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Published at 29th of September 2019 04:45:06 PM
Chapter 307: 307
Pee? Hostage? (1)
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The gates of the House of Confusion had already been repaired, you wouldn’t be able to tell there had been a battle that morning . The construction workers in the Miracle District, especially around the House of Confusion, were very efficient . Repair works had been completed within a few hours .

She walked up to the gates, then asked the guard politely, “Excuse me, have you seen three girls about the same age as me around? They were here with a dark, thin young man and an old lady . The old lady was here to see the doctor . ”

The guard wasn’t a Light Rider . The Light Riders wouldn’t take menial posts like this, the ones in charge of guarding the gates were chosen from among the new citizens . They were not here for defence, but to prevent patients from disturbing the doctors inside .

“You mean…” The guard was silent for a moment, then thought of Ye Lanyu and the rest . When he was about to answer, he was interrupted by someone else .

“Miss, I know where they are,” said a mildly disconcerting voice from behind .

“??” Ye Zhiqing turned around, and the first thing in her line of sight was a balding head . This head belonged to a middle-aged man- the same duke Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess fought today .

There were about six of his men with him . They had recovered from their injuries by now, the doctors inside had so kindly helped them with their wounds . The doctors were still of the Sacred Teachings after all .

It was also because their unconscious bodies were blocking traffic .

“!!” When Ye Zhiqing turned around, his pupils dilated immediately . His perversion took over once again when he met yet another pretty girl .

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Was today a special day? Why did he keep meeting such pretty girls? He barely met one a year, and he just met four of them today .

It must be good luck!

Upon seeing a pretty girl, he forgot the lesson he had learned that morning, he was itching to get his hands on this one…

He thought for a moment, then as if he had a great idea, he spoke, “I know who you’re looking for, miss . They just fought some very bad people from inside today, they even broke the gates . Eh, it’s repaired?”

The duke wanted to point at the evidence for Ye Zhiqing to believe him, only to find the gates already repaired .

“This gate was destroyed by the two girls today . One ice and one fire, they were very scary,” said the duke immediately .

Although at that point the duke had already fainted, other people told him about it and he saw the broken gates too .

“May I ask if what he’s saying is true?” Ye Zhiqing ignored the duke, directly asking the guard at the gates .

Ye Zhiqing wasn’t about to believe the duke because she could immediately tell this wasn’t a person to be trusted . She may be an obedient girl but she wasn’t naive nor gullible .

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However, when he mentioned Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess’ attributes, she thought perhaps it might be true- but she wasn’t going to ask the duke for confirmation .

“Yes,” the guard thought for a moment, it was true, “but it was…”

“It was a misunderstanding, right? The bad guys will always say that when people start to investigate!” the duke interrupted, “go! Teach these criminals a lesson!”

“Yes!” the group of shameless subordinates once again stepped forward, this time to knock the guards unconscious . They dragged the guards aside .

The guards were only regular people, and while his men were shameless, they were still Level 7 or 8 martial artists and magicians . This was nothing to them .

“Pretty girl, the people you are looking for are inside, but we should retreat because the bad people inside are very strong . He has more than ten Di (earthly) level experts with him . We might not be able to fight them!” said the duke solemnly . This was his trick .

He wanted to lure Ye Zhiqing away so she would leave with him . He definitely didn’t want her to enter the premises because he didn’t want to provoke anyone inside . No matter how perverted he was, he still wouldn’t dare to!

Based on his logic, Ye Zhiqing would temporarily retreat once she heard how powerful the people inside were . However, he didn’t expect her to be so brave .

“I know . If they could capture Ye Lanyu and the rest, they must be very strong . I’ll definitely not be able to fight them! But, I can’t leave . I need to look for them inside!” Ye Zhiqing started to walk inside .

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“…” The duke didn’t understand why this girl still wanted to enter .

“Sir, what now?” whispered the swordsman .

“Tie the girl up and leave!” The duke had no choice but to use violence since he couldn’t make her leave the ‘soft’ way . They should be able to catch the girl without alerting the people inside .

“Yes, sir!”

The shameless men nodded, separated, then charged at her very quickly . They naturally were not going to attract Ye Zhiqing’s attention, they wanted the struggle to be very short .

“??” Ye Zhiqing very quickly noticed something was wrong . These people didn’t seem like good people . Without thinking, she unsheathed both her longswords .

The common practice was to ready yourself whenever something felt wrong, but not to observe first . When you finally spot what was wrong, it would be too late .

This was also a habit of hers . The trauma from her childhood led to her present distrust in people so she would often unsheathe her swords whenever someone accidentally stood too close .

“…” The swordsmen and the rest didn’t expect her to react so quickly . Their plan for a quick kidnapping was now foiled, it was difficult to plan the next step now .

However, they still felt like it wasn’t a huge problem yet . They could still deal with her!

The swordsman unsheathed his own sword when she unsheathed hers . He charged at her, sparks flying from the sword dragging on the ground . A sharp wave of douqi rippled off him, now forging ahead directly at Ye Zhiying .

She now understood that all these people were here to harm her . With a graceful backflip, she dodged the swordsman’s blade of douqi, her movements very gentle .

However, she had only dodged one person . There were many of them!

“Rope of Wind!”

A wisp of wind magic flew from the magician’s hands, lunging at Ye Zhiqing!

The name of this technique was self-explicable . It was a current generated by wind-attribute magic . This traps the person in the middle, a very common trick . A regular person would find it very difficult to move, but a very small person could be completely trapped inside .

It was obvious that this technique wouldn’t be enough to immobilise Ye Zhiqing, but it would definitely inconvenience her!

That meant this magic had to work successfully on her first .

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