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Published at 4th of October 2019 06:35:07 PM
Chapter 312: 312
The Pretty Thief (3)
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“Why are we still here? That’s simple, because our younger brother here is the legendary confused genius doctor!” said Lanyu proudly with a smile .

Ye Zhiqing stopped for a moment . “Ye Lang is the confused genius doctor? Does he know medicine?”

Everyone who knew Ye Lang would ask this question because based on what they remembered, he was only an alchemist . While he was an amazing alchemist, they had never heard of him dabbling in medicine!

“Yep, and he’s great at it!”

Ye Zhiqing smiled . She was proud of Ye Lang too . He was her cousin after all, of course she would be proud of him . Most of his family liked him anyway, including Ye Zhiqing .

“This is great for Ye Lang… Wait, would that mean the person just now . . ” she suddenly recalled that if Ye Lang were here, then the hostage she held just now who reminded her of Ye Lang… Was Ye Lang?

It was no wonder that him saying ‘‘sister, I’m begging you’ was so effective on her . It wasn’t weird if he were Ye Lang because many people would always agree when he begged- including her!

Ye Lang of course rarely begged, almost never did . The begging he did was more to get on an older person’s good side, and sometimes that was necessary .

Ye Lanyu looked around for Ye Lang and asked distractedly, “What? Oh, right, Zhiqing, have you seen Ye Lang? He came out here looking for the toilet, but suddenly cried that there was a thief . Where is he?”

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Ye Zhiqing fell silent . Yeah, that was Ye Lang . How many people reminded her of Ye Lang in this world? Only Ye Lang would!

“You don’t know? Then where is the thief you caught?” seeing her response, Lanyu thought Zhiqing didn’t know so she immediately asked about the thief . There were so many riders here too, so they would definitely know where the thief was . Ye Lanyu and the rest hadn’t made the connection between Ye Zhiqing’s appearance and the thief yet .

“She’s the thief, catch her!!” Ye Lang had already settled his business . Upon hearing Lanyu, he pointed at Ye Zhiqing .

“…” everyone fell silent .

Ye Lanyu and the rest were silent because they didn’t know what was going on . Why did he call Zhiqing a thief?

Ye Zhiqing was silent because of how clueless Ye Lang was . Then again, based on his personality and his slowness, it was very normal for him to be unable to recognise her .

As for why the riders were silent, well they felt like there was no need for them to speak .

“You clueless egg, look closer,” the seventh princess was already next to Ye Lang, grabbing his hand gently . Ye Lanyu watched the princess with disdain . This little seven was taking the opportunity to claim him again!

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Hehe, you bet! And you’re too late!

She gave a victory grin at Ye Lanyu . It was a small win in a very long war!

Ye Lang looked at Ye Zhiqing to confirm her identity… “I just told you, she’s the thief!”

He was very sure she was the thief who had held him in a headlock . As for her other identity, he couldn’t tell!!

“Look closer!!” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess repeated .

He did, then gave an answer, “She’s a very pretty thief!”


Everyone collapsed in exasperation!

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Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess couldn’t help but knocked his head . They sometimes wondered what his brain was made of . He could easily solve complicated alchemy problems but he was so clueless when it came to the simplest things .

“Ouch! What was that for?!” he cried in defiance, rubbing his head . He inched slowly away from them, wanting to stay away from the two scary girls .

“Where do you think you’re going?! You dumbo, have you forgotten? She’s Zhiqing!!” Ye Lanyu dragged him back, reminding him .

“Zhiqing, such a familiar name,” Ye Lang seemed to have faint memory after the reminder, but he still wasn’t sure .

“Thirteen, don’t you remember me? I’m your cousin, Zhiqing!” she said gently, “I don’t blame you though, we didn’t spend much time together, and we haven’t seen each other in so long!”

She was a nice person, helping him find an excuse . She always did!

“Ah…” He soon remembered . He finally remembered her after putting her name and the word ‘cousin’ together .

“Cousin Zhiqing, no wonder you looked familiar! I remember you, you were very kind to me, kinder than my own sister…” Ye Lanyu and the rest heaved a sigh of relief . Thank god he remembered . This also informed the riders that she was Ye Lang’s cousin . They could finally take their shower and sleep!

Eh, how many times have they told themselves they were going to sleep now?

“What did you say?” Ye Lanyu was annoyed . What did he mean by that? He was insulting her!

“I said, Zhiqing is nicer than my sister!” Ye Lang didn’t notice where the problem was .

“You dare say that again!!” Three dark lines appeared on her forehead .

“What? Why wouldn’t I say it?” he asked, puzzled .

“You said Zhiqing was nicer than your sister, that means she’s nicer than me, right?” Ye LAnyu repeated very calmly . Everyone knew it was just the calm before the storm .

“Uh, no, absolutely not!” he said immediately . He had such a quick response to this . If his reply wasn’t quick enough, she’d punch him . This, he knew .

“How could she be nicer than you, you’re my biological sister! I was referring to our second sister, she has never been very nice to me . I’ve barely met her since young, I think way fewer times than meeting cousin Zhiqing,” Ye Lang was suddenly very smart, dragging his second sister’s name out as a shield to Ye Lanyu’s gun .

“I’ll accept this answer! It’s not like our second sister doesn’t love you, she and our eldest brother are just studying at some number one academy . They have to be the best of the best in our family to continue the family business… Neither of us can take the job, so they are actually sacrificing themselves for us!” explained Ye Lanyu solemnly .

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