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Chapter 335
Chain Reaction (2)
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An alchemy formation appeared within the circle, but this wasn’t created by Ye Lang, and this formation seemed to have lines that connected it to something else .  

“What… What is this?” frowned Feng Xing, stunned .  

“Alchemy formation!” answered Ye Lang .  

“ . . . I know it’s an alchemy formation, but what formation is it? What is it for?” he asked again in exasperation, wording his question better .  

Feng Xing already knew that Ye Lang’s alchemy abilities must be very powerful, perhaps up to unimaginable levels for how could he have realised there was a formation right under the rubble here? Asking him was the best choice .  

Ye Lang shook his head, “I don’t know yet, I need to see the entire formation . I can only guess for now . “

“The entire formation? Isn’t this the whole thing?” Feng Xing asked the most important question- not bad for a high-ranked Rider .  

“Mm, not the entire thing, this is just a part of it,” Ye Lan nodded, then did something that scared everyone else . He directly jumped unto the formation .  

“Ah…” Everyone was stunned, never expecting him to do something so dangerous .  

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 , when they thought about it, with his capabilities in alchemy, he would never do something if it were that dangerous! 

Thud! Ye Lang landed on both feet, now standing on the edge of the formation . He squatted to observe .  

Feng Xing immediately leapt down next to Ye Lang, “Sir, why would there be formations like this here? Will the other parts be near here too?” 

Ye Lang furrowed his brows, thinking hard, “I don’t know either, this formation must have been activated because of the collapse of the building . As for the rest of the formations, logically, they won’t be near here, they should be far away . ” 

“Far away?” asked Feng Xing . He didn’t understand why parts of the same formation would be far away . Did this formation cover a huge area? 

If this formation was triggered after the building collapsed, that meant they had to make this while they were building this mansion .  

This mansion/palace was built a thousand years ago, and it had never been triggered once in a thousand years . So why now? 

“ . . . Oh, I know! I’m very sure where the other part of the formation is!” Ye Lang was now staring off into the distance .  

“?? How do you know?” asked Ye Lanyu .  

“I believe I can answer this question!” suddenly, Feng Xing answered .  

“??” Ye Lanyu and the rest didn’t understand why he knew .  

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“Look there… Another building collapsed there!” Feng Xing was pointing towards the direction Ye Lang was looking at .  

“Let’s go, I still need to check that out to know more about this formation!” Ye Lang started to head towards the other collapsed building .  

“Ye Lang…” The princess wanted to stop him but then remembered it would be impossible . When he had his eyes set on something, it was impossible to stop him .  

“Ye Lang? You’re back! Ah… . Why are you running again?” Zhen Xiaoyan immediately greeted him when she saw him running back, but was stunned when he dashed past her .  

After a pause, she immediately ran towards where he was running without waiting for the rest .  

After some time, she shouted, “Ye Lang, aren’t you tired? Why don’t you get a horse…” 

“I don’t know how to ride one! I’m not getting a horse!” that was his reply .  

“ . . . I do, I’ll take the reins! I can't catch up if you keep running like this!” shouted Xiaoyan . If this continued, she wasn’t going to be able to catch up to Ye Lang, who ran faster than a horse .  

“Oh, then get a horse! I don’t know if there are horses here…” Ye Lang slowed down to wait for her .  

“Yes, there are! There are many outside!” This time, it wasn’t Xiaoyan but Feng Xing who quickly caught up .  

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There were many horses outside indeed . Let’s not forget who Feng Xing was . They were all Light Riders- how could ‘Riders’ not have horses? 

“Ye Lang, come with me…” offered the princess, getting on a horse .  

“Of course he’s coming with me, you shut up! Brother, come!” said Ye Lanyu .  

“ . . . ” Zhen Xiaoyan didn’t speak, she didn’t dare fight with them .  

“Why are you all fighting, doesn’t Ye Lang know how to ride a horse?” said Second Sister, bored . Or perhaps she wanted to get to know her siblings a little more . Mia was with her, as usual .  

“He doesn’t!” said Ye Lanyu, the princess and Zhen Xiaoyan at the same time, a little exasperated .  

“?? What, he doesn't?” Second Sister, Mia and Feng Xing were all stunned for a moment, their mouths wide open .  

They were very surprised . There were very few aristocrats who couldn’t ride a horse, especially one with a   like Ye Lang’s .  

“Yea, he  !” the three girls nodded .  

“My Little Xin does, I don’t need you all!” scoffed Ye Lang .  

“ . . . ”

What? Wasn’t Little Xin just a reanimated spirit? Wasn’t she supposed to only know stuff Ye Lang knew? The three girls didn’t understand .  

After this incident, Ye Lang had given them this explanation: Little Xin can also punch a hole in the wall, can I? 

The things she can do doesn’t mean the owner could too! 

And that was how Little Xin brought Ye Lang to another collapsed building on a horse . It looked like an enormous clock tower . That was probably why Ye Lang could see it from so far .  

Very soon, everyone arrived before the collapsed clock tower .  

Along the way, the people who saw this bunch of people didn’t know who they were, but they were certain this group was of high status here .  


Feng Xing and the rest of the Light Riders were convoys at the back, wasn’t that proof enough? 

Ye Lang must be someone very important .  

Rumours spread…

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