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Chapter 244: 244
All Clear (2)
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“…” Edward stayed quiet . He understood and was very embarrassed at what Ye Lang did . He hoped no one saw them .

If someone found out, he definitely wouldn’t admit to knowing Ye Lang . It was too embarrassing! He’d be looked down on, maybe even hated on!!

“You… You’re shameless!!”

No one had ever seen someone who’d do something like this just to face fewer opponents!

People in the mainland tend to be more transparent and fair while participating in competitions like this one . Everyone wanted to win fair and square .

Even the most selfish ones, the one who planned to cheat, would only play some tricks on the field . They’d never even think of doing some nonsense right at the registration point so the rest wouldn’t even be able to register .

“Shameless?! What’s there to be shameless about? This is the cleanest, most direct method! If you’d told me earlier, I can guarantee no one would be able to register, and you’ll be the only one!” said Ye Lang . He liked using the simplest method to solve a problem . He’d never consider meaningless factors like his reputation .

“…” Edward didn’t know what to say . He believed Ye Lang . And when that really happened, people would be cursing them .

However, if he were with Kesha, did it matter if they were cursing him?

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When he thought of this, Edward seemed to understand Ye Lang’s point of view, even agreeing with him . It didn’t bother him anymore, and they entered together . He didn’t want to stay here with Ye Lang any longer, people might realise they were here together . He’d probably be hated on too . Let Ye Lang deal with that alone!

Brother, thank you for the trouble!!

After this incident, Edward drew clear boundaries between them both, pretending to not know Ye Lang!

Ah… One would knife a brother for a woman…

Ye Lang only had this to comment . Although it was a little exaggerated, it was fitting!

He didn’t have time to think about Edward, he only wanted to deal with all the people who wanted to enter, so they’d leave earlier and wouldn’t have a chance to participate!!

With Ye Lang there to help Edward, everyone else was definitely going to fail anyway . Might as well let them leave earlier!

Of course, that was what Ye Lang thought!!

“Gentlemen, apologies, there was a small accident . Our event has been postponed, please come back tomorrow!”

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At this point, a teenage girl stepped forward to apologize to everyone . This girl was dressed very elegantly . She must be from an aristocratic family and was as pretty as Lady Kesha herself .

Could she be Lady Kesha’s friend? Mm, she must be!

And because of that, everyone started to leave . One, ten, a hundred people left…

As more and more people turned back, naturally no one would suspect . They all thought the matchmaking event was postponed, so the crowds dispersed and at the same time started to spread the news .

In a short time, the entire city knew of this . They knew an accident happened at Lady Kesha’s matchmaking event, so it would be postponed to the next day!

However, no one knew that within the duke’s compound, the matchmaking event was still going on . No one inside knew of the postponement announcement!


The reason was simple . The girl was Little Xin!

Since Little Xin made the announcement, that meant Ye Lang made the announcement . Ye Lang was spreading fake news himself . He wanted these people to go home, leaving behind only those who were already inside . This would save him a lot of trouble .

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“Hey, where’s everyone? What happened?” Someone came out from inside to see the crowded area suddenly become empty . There were only a few people collapsed on the floor (not sure if they were alive or dead), Little Xin and Ye Lang . Hence the person decided to ask Ye Lang .

“I don’t know, They said they’re not coming back today, they all went home . Probably because of the people on the floor,” said Ye Lang pointed at the unconscious people .

“Oh, whatever . The ones who should come are already here!” shrugged the guy . Although they said every citizen had a chance, they still had their ‘preferred candidates’ .

In reality, the ‘everyone-has-chance’ declaration was because of Lady Kesha . It wasn’t something the duke wanted, but he didn’t want to refuse his darling daughter hence he agreed to it .

At the same time, the duke also personally invited his chosen potential sons-in-law over, so these people obviously didn’t need to line up outside . They’d been inside since the beginning .

To be honest, to the duke and the rest of the people inside (including Ye Lang, Edward and Kesha herself), it didn’t matter if they entered or not . Kesha only wanted Edward to show up .

If Edward didn’t show, she’d find an excuse to say they weren’t suitable . Matchmaking didn’t mean she had to marry them immediately anyway!!

“Then why are you here, aren’t you coming in?” The person thought Ye Lang was a little strange . It wouldn’t be as strange if Ye Lang was just a curious passerby, but…

Ye Lang was holding a registration form, meaning he was a participant . Then why was he still outside, and why did he bring a girl with him?

“I’ll come in later . And it’s not my turn anyway . I think everyone’s very tired anyway, you don’t have to call me in!” waved Ye Lang .

He was here to stop other people from turning back . Of crouse, it was also because he wanted to avoid the queue inside . Let the people inside deal with everything first, then he’d enter .

In his words: he was the last one anyway, he could take his time!!

“It’s your turn soon, there aren’t many people left . I came because I noticed no one was coming in!” said the person, slightly cocking his eyebrow .

This gentleman was a little odd . He didn’t seem to be here for the Lady . Did he have other intentions?

‘Oh, then I’m coming in!” answered Ye Lang, walking slowly . His footsteps weren’t fast, but not slow either . They were very natural, a little too natural that you’d think he wasn’t nervous for this at all .

Of course, many people inside were very calm too . They were all aristocrats, and they were definitely not just ordinary rich people!

“Ye Lang, what are you doing outside? What took you so long?” Edward had already passed many tests by this time . When he finally had time, he noticed Ye Lang hadn’t appeared yet .

Sigh, the things we do for women…

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