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Chapter 254: 254
Mistress (2)
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How tricky was that question?!

It was tricky enough to answer . If Ye Lang didn’t care about Little Xin’s feelings, and directly said Kesha was more important, then Little Xin would be heartbroken . There would be cracks in their relationship .

Of course, that was only what they thought . They didn’t know Little Xin wasn’t human . She was as emotionless as a reanimated spirit can be . She didn’t have any opinions on matters like these .

Ye Lang didn’t know what they thought though . He wouldn’t have cared even if he knew though, because…

“Of course my Little Xin is more important!” replied Ye Lang without hesitation .


Everyone was stunned speechless . No one would’ve expected Ye Lang so say that . It was the complete opposite of what they’d expected .

What was he doing??

“You say your Little Xin is more important, then why are you here?” frowned the Duke, upset .

Ye Lang smiled, then slowly said, “I’m here today, to take your daughter in as my mistress!”

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What?! Mistress?

Mistress, of course . He already had Little Seven as his wife . A step lower would be a mistress…

You want Lady Kesha to be your mistress?!

Everyone glared at Ye Lang . They wanted to swallow Ye Lang whole, including Edward . He seemed to have forgotten again…

While they were being angry, some of them did think privately… I’ve thought about it too, but I don’t have the guts to do it!!

Ye Lang, you’re the man!

Obviously, they wouldn’t help Ye Lang now, they’d still fight him!!

Sometimes, there might be many people having the same thoughts, even if none of them dared voice it out . However, they’d still take the higher ground to look down upon those who’d actually voiced these thoughts out!!

“Eh, what are you doing, standing there? It’s your turn to step out, I’m leaving!!”

Ye Lang’s words suddenly echoed in Edward’s ears . Edward had forgotten his original objective, forgotten Ye Lang was there to help him .

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If he stepped out now, and at the same time defeat Ye Lang, he’d be the true hero of the people . Though this halo might only be temporary- perhaps not even shiny .

But if he stepped out now, he’d definitely get support from everyone there, increasing his own likability .

This was the effect Ye Lang wanted to achieve!!

Perhaps Ye Lang wanted Edward to step up not because he thought it was the most appropriate moment . It was only because he didn’t want to continue . He was a little tired, and the matter had already been mostly settled . Edward can deal with the rest on his own .

This was still Edward’s problem after all, Ye Lang was only there to assist . If he didn’t let Edward show off his skills, how could he impress Kesha? And even if Edward had to suffer a little, it’d leave a beautiful memory in their lives!

If Ye Lang solved the problem entirely, then they’d only remember Ye Lang and none of themselves . Not a great solution at all!

Of course, Ye Lang didn’t think about it . He was leaving because he didn’t feel like staying any longer!

“Hurry up!! It won’t be my fault if someone else steals your Lady Kesha!!”

Edward was still stunned . Thank goodness for Ye Lang’s reminder, for he immediately stepped forward . No one volunteered before him .

“Ye Lang, you should just go home! You’re not welcome here!” Edward could only warn him coldly . He couldn’t insult Ye Lang, nor could he scold him, so he resorted to looking like he was too angry to say anything .

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“Oh, then I’ll go…” nodded Ye Lang, as if wanting to leave without even challenging Edward .

“…” Edward fell silent . Brother, you should at least fight me!! Everyone would be suspicious now, they might suspect something going on between us!

And if that happens, I’ll never be able to get myself out of it!!

Brother, I beg you, come back . I can’t deal with this alone…

Edward, at this point, was very close to dragging Ye Lang back . He couldn’t do that though, so he prayed silently in his heart .

Ye Lang seemed to have heard Edward’s prayers . He stopped, turned around, then said solemnly, “Oh, right, I shouldn’t leave! You asked me to leave, and I listened . Won’t that just be embarrassing for me?”

Edward almost cried and hugged Ye Lang to thank Ye Lang for turning back .

At the same time, Kesha, who was sitting outside of the yard, paid full attention to this Edward . From the moment he spoke, she was sure that this coal-black… thing, no, man, was her love— Edward Jean .

Kesha’s eyes filled with confusion . Why was Edward black? Did he make himself black on purpose? Or did something happen?

Kesha didn’t know, but she wasn’t worried . She was now concerned about the other problem– how was Edward going to deal with Ye Lang the ‘filthy scum’?

In everyone’s hearts, Ye Lang was the definition of lowly scum, the shameless of the shameless…

It was only Edward who thought differently, for he knew the reason!

He thought Ye Lang would use proper techniques to fight him instead of the nasty tricks he pulled . They should fight for real so he could show them his true abilities . It would be a brilliant fight!

However, that was only what he thought . He wasn’t sure if Ye Lang would go along with it!

Edward moved immediately . Sweat sprung from his forehead as he saw a shimmering energy bullet flew past his torso . It was so close it almost brushed his skin!!

What was this jerk thinking? What if I couldn’t dodge that?

Edward was about to throw him a cruel insult but he suddenly realised it might not be appropriate for the occasion . Most importantly, Ye Lang didn’t give him the chance either .

Ye Lang didn’t stop because of Edward but continued firing at him!

Fuck, Ye Lang you bastard! He couldn’t help but wonder if Ye Lang actually liked Kesha .

Are you helping me or what?!

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