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Chapter 230: 230
Little Xin (2)

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The robbers secretly pitied the guy . He was having such an unlucky day . To meet such a weird rich person, then trusted him enough to eat the medicine he provided .

Not only did the pill not treat his wounds, but it also poisoned him . Now he had to detox- but the process might weaken him greatly . He might even die from it .

That would be very funny . This story would be a legend in years to come!

They’d also realised that this person dying in the rich master’s hands was the same person they’d been trying to kill .

So many men were sacrificed but they couldn’t kill him and yet this young master finished the job so easily . Why?!!

It didn’t matter . The robbers were incredibly satisfied with their money!

Cough . Cough . “Hi, young sir, the hundred thousand gold coins you mentioned, is the deal still on?” The martial artist was half-dead from Ye Lang’s antics, looking like he was about to die any time now . Everyone was a little nervous about the deal .

“Yes . As long as you let him go, the gold coins will be yours . It doesn’t matter if he lives or dies afterwards!” When he finished, Ye Lang poured a hundred thousand gold coins out of his ring .

It was so satisfying paying in gold coins, look at their faces! He definitely wouldn’t have been able to achieve this effect by writing a cheque!

From today onwards, I’ll always bring gold coins around- shiny gold coins!

As they stared at the heaps of gold coins, the crowd started to have other ideas . Did this person have more gold coins on him? A lot more?

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The robbers started to discuss among themselves .

“What should we do, boss? This brat looks like he’s very rich . Should we tie him up? It doesn’t matter if he has more on him . His family will give us even more money to pay for his ransom!!”

“This brat must be a gold mine . His family must be filthy rich!”

“Right! Tie him up, and that little miss…”

“She’s so pretty . I haven’t seen such a pretty girl in my life…”

“Hear, hear…”

They turned their attention to Ye Lang . Their filthy minds wanted Little Xin .

Everyone seemed to be in a struggle with themselves . To kidnap Ye Lang or not, no decision could be made…

It was an unspoken code among even thieves and robbers . After getting their share of profits, they had to let the person go, not squeeze the victim dry . Such a despicable act would only be looked down upon in the underworld .

Ye Lang’s hundred thousand gold coins were enough for any team of robbers to retire rich . At least they didn’t have to rob anyone again .

. . . Unless they were greedy, unethical criminals! The worst of the worst!

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The scale slowly tipped towards the kinder side . Perhaps they should stick to their code and morals .

“Boss, take the brat and the bitch back to the mountains . Stab the other one to end him and no one will know of this! We’ll kill the brat after we get the ransom, and for the little miss… Hehe…” said a stout member quietly, but he let out a chilling sneer at the end of his sentence .

The scales tipped slowly towards the other side, and it was getting heavier and heavier…

When they turned to look at Little Xin, wicked thoughts grew exponentially . Kindness, codes, morals were all thrown out of the window .

“Surround them!” roared the boss, his eyes never left Little Xin .

“We’re finished!”

That wasn’t Ye Lang, but the martial artist, who was still ‘excreting’ toxins . He had been observing the situation .

This young master must not understand that money is the root of all evil! The shock of a hundred thousand gold coins would make anyone go mad!!

However, it was still impressive . He didn’t know me, yet he was willing to spend a hundred thousand gold coins in exchange for my life . I like him, he’s worth meeting!

The martial artist thought Ye Lang spent so much money to save him because he saw the true value in him!

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He would never have thought that Ye Lang didn’t need a reason to spend money, he was just acting on a whim . A hundred thousand wasn’t that much to Ye Lang- he’d bought necklaces worth more .

Oh, how his face would look like if he’d heard this!!

At this point, Ye Lang didn’t notice anything . He smiled, “Do you want more? It’s fine . Talk to me if it’s not enough . If I gave you a little too much, the extra is yours!”

“ . . . ”

This rich person was being very generous . Money must not mean much to him . He must indeed be extremely rich!!

Everyone started to approach Ye Lang, surrounding him tightly!

“??” Ye Lang stared curiously at them, wondering why they didn’t take the coins but started to look at him instead .

Someone shouted, “Take the both of them, don’t hurt the girl,” and everyone pounced on Ye Lang and Little Xin .

“ . . . ”

The martial artist wanted to save him but he could barely save himself . He was dehydrated and weakened from the detoxification . Even if he weren’t weakened, he was a little too far to save Ye Lang in time .

Did Ye Lang even need saving though?

It was difficult to answer this question for no one really knows his true capabilities . We are only very certain that capturing Ye Lang would be close to impossible .

Thud… Thud…

Ahhhhhh… . Ah… . .

At the very moment they pounced on Ye Lang, a few people flew out of the circle while the ones near him retreated quickly .

Ye Lang appeared among the crowd as if he’d never moved at all . Little Xin, too, was standing in the exact same position .

“?!” Everyone in the outer parts of the circle blocked by the ones inside so they didn’t see what happened .

No one knew exactly what happened!

However, they were very sure that one of the two was someone who’d trained in the martial arts!

Hence, they started to surround both of them again without attacking . The next step--- finding their weaknesses!

“You wanna catch me?” asked Ye Lang . He wasn’t sure what was happening either, though it looked like they were indeed trying to capture him .

Of course they were! The martial artist cursed from afar . Ye Lang looked a little too calm . . . Also, who made the men fly?

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