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Chapter 322
Familiar (2)
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“Excuse me, have you seen a guy and a girl?”

 The three girls separated to look for him . While the blocks were all connected to each other, everything still felt very far from each other in this place . Their voices might not even reach Ye Lang’s ears .

 They resorted to asking people, then describing Ye Lang to other people . Thank the heavens Little Xin was with Ye Lang . This made him a lot easier to describe . It would’ve been awful if he were alone!

 “How was it? Did you find him?”

 The three girls met at one point, asking each other the same question . The answer was obvious now, none of them found him .

 “I’ll go…” the three girls muttered at the same time, then separated again .

During this process, there were people who could provide information about where Ye Lang was but they still couldn’t find him because they would always arrive later than he did .

 In reality, Ye Lang had always been walking within the compound . His location was just perfectly mismatched with Ye Lanyu and the rest . Sometimes they were very, very near to each other, but unfortunately wouldn’t meet… 

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In the beginning, Ye Lang wanted to look for Ye Lanyu and the rest . As time passed, he had forgotten about this and started to stroll randomly as he admired the furnishings and decorations of this palace, also the hidden alchemy formations in various places .

“Ye Lang! Why are you here? I was just thinking of paying you a visit!” As Ye Lang walked, someone recognised him and immediately shouted for him .


Ye Lang was staring at a wall, and after hesitating for a long time, turned to leave as if he didn’t hear the person .

“Fuck! Don’t act like you didn’t hear me . I’m telling you, if you don’t solve this today, I’ll fuck you up!”  This person had appeared before Ye Lang, roaring furiously .

“You are…” Ye Lang thought for a moment . He often couldn’t remember much about people he hadn’t met in a while- especially those he wasn’t very close with in the beginning .

“Fuck! How dare you act like you don’t know me!! I’m Edward!!” That person was Edward . And he was furious .

“Ah… You’re Edward… No wonder I thought you looked familiar . You’ve become a lot fairer, I almost couldn’t recognise you!” Ye Lang smiled as he finally remembered who this man was . This only made Edward angrier .

“Wow, and you dare say I’ve become fairer?!” Edward was boiling now . This topic was a trigger for him .

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His skin had never returned to its original state, there was still a little black in his skin tone- well at least it looked more like a handsome, healthy tan than anything . That was why he wasn’t too mad .

However, he was still holding the grudge- still mad at Ye Lang for giving him the wrong medicine, then Ye Lang’s irresponsible behaviour of not seeing through his recovery .

“You’re welcome, it’s a compliment! You’ve mostly recovered!” Ye Lang smiled as he patted Edward’s shoulder .

“Recovered?! Are you comparing THIS to when I was COAL-BLACK?! Ugh, I was so embarrassed!”

“But weren’t you still running around as usual? You were fine!”

“Forget it, never mind . Is there a way for me to go back to my original skin tone?” Edward waved . He didn’t want to argue with Ye Lang either . It was better to go straight to the topic .

Ye Lang regarded Edward . He examined Edward very carefully, then gave a very confused look . “You’re not a girl, why do you care so much? Even Arwen, a girl, doesn’t even care as much as you do! You’re a whole MAN…

“Sigh, what they say is true . Some men secretly care more than women…” Ye Lang shook his head sadly .

What are you sad about?!

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Edward wanted to ask but soon decided he should give a little context or the people around them might misunderstand the situation .

“I only want you to bring me back to my original colour, it’s not a huge request! And this was because of you, so you’re responsible for it!” exclaimed Edward to explain the situation to the people around them .

Ye Lang stopped for a moment, then asked, “This IS your original state, didn’t you look like this?”

“Nope!” Edward immediately shook his head .

“Show me what tone you were last time, I’ll see what I can do,” Ye Lang was still a responsible doctor after all . Since there was an unsatisfied patient, it was time for him to fix the problem . But…

“And how will I do that?!” huffed Edward . There were no cameras on the mainland… But even if there were cameras, they wouldn’t be able to show his skin tone accurately .

Edward was only a little darker than before! It was nothing!

“Oh… Oh well, I can’t do much if you can’t show me what you looked like . How would I know you’re not lying?” Ye Lang shrugged then turned to leave .


Edward wanted to keep Ye Lang here, still concerned about this tiny problem . However, he didn’t have a good argument against Ye Lang’s shameless reason either .

He didn’t have enough evidence!

“Ye Lang…” he shouted again, thinking of using another method .

“Go away!! So what if you’re a little darker? Why would I take the time to fix your skin if I could use that time to save a few severely ill patients? I’ve never met a man like you!” scolded Ye Lang . He wasn’t even looking at Edward in the eye in the end .

To be fair, Edward was being unreasonable . He had been talking about this tiny problem of his for a while now . It was understandable in the past since he was about to meet his wife, but it was annoying that he was still talking about it now .

Also, he should have thanked Ye Lang for defeating his opponents . This was ungrateful of him .

Nevermind . After Ye Lang left that day, he never explained to anyone about Ye Lang’s situation either . Everyone still thought Ye Lang was there for the actual matchmaking .

It would have been understandable if he was just ‘deep in love’ especially when he and Kesha were still in the honeymoon phase . However, it had been a while and he still never remembered to explain . This was unacceptable .

In simple terms: while a person like this wouldn’t blatantly betray you, he’s still not worth keeping as a close friend!   

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