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Chapter 250: 250
Silver Pistols (2)
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“Seems to be what?” asked Kesha .

“Nothing . Oh, right, where’s that Edward of yours? How is he going to win if he doesn’t show up?” The girl changed the subject of the conversation quickly . It was as if she didn’t want to talk about it .

“I don’t know either, he said he was coming . Do you think something happened to him? He isn’t the type of person that would stand us up,” Kesha was worried .

“Don’t worry, Edward doesn’t look like a guy with a short life . I’m sure nothing happened!” The girl comforted Kesha by smacking her on her back . Maybe this is her way of comforting others .

“I sure hope so!” Kesha laughed .

“Let’s just watch the show . It’s actually very interesting to watch these men fight for their lives just for you . But the truth is that they don’t know that you won’t choose any of them . It doesn’t matter if they’re dead or alive in the end!” The girl then shifted her attention to Ye Lang, who was on the battlefield .

Not only did Ye Lang look a lot like someone special in her heart, but he was also at the centre of the commotion . Who else was there to look at?

“Vinsk, Level 8 martial artist, wind attribute . I’d highly appreciate your guidance . ” A charismatic gentleman walked towards Ye Lang and bowed . He then unsheathed his sword, showing off his great valiance .

“Level 8 martial artist?! Wow, I can’t believe that there’s such a highly-skilled martial artist in this generation . Vinsk has a bright future ahead of him!”

Everyone was shocked at the appearance of the Level 8 martial artist . It was common to come across Level 6 and 7 martial artists, but there was only one Level 8 martial artist to exist right now .

Although there was only a small difference in number, there was an immeasurable difference in skills and strength between the two levels .

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“Everyone’s publicly exposing their strengths . What idiots!” scoffed Ye Lang . Ye Lang’s disdain caught everyone off guard .

“Well since you’re an idiot, I’ll let you go first,” Ye Lang looked at the Level 8 martial artist and grinned as if he didn’t care at all .

Was this person so arrogant because he had skills higher than a Level 8?

“If you say so!” Vinsk took advantage of Ye Lang’s offer . He knew very well that he must strike first when fighting on the battlefield .

Vinsk swung his sword . The sword glinted and a blade of air appeared . The air blade flew towards Ye Lang .

It was sometimes necessary to use the Douqi technique to test the enemy’s real power . This was because there was no need to get close to the enemy by using this technique, thus reducing the chances of getting hurt .

As the blade approached Ye Lang, he turned around and dodged it gracefully .

After the air blade had missed Ye Lang, it slammed into a street lamp behind him . The street lamp broke into half, completely destroyed .

This made everyone hold their breath . It seemed like even the most basic wind douqi tactic could not be underestimated . It would be difficult to survive a hit generated by douqi .

Those who knew how to apply and use advanced skills did not necessarily mean they were masters . The real masters should be able to create different effects even if they were using only basic skills .

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“Phew, thank god I’m fast!” Ye Lang patted on his chest . To everyone, it felt like he was just messing around with his opponent .

Vinsk frowned and continued to use the same attack tactic as he did just now . The sole purpose of doing this was because Ye Lang did not expose any of his slightest douqi previously, and it was tough for him to recognize Ye Lang’s real powers .

“Not again! I’m going to jump…”

Ye Lang acted as if he was playing a game, leaping around the wind blades . To one’s surprise, he wasn’t concentrating at all and was rather enjoying himself .

He even accidentally exposed his back to Vinsk .

“Watch this!” Vinsk took this great opportunity when Ye Lang wasn’t alert to approach Ye Lang as fast as he could . Seeing that he was getting closer to Ye Lang, it looked as if Ye Lang was going to be done for good .

Eh, what’s this?

Suddenly, Vinsk noticed that there was something under his feet . It was round and flat like an iron plate, which seemed to have been accidentally left by Ye Lang .

Vinsk had just coincidentally stepped on that thing .

There was light coming out from the iron plate and an extremely complicated alchemy formation emerged from it…

Damn it!! An alchemy bomb!!

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It was too late when Vinsk found out something wasn’t right . He got hit by the bomb, but fortunately, he was a professional martial artist . He managed to avoid most of the destruction and only suffered minor injuries .

However, the effect of Ye Lang’s bombing wasn’t that easy to counteract . It was just a shot against Vinsk .

“Fuck . That was so embarrassing…” said Vinsk, while looking at the Ye Lang’s launcher . Shortly after, he was blinded by the flash from the launcher and became unconscious after being hit by the bomb .

“One down!” declared Ye Lang while he carried the alchemy launcher with him .

At that moment of time, everyone nearby was stunned . They were frozen throughout the whole time watching Ye Lang .

Everybody was already in a daze at the moment they saw Ye Lang take the launcher out . They were all wondering what it was .

As they finally got witness its true power, they became more speechless…

No one expected Ye Lang to defeat a Level 8 martial artist this easily .

However, after everything,  no one thought Ye Lang was very strong and skilful . Instead, they all saw him as a despicable person!

The alchemy bombs and launchers were all unexpected attacks and almost impossible to defend . If Vinsk had known beforehand, the results would’ve probably been completely different!

“How disgraceful of you! How dare you use the alchemy weapons!!”

After everyone had gotten their senses back together, they started criticizing about Ye Lang, including the young lady Fei . She felt uncomfortable looking at Ye Lang’s face and had to urge to beat him up .

Ye Lang was very calm regarding the criticisms . He said something that made everyone fall silent . It made them stop arguing about the usage of alchemy weapons .

Ye Lang said this –

“Nonsense! I’m an alchemist . What do I use if I don’t use alchemy weapons?”

There was a moment of silence . There certainly wasn’t any problem if what Ye Lang said was true . It was obvious that alchemists used alchemy weapons . They specialized in alchemy, not martial arts .

But, was the person standing right in front of them really an alchemist?

They couldn’t believe it .

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