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Chapter 24 – I lick (2) Translated by imakeussmile


“Then what do you want?” Ye Lan Yu asked somewhat unhappily. She felt that since her little brother had already apologized, the girl should accept the apology.

Ye Lan Yu’s attitude made the girl’s anger to raise upwards a bit again. The girl was originally already very angry, leaving aside the part where she was splashed with juice by the thirteenth prince, her dress’ underside was peeped by the thirteenth prince too, and what’s more, the thirteenth prince still said it out loud that he saw her panties.

All of this caused the girl’s anger to reach a new height, and right now, the anger was higher than it previously already was. Because of this, under this situation where her anger clouded her mind, she said a sentence which she would from henceforth, regret for a very long time.

“Humph! What do I want? I will let it pass if you lick all that up cleanly.”

“Do you have a deathwish? If you do, I will fulfil it! Little brother……” Ye Lan Yu said coldly. Similarly, Princess Qi and Tigress also felt indignant, as this sort of action was a kind of very thorough humiliation.

In fact, right after the girl spoke out what she had just said, she felt a bit regret about it, feeling that she should not have said it like this. Just that, during the time when she hadn’t had the time to properly finish thinking of what to do, something which she would have never have thought of happened.

“Ah!” The girl cried out in fear.

“Ah……” Everyone opened their mouth widely and looked at the scene blankly.

A small juvenile extending out his tongue to lick the delicate and pretty face of a girl. And right now, the face of the girl was displaying an astonished, sluggish expression.

To let others lick clean was indeed a very humiliating action, but if that person had really licked, what kind of situation would it then be? This kind of thing, I believe that many people would have never ever thought of at all. And even if they had thought of it, they would also not dare to go and do it too.

However, this Ye Family’s thirteenth prince in front of everyone, was a very special person. He had really licked, and furthermore, he was very concentrated when licking.

The girl felt her face become moist, felt the tickling feeling on her face, and all of those feelings transmitted to her heart, transmitted to her entire body……

“Ah!! You…… You……” As if waking up from a dream, the girl pushed away the thirteenth prince who was licking her face with concentration, and used one hand to cover her face which was licked while remaining speechless.

How should this situation even be expressed? You could say that the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince took liberty of a girl in public, but it seemed that it was also the girl’s request too.

At this time, Ye Family’s thirteenth prince still said a sentence which made the atmosphere of the entire scene become even more strange: “How do I lick you if you push me away, there is still a lot on your body.”

This sentence caused everyone to notice the juice stains on her clothes, especially those juice stains on her chest appeared to be especially clear right now.

“Ah, you are not allowed to lick!” Astonished, the girl immediately used both her hands to protect the front of her chest.

“……” Silence.

“Little brother, nice one, ha ha……” Ye Lan Yu laughed. Originally, she still wanted to give the girl a lesson, but right now, there wasn’t a need anymore because her little brother’s actions were better than any other kind of lessons.

“Pfff……” Tigress and Princess Qi were unable to bear it and let out a light laugh.

Right now, all those male students who were present at the scene, wished that they themselves were the ones who were in the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince’s position instead. At the same time, they also swore silently that, next time, if there was any girl who wanted them to lick, they would not have any hesitation at all.

However, all the girls who were present at the scene all came to an understanding at once that, next time, these kind of words may in no way be said in a moment of anger. If not, if they were to meet a person like this Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, they would not be able to punish the person, but still have to get taken advantage of by the person instead.

And this matter also created a phenomenon whereby, the males of Imperial Academy would intentionally or ‘unintentionally’ spill things like juice or wine on the girls, and thus the girls also practiced till they became very skillful in dodging.

“Humph!!” The girl stamped her feet ferociously, then brought along a rarely seen blushing face of hers, and ran away with her head lowered down.

“Don’t run away ah, there is still juice on your body. Actually, there is no need to lick, I can use transformation formation to clean it away.” Ye Family’s thirteenth prince shouted at the back, and the more he shouted, the faster the girl ran.

“It is really possible to clean it away with transformation formation ah… Tigress, she seems to not believe what I say.”


“Young master……”

“Ha ha……Alright, this matter will end here. Little brother, you are not allowed to be like this next time, just obediently doing whatever others tell you to do. Like this, it would not be good if you met one of those bad people.” Ye Lan Yu scolded while smiling, at the same time reminding this little brother.

“That’s right, you are my fiancée. How can you go and lick other girls.” Princess Qi also followed after and spoke, furthermore adding a small joke.

“Then, I will only lick you next time.” Ye Family’s thirteenth prince very seriously nodded his head and said.

“Eh……” Princess Qi stopped talking.

“Oh, that’s right, who was that girl just now, why have I never seen her before, I’ve also never heard of this person before.” Ye Lan Yu asked while feeling somewhat puzzled.

A person like the girl just now, with her looks and temperament, she should be a well-known person in the entire academy, how come no one has ever heard of her before.

“Don’t know, I have also never heard of her before. Oh, that’s right, I just remembered, right now, we are currently undergoing an inter-academic exchange with Ai La Empire’s Violet Academy, and a part of their students seems to have come to our academy. That girl could have been from their side.” Princess Qi guessed.

“That’s right, she is a student who belonged to violet academy, her identity is a huge deal, and she is exactly……” A well-informed person said. Just that, he hadn’t finished saying out the other person’s identity and the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince had already ran away, thus not knowing who that girl, who was just like snow, was.

Actually, even if he had heard, he may not even be able to remember it at all, or perhaps, it should be said that he wouldn’t take it to heart, believing that there would also not be a chance that he would meet the girl anymore in the future.

As a matter of fact, it was also true. After this inter-academic exchange, that girl went back to Violet Academy, and furthermore swore that, in her whole life, she would not come back to Soaring Sky Empire ever again. Especially this empire’s this Imperial Academy, and even more, she did not want to see a certain person!

She wanted to forget about this matter, and even more wanted to forget about a certain someone!

Throughout a person’s life, there would always be things that a person would want to forget about. But how many people would be able to truly forget about what they want to forget?

Few days later, Imperial Academy held a series of interesting activities. This was held for the sake of Violet Academy’s exchange students, to at the same time treat it as welcoming them and also as seeing them off, because they would be leaving after a few days.

The Ye Family’s thirteenth prince did not participate in the activity. It was not that he had no qualifications to participate, as at the previous pre-selection activity, he had furthermore won with a result which made everyone feel that it was a little unexpected but also at the same time excepted.

However, considering his instability, the academy decided that they should still give him a few days off for the time being, let him go and harm other people instead.

Although it was like this, the pre-selection activity also left behind a rather not small conversation topic. Within a very long period of time, those people who were having a ‘showdown’ with the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, in the above-mentioned matter, gave everyone a matter to ridicule which spread for a very long time.

And this was something which those people regretted, as it was them who thought to the greatest extent for a method to make the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince participate in the activity. With the thirteenth prince’s personality, why would he even go and participate in those kinds of activities? If it was a sales exhibition, he would certainly go, but this was only a talent performance, knowledge questions and answers type of things.

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