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Chapter 308
Pee? Hostage? (2)
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Ye Zhiqing slashed the sword in her left hand, her blade of douqi flying towards the wind current . There was a small explosion when they both clashed, and the magical current disappeared .  

At the same time, she increased her own speed to immediately charge forward . She knew that if she slowed down, she would be attacked by other people or they would surround her .  

It was true . If she slowed down, other douqi magic would very soon catch up to her and she would be likely to get hurt .  

Ye Zhiqing was still a Level 8 martial artist after all, very powerful for her age . However, the people she was fighting were old dogs, also Level 8 fighters . Based on their numbers, she was at a disadvantage .  

If she didn’t get help, she would be captured very soon! 

That was why her mind was spinning very quickly now, thinking hard to settle her problem . She felt like the best idea was to…

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When the men surrounded her, she stopped moving . And upon seeing her abrupt halt, the swordsman and his men were stunned for a second, not understanding what she was doing .  

They stopped, but that didn’t mean Ye Zhiqing stopped too . She immediately leapt upwards, mustered all her douqi, then released the most interesting dual-blade fire douqi .  

She slashed both her swords, so both blades of douqi were now heading towards the gates in a cross! 

The duke and his men turned pale as they watched the burning X fly at the roof . They understood what Ye Zhiqing was trying to do- she wanted to make a huge commotion to alert the people inside! 

Why were all the pretty girls he met today all psychos?! Let’s not talk about the ice and fire girls this morning, look at this goody-two-shoes! This one’s smart enough to stay calm during a fight! 

It was too late for them to stop her . The dual-blade fire douqi had blown the roof apart, and the sparks didn’t disappear after they finished their job . Instead, they flew across the night sky like a rain of shooting stars .  

Should they stay, or should they run? 

The duke was thinking . If the people inside ran out, then he wouldn’t be able to catch this little maiden . But he wasn’t in big trouble either .  

While he was shameless, he didn’t offend the House of Confusion in any way, he only knocked a guard or two unconscious, that was nothing . Nothing would happen if he stayed .  

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And Ye Zhiqing was the one who blew up the roof, that was unrelated to him! 

Hence, the duke decided to stay . He had to capture this girl! HE had to make this last effort! He was already infuriated that they were taking so long to catch her, and frustrated at how she managed to find their weaknesses so easily .  

She did a flip again, now landing on the shattered roof of the gates . She was sure she made the right decision because these people looked scared now that she had alerted the people inside .  

While she was sure she wasn’t wrong, she still had to keep a distance between her and these men . That was why she directly leapt up to the gates to observe from above .  

“Who is it? Today is an unlucky day for this gate indeed! It’s been broken twice now?!” 

Very soon, Light Riders appeared at the gates, exasperated when they saw the broken roof . The workers just repaired them! “O Great Light Riders, it was that girl up there! She said she wanted to look for someone inside, and the guards stopped her so she knocked them out! We only wanted to help, but she broke the gates and jumped up there!” Of course, the villain must always tell the story first to twist the story to his advantage .  

“Miss, what have we done to offend you? That you have to come here to break our gates?” The Light Riders looked up to see Ye Zhiqing . Under the starlight, seeing Ye Zhiqing’s dainty silhouette caused them to pause for a moment .  

“Did you fight two girls who used ice and fire magic today?” Ye Zhiqing wasn’t rash either, she had to know what was going on first .  

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“Yes, she’s inside!” nodded the Light Riders .  

“Then please hand them over to me, and everything will be settled . If not, you will not be able to bear the consequences!” Ye Zhiqing frowned, thinking they had indeed kidnapped Ye Lanyu .  

Based on what she knew about Ye Lanyu, while she was a little brash sometimes, she was still a very responsible person . She would never decide to stay a night here and not send a message to them .  

And even if she forgot, the seventh princess wouldn’t! That was why the two girls were definitely not kept in there voluntarily! 

However, Ye Zhiqing didn’t consider this: if Ye Lang was involved, then that logic was not applicable, but rather very normal! 

She didn’t know about Ye Lang being here though, she didn’t know about it . Only the three girls suspected the confused genius doctor to be Ye Lang, and they never told anyone else .  

“You must be joking! There is nothing we cannot bear here! And you want us to hand them over to you? Now that is something we cannot bear the consequences for!” the Light Rider gave a small smile .  

“If that is the case, I shall excuse myself!” she said simply, getting ready to leave .  

Since negotiation didn’t work, then she could only retreat and tell everyone else about this . It would be a meaningless sacrifice if she forced herself to fight the ‘enemy’ .  

Ye Zhiqing could tell from their looks that their abilities far exceeded her own . Forget about his team, she couldn’t even fight one! 

“You’re leaving?! This isn’t your home, you think you can come and go as you please?!!” A Light Rider leapt up on the roof to catch her .  

She had been expecting this move, so when she finished her sentence, she’d already darted away . She didn’t head towards the ground because that would only leave her more exposed and easier to capture .  

She flew towards the other side of the House of Confusion . It was also a risky choice because if anyone flew out of the building right now, she would be cornered .  

However, that was the only way . There was a possibility of being captured here, but out there, she would definitely be captured! 

And based on how the guards were like, she had reasons to believe the defence of this place was very weak . She was willing to risk her life based on this fact .

Of course, the Light Riders started the chase…

And within the House of Confusion, Ye Lang’s residence, he was talking to the three girls- the three girls who were the cause of all the commotion outside .  

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