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Published at 7th of August 2019 04:40:07 PM
Chapter 255: 255

Misunderstanding (1)

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Edward dodged every attack while glaring at Ye Lang, looking for a chance to hit him hard . In his heart, he was now certain Ye Lang either had other intentions or was here to cause trouble!

Based on his impression of Ye Lang so far, he felt like the latter was more likely!

Ye Lang didn’t seem to realise anything was wrong . He shot consecutively at Edward, while Edward ran and dodged for his life . It even looked like he’d accidentally hit Edward with one .

It didn’t look like Ye Lang was about to let Edward go either . Had Ye Lang forgotten his own objective?

At the same time, Kesha gripped Fei’s hand hard, worried sick for Edward . Fei felt every bit of her anxiety .

Nonsense, how could she not? She’s going to break my fingers!!

“Kesha, can you loosen your grip? Don’t forget, you’re a martial artist!!” complained Fei, struggling .

“Ah, I forgot! Apologies, Fei . Hope you’re alright,” Kesha immediately apologized, her face red as the sunset . She was very pretty indeed!

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“I’m fine, nothing’s broken!” huffed Fei .

“Oh, that’s good…” When Kesha finished, her attention was once again on Edward .

“…” Fei didn’t feel like commenting on this . She’d understood the coal-black guy in front was Edward . Although she never took notice of him, and they’d only met a few times, she was certain .

Only Edward would make Kesha so worried . Also, she had a strong imagination . In her mind, she could morph past Edward’s face into the current, much darker Edward’s face to find they matched .

Fei was puzzled too . Why did he want to make himself black? It didn’t seem like being black helped him at all, but rather hurt his chances .

They didn’t know it wasn’t on purpose, he had no choice!!

“Why are you dodging? Come forward, are you dumb?”

Ye Lang’s voice rang again . Edward was finally certain Ye Lang didn’t forget about their objectives .

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Edward also realised Ye Lang’s shooting position always stayed the same, he always shot in a way that Edward could barely dodge .

To outsiders, it looked very dangerous but in reality, there wasn’t any danger at all . No one would be able to tell it was fake .

Edward wondered if Ye Lang was controlling the shooting rhythm on purpose . How did he do it though? It seemed to difficult!

That was true . It was indeed difficult . If it wasn’t for Ye Lang’s thorough understanding of Edward’s abilities, he wouldn’t be able to do it either!

Of course, it wasn’t as simple as understanding Edward’s abilities . Even if other people understood it, they wouldn’t be able to do this . Unless they were absolute experts, then they’d be able to attain this almost effortless look .

However, this was only in terms of martial techniques . Using an alchemy weapon like Ye Lang made it even more difficult…

Any alchemist wouldn’t be able to do this . Even the brightest of them all would find it very hard to control the weapons .

There was too much calculation involved . They had to calculate Edward’s speed and strength, the pistols’ firepower, environmental factors etc…

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This would trigger a huge commotion if anyone in the alchemy world knew Ye Lang could do all of this without a single mistake . However, there weren’t any alchemists present so no one cared .

Even if they were there, they wouldn’t care either because they’d think Ye Lang was truly attacking Edward .

Only Edward knew of this, and he wasn’t an alchemist- he knew almost nothing of it . Therefore, he’d probably be a little weirded out but not dig deeper .

Edward didn’t have time to think about anything else either . He hurled himself forward as instructed!

At this moment, he felt very stupid for not even thinking of moving forward . He’d been dodging the bullets in one corner– if his opponent wasn’t Ye Lang, and it were truly a life-or-death battle, the consequences would be unfathomable!!

Edward also noticed something like a path among Ye Lang’s attacks for him to safely pass through . This could only be seen by him, people watching from the outside wouldn’t be able to tell .

The audience felt like Ye Lang’s consecutive attacks were very consistent and had nothing glamorous to it . However, the power of his attacks never faltered- this was one of the strengths of alchemy .

If it were a martial artist or magician, they’d still have to work the earthly essence of magic . They wouldn’t be able to just stand on the spot and fire a weapon .

Of course, this was referring to the usage of an alchemy weapon, but not alchemy formations . Alchemy formations were the most complex, more inconvenient than martial artists and magicians .

This was another characteristic of alchemy, the fighting technique mastered by the least number of alchemists . It was too complicated! If they had the capabilities, might as well spend the effort on martial arts or magic . The results they’d get would definitely be a lot better .

And because of that, a person who wanted to increase their fighting skills would never touch alchemy!

They’d, at most, use an alchemy item as a supplement to their skills, i . e . Princess Longji’s Vermilion Bird feather vest .

However, as top fighters, they wouldn’t want to use items like this because it felt like cheating, and they’d be dependent on it, affecting their skills!

It was not allowed!!

As Edward inched closer, Kesha’s anxiety levels increased . It was the sort of anxiety you feel before victory! Everyone would be nervous during the moment before victory, especially if you’re watching someone you cared about!

Everyone knew that Edward getting closer to Ye Lang was already equivalent of winning half the battle . He had the chance to defeat Ye Lang .

Based on an alchemist’s fighting techniques, it was common knowledge that if someone, especially a martial artist came close, the alchemist would lose his advantage .

Edward was a martial artist, so now he could unleash his true capabilities, he’d definitely be able to defeat Ye Lang! Yep, that was what everyone thought, especially Kesha!

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