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Chapter 243: 243

All Clear (1)

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“We want to register!”

Among the bustling crowds, Ye Lang and Edward finally arrived at the registration site for the matchmaking event!

Edward expected it to be a known event but not as crowded as this . It was a huge event, something like the talent competition before .

Then again, it was a powerful, influential and very pretty girl who was looking for a partner so having this turnout was normal . And this time, they said that no matter how a person looked or what family he was from, as long as he was talented, and had potential, he was qualified to enter .

Conditions like that obviously attracted a huge crowd of men- from ten-year-olds to sixty-year-olds!

The ten-year-olds wanted this older sister to be their wife, but of course had to wait five or six years when they’re a little older…

As for the sixty-year-olds… Let’s not comment about them!

When this happened, the Duke of Alexandria placed a condition to limit the number of participants: you have to be above eighteen and below forty!!

Fortunately, Ye Lang qualified…

How did Ye Lang and Edward pass through the crowds to the registration point? By shoving, of course!

Edward didn’t like it very much . He was still a person from the upper class of society, how could he push and shove with everyone else in the crowds? Ye Lang didn’t care . This was good, pushing and shoving will probably make you healthier!

However, when they couldn’t pass, Ye Lang would pull a few tricks, for example…

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“They’re spraying water!!”

“Fuck, these people aren’t afraid of water?!”

“Look, UFO!!”

“What’s a UFO?”

Alright, let me use my last resort…

“Everyone look, Lady Kesha is running naked!!”

This method was effective though . Most of the people went to look for the naked Lady Kesha . Of course, after a while, when they realised it was a joke they said…

“Of course I knew it was nonsense, why would my Lady Kesha do such a vulgar thing!”

“Yeah, and look at all these people looking around for her! They’re insulting my Kesha!”

It was as if other than Ye Lang, even Edward searched for a naked Kesha . Although they didn’t believe it, it was still very shocking .

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Ye Lang succssfully shoved some people aside to bring Edward to the registration point . He’d arrived at his destination, regardless of what people said about how shameless he was .

Of course the crowds were only scolding the guy who shouted, they didn’t know it was Ye Lang!

“Name, occupation, family background, strengths…” muttered the staff at the registration point, not even looking up .

“Me? I’m Ye Lang, I’m a prodigal son, my strength is squandering money, and my family background is very wealthy businessmen!” Ye Lang gave a very odd list of details . Would anyone say that?

Also, why did he say his family was ‘wealthy businessmen’, shouldn’t he say they were aristocrats?

Simple, the Ye family members were mainly traders so they only tell people they were businessmen . The Ye family didn’t care about anything else .

This helped them avoid many problems .

“Huh?!” The worker finally looked up, stared at Ye Lang, then looked down again .

Although Ye Lang’s self-introduction was a little weird, he’d met many weird people here . He was used to it by now . Then again, he still had to work . There were many people waiting!

Very soon, Ye Lang received a piece of paper and directed to an ‘examination hall’!

After registration, they had to immediately do a test which would eliminate a large portion of the people here…

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“Edward Jean, student, martial arts, family- aristocrats…” Edward also gave his name and a simple self-introduction .

Edward looked at Ye Lang, who was still standing at the side . He thought Ye Lang was waiting for him, so he called, “Alright, let’s enter!”

“You should enter first, I need to deal with this first!” said Ye Lang . He was waiting for Edward, that part was correct, but not to enter the hall, but…

“?? What are you doing??” Edward didn’t understand what Ye Lang was going to do .

“I’m obviously going to deal with the people behind us!!” grinned Ye Lang, wringing his hands . Edward thought this grin looked creepy . He felt like something was going to happen, something very scary!!”

Ye Lang took an object out . It was something many people wanted, something very powerful- an alchemy bazooka . He fired it at the registration point…

Fuck! You…

Edward wanted to stop Ye Lang but was too late . The bazooka glowed, then a ray of magical energy hit the registration point!


The magical energy caused an explosion, everything was blown apart . At the same time, everyone was stunned, unable to comprehend what just happened!

The workers and people at the front of the line were already collapsed on the ground, uncertain if they were dead or alive!

Soon, the crowds panicked and dispersed . It was very chaotic .

“You… How could you do that?” Edward’s jaw was on the floor . Although he knew Ye Lang was prone to take drastic measures, this was too much!

“What?” Ye Lang had kept the bazooka now . No one would know he was the one who caused the chaos .

Seeing Ye Lang so indifferent, as if nothing happened, Edward started to question him accusingly, “Why did you do that?”

“Simple . We’ll have a lot fewer opponents now, so we only need to deal with the people inside,” said Ye Lang happily .

“Even if you wanted to help me eliminate opponents, you don’t have to kill them!” Edward was very upset Ye Lang killed people, including the staff .

“Who killed who? They’re only unconscious, they won’t die!” said Ye Lang casually, “You should enter first . I need to finish this, cut these people off!”

Ye Lang wasn’t one of those cruel people who’d kill innocents just to eliminate opponents . Definitely not for a reason like this one!

He only used one of the attack techniques of his alchemy bazooka . It was a blow enough to knock people unconscious, but not hurt anyone . The crowd would only be temporarily unconscious .

Of course, there was a small chance of error in this attacking technique . Sometimes, it might hurt someone – but still not severe enough to kill them . At most, they’d feel dizzy and nauseous for a period of time . They’d recover afterwards .

How long after? In Ye Lang’s words: we don’t know . Perhaps one or two days, many half a month, but never more than a month!!

Although Ye Lang’s attack didn’t hurt anyone, his objective was still to eliminate opponents . He didn’t want these opponents to come back later . Only a person like Ye Lang would think of doing something like that .

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