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Chapter 311: 311
The Pretty Thief (2)
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Did this mean there had been a misunderstanding?

Ye Zhiqing started to suspect, started to wonder . She very quickly composed her thoughts to realise there was a possibility for a misunderstanding . She might have been misled by the people outside .

And at the same time, the Light Riders were thinking the same too . There was something wrong with Ye Zhiqing’s requests, she didn’t seem like she was here to look for trouble either!

They were each looking for an explanation, the other party’s explanation!

Of course, before all explanation, the first request was made by the Light Riders was for her to let Ye Lang go . If there was an accident while he was still in her hands, then there would be a huge problem .

Ye Zhiqing knew she obviously wouldn’t let Ye Lang go . There was only a possibility of a mistake, but what if it wasn’t? She had to hold on to this person!

As a gesture of sincerity, she softened her grip on Ye Lang . Keeping one hand around his wrist, the most dangerous part, the sword, was moved away from his neck- but still rested on his shoulder!

“Excuse me, are you all Light Riders?” Ye Zhiqing asked, looking at the riders with Ye Lang in her grip .


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“From the Sacred Teachings?” she had to confirm .

“…” Was that necessary? Other than the Light Riders of the Sacred Teachings, were there any other types of Light Riders in the mainland?

It wasn’t as if the Sacred Religion banned the usage of this name . It was the law across the mainland, where every mercenary group had to have a unique name, no names shall repeat .

“Hey hey, leave your greetings for later, let me go . Sister, I’m begging you,” Ye Lang pressed his legs together, jogging on the spot as if he was about to pee immediately .

“Oh…” Ye Zhiqing grunted, then let him go .

“Eh, why did I call you ‘sister’? Whatever, you all talk, I’ve gotta pee…” Once he was released, he immediately ran off .

A second later, Ye Zhiqing realised what she had done .

She didn’t understand why she did it, that she would let her hostage go . Why? Why was it like magic, when he called me ‘sister’? Why did I listen to him?

She didn’t let him go voluntarily, she wasn’t that dumb to release a very important trading piece . She wasn’t sure why she did it, as if she’d done it out of habit .

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It felt very familiar too, and it was this feeling that made her listen to him .

Soon after, after the mystery was solved, she would come to realise that this was her cousin!

As for Ye Lang, he didn’t give out his ‘sister’ title that cheaply . Forget about strangers, he wouldn’t even call people he knew very well ‘sister’!

Even he didn’t know why he suddenly called Zhiqing ‘sister’ .

He didn’t care because he was in a hurry…

The Light Riders were stunned . They thought, ‘that word ‘sister’ was even more powerful than our threats… If only we knew, we would’ve asked him to call her ‘sister’!

Ye Zhiqing was in a tight spot now, she didn’t know how to settle this matter . Should she escape or should she wait until the matter cleared up?

Then again, there could be two outcomes from clearing up the matter . The first would be it was a misunderstanding after all and everything would end well; the second possibility was that they were who she thought and she’d just missed the opportunity to escape!

She felt a headache coming on from picking an option, but she finally decided to stay!

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This wasn’t because she truly believed it was a misunderstanding, but because she had no choice . The riders had circled her . Based on her capabilities, it was already too late for her to escape .

Fortunately, the matter wasn’t going to escalate in a toxic manner and her worries were unnecessary .

“Miss, perhaps there has been a misunderstanding between us . Can we talk this out in peace?” the Light Riders did not force themselves closer, but some even made space .

Ye Zhiqing thought for a moment, then said, “Alright! Sorry for your troubles!”

It was troublesome indeed, but at least it wasn’t serious . If it were just a misunderstanding, she hadn’t done much damage, just that poor gate .

“No problem! If I may ask, what are you here for?” asked the Light Rider . He had to be as direct as possible to quickly clear up the matter .

“I’m here for three girls, they are…”

“Where’s the thief? The thief?” at this point, Ye Lanyu and the rest of the girls arrived after hearing Ye Lang’s cries .

Ye Lanyu was very excited as if catching the thief would be so much fun .

And she was the first to appear too . When she saw Ye Zhiqing, she didn’t react -perhaps she hadn’t realised anything weird, but rather asked Zhiqing, “Zhiqing, where’s the thief?”

Although Zhiqing was Ye Lanyu’s elder cousin, they were only a few months apart, so they called each other by name .

Once Ye Lanyu spoke, the riders were certain it was a misunderstanding . It was time for bed…

“Lanyu, weren’t you kidnapped?” asked Ye Zhiqing, stunned .

This sentence further confirmed it was indeed a mistake . Some of the riders had already left to get ready for bed!

“??” Lanyu looked at her in surprise, “What?”

“There was a middle-aged man outside who said you all were kidnapped by the people here . When I asked the people here, they said they did fight you, so…” Ye Zhiqing glanced at the riders, then continued, “I fought them!”

“… Do you want to die? They’re all Di Level fighters, you’re only a Level 8 fighter! You mean you want to force the other you out?” Ye Lanyu looked at Ye Zhiqing, “if that were the case, then you might have a chance!”

The other? What did she mean?

“No, that wasn’t my plan because it would just cause more trouble for everyone . Lanyu, why are you all still here?” Ye Zhiqing asked apologetically . Her apology was just out of habit though .

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