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Chapter 327: 327

Chapter 327  Alchemy Formation (1)

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“You sick bastard…” roared the girl . She didn’t hear what he said, for she was still burning in her flames of rage . The only thing she knew was that Ye Lang was a sick bastard!

Her impression of Ye Lang was that he was a sick bastard, and after this incident, her misunderstandings only deepened!

“Don’t always call me a sick bastard every time you open your mouth, we’ve only met once! I don’t even know your name!” said Ye Lang airily after he looked at her once, then continued to observe the activated alchemy formation

Ye Lang recognised her as the girl he saw at Edward’s matchmaking ceremony, she was Fei, Kesha’s good friend!

“Met once? This is the third time we meet each other! You sick bastard, you must’ve forgotten!” she shrieked, pointing directly at him .

“What? Didn’t we meet at the matchmaking event? Did we meet after that?” Ye Lang was confused again . He couldn’t recall where he’d met the girl .

“Matchmaking?! Ye Lang, you were at a matchmaking event with her? Why don’t I know about this?” questioned the seventh princess immediately . Any partner would do the same if they found out their fiance attended a matchmaking event . Looks like the situation might escalate very quickly too .

The seventh princess didn’t know the ‘matchmaking’ event he referred to was a martial arts event to compete for the girl’s hand, and the girl wasn’t Fei .

“No, I didn’t! It was a physical combat matchmaking event, and it was for another girl…” he shook his head .

“Oh, I see . Why were you there?” the seventh princess understood . From his tone, she could tell that this girl wasn’t related, and he participated for other reasons .

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If he really was looking for a partner, he wouldn’t have said ‘another girl’ . He would’ve blurted out the girl’s name . This sounded a little too foreign to him, as if he didn’t know the girl well .

“I was helping a person…” replied Ye Lang .

“Hmmph! More like helping yourself, you must’ve wanted to get a mistress for yourself,” she said very directly, not caring for his reputation .

Nonsense, Ye Lang was a nobody to her, why would she care? She didn’t even fear the skies!

“Mistress?” the seventh princess turned to Ye Lang .

“Well, I have you already . Anyone else would have to be a mistress,” Ye Lang didn’t know him talking like this would create huge misunderstandings .

Not only with the princess, but also with the girl .

“You’re not wrong, I’m your wife, other people would have to be mistress… No, that’s unrelated . Speak, what is going on?” asked the seventh princess, grabbing Ye Lang .

Oh, so this was his wife… How was she tricked into this…

“Ah…” he yelled, but not because of the princess . “Tell everyone to evacuate this place immediately!”

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“Evacuate, is this your excuse?” the seventh princess hesitated . The sudden warning was very suspicious, and Ye Lang had once used this trick on her before .

“No, this formation has been activated, and this mansion will be destroyed!” he shook his head, pointing at the formation .

“?? What??” everyone was confused as to why activating the formation would destroy the house .

It wasn’t as though they didn’t believe in the existence in a formation for this purpose, but they didn’t believe someone would set a formation like this after building a mansion as big as a palace .

Why would anyone do such a thing?

It would’ve been believable if this were somewhere else, but this was Sheng City, why would they need to do such thing?

“Ye Lang…” the seventh princess had more questions . Did Ye Lang make a mistake? However, he realised he was already running .

“…” she fell silent .

“Talk later, run now!” when she heard his voice, he was already at the end of the corridor with Little Xin .

Everyone was still silent .

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They were now certain he wasn’t joking . The building was going to collapse soon . This wasn’t only because of Ye Lang running off, but because there were cracks forming along the formation .

What were they waiting for?


Everyone made a mad dash for their lives, shouting along the way for everyone to leave the premises . They were only echoing what Ye Lang started, for Ye Lang was already shouting when he ran…

“Everyone evacuate, the house is collapsing! This is not a drill, this is not a drill!”

Not a drill? Did the kid really have to say that…

Only the military used such vocabulary… However, everyone soon stopped thinking because the realised the building was indeed collapsing!

“Little brother… Is this your doing…” Ye Lanyu heard his shouts, then noticed the alchemy formation, then the cracks forming .

She easily suspected Ye Lang for destroying the mansion!

This wasn’t the first time he did something like this…

“Fuck, it’s that Ye Lang again! Run…” when the candidates from the Royal Institute heard this, especially the ones who recognised Ye Lang’s voice, they were smart enough to run immediately away from this dangerous place .

Anywhere safe would turn into a dangerous one with Ye Lang’s presence!

This was a known fact across the Royal Institute!

“I can’t believe him… Let’s go, get away from this place!” Second Sister frowned, dragging Black-Winged girl from the premises . Although she rarely met Ye Lang, she was familiar with his antics .

“Kesha, I think we have to run . Ye Lang tends to…” Edward also ran, along with the candidates from Violet Academy .

Although this was a surprise, and a little chaotic, these students were not your average kid . All of them had their own methods of evacuating the complicated, luxurious mansion .

Other than the main entrance, there were other exits too, like the windows…

This was how everyone evacuated the premises . They stood surrounding the mansion . The mansion as luxurious as a palace started to emit blinding light, then shook dangerously as cracks formed . Finally, before everyone’s eyes, the entire mansion collapsed!

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