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Chapter 245: 245

All Clear (3)

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This was normal . Then again, how long had he known Ye Lang? Then look at how long he’d known Kesha! If Edward were Ye Lang instead, Ye Lang would’ve long forgotten about Edward . He wouldn’t even think of Edward during his free time .

How did Edward pass every test? Without Ye Lang’s help, he should theoretically be kicked out a long time ago . How could such a person as black as coal marry Kesha?

And he passed, exactly because he was like a lump of coal!

The Duke of Alexandria coincidentally saw Edward but didn’t call his men to chase Edward out . Instead, he wanted everyone to witness him letting this man pass . He wanted to tell his people that he was a fair duke .

And the duke believed that with his daughter’s standards- she’d never consider him! He wasn’t worried at all!

Even the Duke himself didn’t know he was actually contributing to Edward’s fate!

Perhaps it was Edward’s luck, although we don’t know if he got it from Ye Lang .

“Ye Lang, the prodigal son? Are you sure you want to use this identity? Want to change?” frowned the gatekeeper of the first test .

“Mm, I don’t want to change it!” said Ye Lang .

“Alright, then we shall begin . The first level will test your knowledge…”

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These tests all only tested the basics . You didn’t have to pass all of them, but they’d look at your total marks . Everyone will have their own weaker areas . It wasn’t like they wanted someone who was the best at everything, the person just had to be outstanding in one field .

If a jack of all trades were to compete with a specialist, then it would be very possible for the specialist to be far better than the jack of all trades . Then, of course, they’d choose the specialist .

A jack of all trades can only remain mediocre unless you’re at the top of every single field . But a person has only so much time and energy! You shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew, therefore being outstanding in one thing is already very impressive .

Ye Lang passed this test very easily, it was way too easy for him . No one in the mainland would be better than Ye Lang in a test like this one!!

Ye Lang had admirable memory abilities, and he always read during his free time!

People like Ye Lanyu also liked Ye Lang reading, because Ye Lang was very quiet when he was reading . He wouldn’t go anywhere, he wouldn’t get lost, he wouldn’t cause trouble .

“Anymore? No?” asked Ye Lang, a little disappointed .

Ye Lang had already finished all the questions . It didn’t feel satisfying enough, he wanted to continue taking the test…

What sort of person was he?? He enjoyed exams so much he was addicted to it!

“You should enter here . Even if we have more questions, you wouldn’t need to do them, you’re far too good for this!” The invigilators were hinting for Ye Lang to leave .

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Ye Lang received full marks for every test he had to take . Even if the examiners gave him the more difficult questions, he could answer them . Ye Lang even answered questions the examiners didn’t know the answer to!

With the current rules, Ye Lang would be able to pass even if he skipped some of the tests . Now that he’d taken all of them, of course he did!

Very soon, Ye Lang met with the candidates who’d also passed the tests in the castle’s hall . They were all waiting for the last person to arrive, Ye Lang .

They didn’t think Ye Lang was slow since to them, Ye Lang shouldn’t be the last one . There should be many more behind him .

They believed perhaps they would have to wait for the entire day . There was probably enough time to drink tea and chat for a long time, get to know their opponents .

And maybe this was a test too, so everyone remembered their manners . No one laughed at the commoners, or at people like Little Black -uh- Edward .

When Ye Lang entered, he attracted everyone’s attention not because they knew he was the last one, nor was it because he did something out of the ordinary or something he said .

Ye Lang didn’t say a word since he entered, only took a quiet stroll .

The one who attracted everyone’s attention was Little Xin . Other than her perfect beauty, there was another important reason—- Little Xin was a girl!

No one brought a female companion to an event like this, even if they were very close . Even if they were thick as thieves before, they wouldn’t bring her either .

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This was a matchmaking event after all!

And when Ye Lang brought such a perfect Little Xin, naturally everyone found it very odd!

Hehe, that’s what I want . I want all of you to look at me . I want to deal with all of you one-by-one, so Little Black can get his lover back smoothly!!

Look at me!! Look all you want!!

Ye Lang accepted all stares openly . He walked slowly into the hall with Little Xin by his side, took a seat, then started to eat the exquisite desserts and enjoy the fragrant tea served!

He didn’t talk to Edward either, not because he knew what Edward was thinking, but because he wanted Edward to be out of focus .

“How do you do, I believe we haven’t met!” offered an aristocratic gentleman nearby . They were all waiting together anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to make one more friend .

“Ye Lang . And you are?” Ye Lang did the wushu salute politely .

“I’m Johnny Swiss . From your accent, you don’t seem like you’re from Ai La?” tested Johnny .

“I’m not, I’m just a passerby . I saw the duke’s daughter was looking for a match, so I came to check it out,” answered Ye Lang casually .

Everyone could confirm he wasn’t here for the lady . He had no feelings towards Kesha, he was just here from the hype!

They all looked at him in contempt . This was a sacred affair, how could he treat it so casually, like he was stopping by to shop for groceries?

However, if you looked closer, these people, in essence, weren’t far off either . They didn’t have feelings towards Lady Kesha either!

“Then how much do you know about Lady Kesha?” asked Johnny, at the same time, drinking a cup of tea with Ye Lang in the spirit of friendship .

Ye Lang thought for a moment, then said, “I know she’s female…”

Nonsense, who doesn’t?

Also, I know her name, Kesha . I don’t know her last name though . ”

As he spoke, everyone, still staring at Ye Lang, gave him a look of deep, deep disdain…

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