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Chapter 270: 270
Noodles (2)
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To determine if a person could defeat his opponent, you shouldn’t only look at his strength but also his wisdom, even his determination during the fight .

Forget wisdom, even in terms of his fighting spirit, this little tyrant of a commander had already lost in that area .

However, at this moment, Ye Lang did not have seventh brother by his side, neither did he have Ye Lanyu . He had no one but a crowd of untrained refugees . What was he to do?

Ye Lang didn’t move- perhaps more specifically, he didn’t move his body . His other parts were still moving, like his hands, his mouth…

He was still chewing his noodles .

While the commander charged directly at him with such powerful douqi, everyone couldn’t believe Ye Lang was still there eating noodles . They broke out in cold sweat, privately screaming ‘He’s finished, he’s done for!’

“Sir…” shouted the refugees worriedly . He couldn’t approach because his douqi had shoved everyone aside .

Some of them couldn’t bear to see Ye Lang get beaten into a pulp, so they turned their heads or shut their eyes…

“Slurp… . ” They could still hear him slurping his noodles .

“Aaargh… . ”

The commander roared, douqi rippling around him like a balloon . It was magnificent . A thunderous punch was thrown at Ye Lang in an elbow’s distance away…

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“THUD” A heavy, dull sound of a collision .

“Aaaaahhhhhhh…” A shriek of agony .

The ones who closed their eyes or looked away all thought Ye Lang was finished . It was a pity, they sighed, the young man looked like a good person . It was a pity he had to die so soon .

However, very soon, their sadness turned into confusion because they heard another sound .


Wait, wasn’t that the sound of him slurping his noodles? Why was it still happening? Did that tyrant take his noodles? But that seemed unlikely .

Therefore, these people turned their heads back, opened their eyes . They looked towards where Ye Lang had been and then stood in shock like the rest of the people who’d been watching since the beginning .

“What’s going on? Where’s the commander?”

The people who’d missed the collision asked the rest who’d been watching all along . However, these people could only tell them something very unbelievable .

“At the very last moment, before he hit, that pretty girl suddenly punched him and sent the commander flying . ”

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That was what most people described . While they each expressed it a little differently, they all meant the same, that Little Xin, the one sitting with Ye Lang, punched the commander .

“So that’s why the gentlemen dared travel alone, she’s amazing!” the refugees finally understood .

And it was unfortunate for the commander too, to underestimate Little Xin next to Ye Lang . He made many other mistakes too . Perhaps he’d been shut in this little town for too long, too used to being arrogant and severely underestimated his opponents .

To be honest, Ye Lang would’ve been able to destroy the commander without Little Xin, using his pistols . However, he was eating so his hands were full . Using Little Xin or the pistols would have the same effect anyway- and Little Xin was more convenient .

This time, Ye Lang could more accurately comment on the commander’s capabilities: he had the potential to be an expert in Earth attributes but he couldn’t defeat a Level 7 fighter . His weaknesses would just be open for all to see .

This incident taught Ye Lang that a master with no desire for improvement could never be considered a master!

You should always work towards a higher place, constantly challenging yourself with other experts instead of looking down to bully the weaker ones . This would only cause your skills to worsen, and slowly you’d just be trash .

Most importantly, you have to always work to be better than your past self .

Your biggest competition is yourself!

Once the commander was thrown in the air, he fell dully on the ground . He sputtered, spitting a few mouthfuls of blood . He’d coincidentally landed in front of the skinny man .

Skinny Dark Man took the opportunity to hurl a rock at him . Of course, he could only pick up a piece of rock as big as his fist- he wouldn’t be able to throw anything bigger .

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Thud . The rock hit the commander’s chest, then bounced onto the ground . The commander’s injury worsened a little- not a lot, though it hurt .

“Ah… . ” The commander shrieked but still couldn’t stand .

If he were a resilient martial artist, he’d still be able to stand if his injuries were more severe than this . However, after indulging in many years of luxury, he only felt like he was about to die . He couldn’t get himself up .

Material luxuries decayed his mind and body .

“Hit him!”

Although Skinny Dark Man’s stone was small, this reminded everyone of something . They could also beat this man up like what they did to the grain officer . Uh, more like hurling stuff at him until he died .

The refugees who were watching vigilantly, the same ones who wanted to protect Ye Lang, proved their loyalty through action . They had to eliminate all threats to Ye Lang! The crowd picked stones up from the ground, even random objects nearby, to throw at the commander . Some even threw the things they’d bought .

Crack! Thud! The sky suddenly filled with flying objects…


The commander shrieked again . He wanted to draw some douqi to block them, but it was useless . There were too many of them, and often hit his wounds . He couldn’t summon his breath with the pain .


“Oh fuck, who’s THAT violent? Someone threw a piece of metal!”

“Woah, a knife…”

There were all kinds of traders present so they had all types of weapons to choose from . They were all hurled at the commander, and soon even the townsmen joined it . It was a grand affair .

“Hey hey, I want to throw something too…” The town’s Duke standing in the crowd threw an object .

“How could all of you be so cruel? He’s hurt already, are you really going to hit him to death?” said Ye Lang at this moment, standing up for the commander . Unfortunately, the commander was now a bloody mess, already unconscious .

If he’d heard Ye Lang, he’d definitely be very grateful- but at the same time ask why he didn’t speak up a little earlier!

And Ye Lang would say, I was eating, I didn’t have time…

“Sir, he’s a bad man, and he’s related to that grain officer . He should die . ”

The refugees explained to Ye Lang, a little exasperated . This was the person who just tried to kill you…

Thank god nothing happened to you . You’re lucky to have such an amazing bodyguard .

What was up with his bodyguard though? You wouldn’t be able to tell she was such a good fighter, she looked like a typical rich girl . No one would’ve guessed she could send a martial expert flying with one punch .

That was a surprise indeed…

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