did not do any things which were off the scale, but the impression he gave to other people was just too strong. Thus, making it hard for others not to suspect that this was a new trick which he came up to play with, making others suspect that the treasure which he wanted to be escorted was not a treasure at all.

Moreover, Ye Lan Yu had been by Ye Lang’s side since they were little, and she felt that he absolutely had nothing which needed to be escorted. This was because he did not have anyone to escort to. Since he was born, he had always been in the Imperial Capital, and did not have any contact with the people outside, so how would he have anything that he needed to send off somewhere.

“No!” Ye Lang seemed to have sobered up, then afterwards used a tone which brought forth a faint feeling of being worried: “This time is not for playing, it is for a serious matter……”

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