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Chapter 285
Miracle District (2)
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“The placement, the design and even the structure of these houses are all so disorganised, I want them rebuilt!” Ye Lang replied, to which no one was surprised .

With Ye Lang’s personality, it was clear he wanted the most perfect houses . Such defective houses bring shame to a prodigal son, he would never allow this .

“No problem sir, we can rebuild it as you wish! This was supposed to be temporary only, that’s why it wasn’t our best work!” said a worker .

“Not only are we going to rebuild this, but we’ll also make it bigger than that tiny city, have facilities better than them, and put them to shame! I want them to be embarrassed, as a punishment for not letting us in!!” Ye Lang angrily said, pointing at the outer walls of Sheng City, as if he was still mad at what had happened .  

“…” Everyone suddenly fell silent . No one said a word .

They were all shocked by Ye Lang’s eccentric plan . They had thought about creating a new city, but no one had imagined that Ye Lang wanted to make a city bigger than Sheng City, including its outer areas .  

The new city that Ye Lang built would naturally be the new outer city of Sheng City .

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All of a sudden, Alvin thought of a very important question, “Sir, while we have many people and a lot of materials here, we lack designers and architects . We need to find one and bring him here . ”

“That’s right sir, we can build anything that you ask . We just need a blueprint and a plan, we cannot do this without a plan!” somebody suggested .

“Designing a city… Let me take care of it . It can’t be that hard, all of you just have to listen to me!!” Ye Lang expressed with confidence with a fist in the air .


Seeing Ye Lang like this, everyone became quiet again, doubting him——

Was he able to do this?

Did Ye Lang know anything about design? It didn’t seem like he had learnt anything about it, and no one has ever seen him tinker with architecture either . If he’d never even designed a small house before, what made him think he could complete an entire city?

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They didn’t trust him at all .  

However, Ye Lang didn’t care . He just looked at his surroundings, talking to himself .   “We can use this alchemy formation here, and for this… And as that…”

Not long after, Ye Lang was squatting, drawing something on the ground…

“Alvin, do you think he can do it?” a random person asked Alvin, but with a voice so soft no one could hear, as if afraid he’d hurt Ye Lang’s feelings .  

“I don’t know, but, since he could cure the plague, perhaps he can do this too!” Alvin shook his head, only hope on his side .

Everyone was looking at Ye Lang, afraid of interrupting him . They watched him quietly .  

As time passed, some of them were about to fall asleep soon . Many were already asleep . However, soon after, a voice woke them from their dreams .

“Uh . . . Sir, this is…?”

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Alvin came to Ye Lang’s side, standing next to Little Xin . He stared at her for a while as his expression grew complicated . He then quickly focused his attention on Ye Lang, but soon noticed something in front of Ye Lang .

Alvin shouted in delight, his clear eyes widening, making them more mesmerizing . They were filled with awe .  

Why was he so shocked? Everyone was curious, turning their heads towards where Ye Lang was facing . When they saw it, their expressions were the same as Alvin’s .

Before Ye Lang was a small model of a city . No one knew how he did it, but the little city was developing fast, becoming more and more perfect by the minute .

The sharper ones quickly deduced that Ye Lang had used alchemy to create it . With such god-like skills as a doctor, it wasn’t surprising that he was also an expert in alchemy .  

However, they were still in shock . While it could theoretically be done with alchemy, no one had ever done it on a scale like this ever in history . This was the first time the model of a  three-dimensional city was built like this, so this city would become a reference model for future generations .

It also seemed to have solved another problem, which was the problem of the thousands of refugees not knowing how to read or understand a professional blueprint . They only knew how to follow instructions- they were amateurs after all .  

Ye Lang’s mini-city solved that problem .

After this incident, many people started to use Ye Lang’s method of generating three-dimensional models . They first started using it for construction but soon it was used in the army, as it was more accurate than a sand table . For this, many of the soldiers praised Ye Lang!

Ye Lang wouldn’t know about the benefits he brought to the people though . He just thought it’d be easier than drawing on a piece of paper, and it allowed for easier understanding . It solved many problems with using a blueprint .

“Alright, everyone! It’s almost done, this will do! Just follow these, the ratio is one to a hundred . We should first re-construct the land, sewers and rivers . Remember, don’t change any of my designs, everything must be the same! I will check, and if something goes wrong, you’ll have to tear it down!” Ye Lang clapped his hands while speaking to the people . At the same time, he started to scout the surrounding lands, for he wanted a place to stay here .

No one understood why Ye Lang wanted it to be the same, since a little bit of difference wouldn’t be a problem at all, at least for the most part .

Everyone followed his instructions though . In the eyes of these refugees, Ye Lang’s presence was almost like a god . He was someone they’d respect for the rest of their lives .  

In reality, Ye Lang’s strict requirements were not because of his stubbornness . This requirement for perfection had a reason, a reason no one knew .  

Ye Lang’s design wasn’t the perfect plan for a city, but it was a complete one . This was based on the fundamentals of alchemy formations! 

Wait, what? 

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