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Chapter 23 – I lick (1) Translated by imakeussmile


“Lady Lan Yu, you guys look after the young master, I will go and get food first. Just now I had made him wait for a while, he’s quite hungry already.” Tigress exhorted and then went to get food.

This was a self-service type of dining hall where all the food and beverages were provided for free, and you could take as much as you possibly want. The condition is that you must be able to finish what you take, and there must not be even a tiny bit of waste.

“I really don’t understand you, not going to Zhu Xing Academy and instead insisting on staying here. That is the number 1 academy in the entire world, others want to go but don’t have the qualifications to be able to go.” After Tigress left, Ye Lan Yu said very unhappily to Princess Qi, and she seemed to have forgotten that she herself had also not gone to Zhu Xing Academy either and came to Imperial Academy instead.

“Aren’t you the same, what right do you have to say that to me.” Princess Qi said straightforwardly.

“I’m different, I have to look after my little brother. What’s more, I feel that there is no difference between here and there, either place, I would still be able to become the most talented magician.”

“I’m also the same, I have to look after my fiancé. I also feel that there is no difference, I could also become the most talented magician anywhere.”


“What are you two quarreling about, aren’t everyone’s opinion the same, why do you two have to fight every time?” The thirteenth prince interrupted the quarreling of the two girls. About this, he was somewhat not able to understand at all. Between these two girls, there was basically no reason for conflict that could be said, and moreover, both of their purposes were very similar too. [It’s you, you idiot!]

About this, don’t say that the thirteenth prince was not able to make sense of it, even the members of Ye Family and Imperial Household were not able to make sense of it either. They did not understand why the two girls would quarrel, or could it possibly be because of that one time when the two of them compared each other’s figure? That can’t possibly have caused them to quarrel like this though.

Perhaps, it was because both their innate skill attributes. Princess Qi’s innate skill attribute was fire and Ye Lan Yu’s innate skill attribute was an uncommon water variation attribute, ice attribute. This was inherited from Long An Qi’s attribute, within the four siblings, only Ye Lan Yu herself had inherited this uncommon attribute.

Fate let these two become fire and ice, being incompatible with one another.

“Whose opinion is the same as her?” The two girls spoke at the same time.

“Oh, let’s first eat lunch already.” The thirteenth prince only said ‘oh’ and then picked up the food which Tigress had just brought over, and started eating with big mouthfuls.

“Humph……” The two girls look at each other with a glance and then started to begin eating.

Tigress shook her head somewhat helplessly, somewhat sighing about why odd people would often appear at her own young master’s side. Lady Lan Yu’s temper was already odd enough, and right now there was Princess Qi, who was even odder.

Also, don’t know which point this Princess Qi even likes about her young master. Although it was not that kind of ‘like’, but she would always want to be together with this silly young master of hers.

“I’m full, time to go out and play!” The thirteenth prince patted his stomach and wiped his mouth, then immediately stood up and left, not even waiting for the girls who were still slowly eating. Of course, this did not include Tigress, as Tigress’s appetite was big, thus her eating speed would not be much slower either.

“Young master!” Tigress immediately wiped her mouth and stood up to follow after her young master. To be able to eat till she was 80% full was already good enough.

80% full?! As expected of the tiger race, this portion size was already enough for the average person to eat a few meals.

“Little scoundrel, get over here, wait for me……” Ye Lan Yu shouted very unhappily. With regards to the thirteenth prince’s action of not waiting for her and leaving, she was very unhappy about it.

Although she also knew that her little brother had always been like this, but she was still very unhappy about it.

However, she had not even finished saying out what she wanted to say, and an unexpected accident happened. This caused two people who should not have ever crossed each others path to have a chance encounter, which made others feel very speechless.

At that time, Ye Family’s thirteenth prince was holding a bottle of fruit juice in his hand. He was fond of taking it and drinking like this, and this was something which he had often done. Just that today because of this, a scenario which made others feel very speechless appeared.

When someone saw that Ye Family’s thirteenth prince was ‘left alone’, upon seeing there was a chance, the person used a very often seen method to attack the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince. This method was extending out his leg to trip the thirteenth prince.

In the end, the clumsy Ye Family’s thirteenth prince very easily fell into the person’s attack, and got tripped onto the floor, making a very intimate contact with the floor, and the juice in his hand also sprayed forward conveniently.



“Ouch, very ouch……”

“Young master!”

“Little brother!”

“Ye Lang!”

A sweet sounding frightened scream, along with the thirteenth prince’s shouting for pain; and Tigress, Princess Qi and Ye Lan Yu’s concerned shouting resonated practically at the same time in the entire dining hall.

The few voices which were heard, were very normal, except for that sweet sounding frightened scream, which made others felt a bit puzzled as to who it was that let it out.

It was a 15, 16 year old white clothed girl who had a delicate, pretty and outstanding small face, silver-white colored long hair, skin which was as fair as snow, letting the eyes of others have a feeling of eating ice cream.

The girl stood in the front of Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, her frightened scream was not because the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince suddenly fell down in front of her, but was because of the juice on her face and chest. That’s right, those juice belonged to the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince.

The delicate and pretty girl who was originally like snow, had right now been stained by another color, the color of the juice. This destroyed the whole feeling she gave off to others, and at the same time seriously damaged her white colored dress too.

“……” The girl’s brows were locked up tightly, her face already showing the sign that she was angry. But continuing on, she would become much angrier, it could simply be said that she was bursting with rage already at that time.

“Young master, are you alright.” Tigress helped the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince to stand up.

“My nose is very ouch…… white color panties, Tigress, her entire body is body, very nice to look at.” Ye Family’s thirteenth prince covered his nose and said, his tone sounding very ordinary, as if he was saying a matter which could be not be any more ordinary.

“……” Everyone who was present was completely silent.

At this time, the person who tripped the thirteenth prince was beginning to regret, regret for why he had let this little idiot be able to get such an advantage, he was wishing that the one who had been tripped was himself. And this thinking, I reckon that all the male students who were present here, all had this same thought too.

Geez, this silly little brother, just saying out anything he wants, looking at other people’s panties and still saying it out straightforwardly like this.

At this time, Ye Lan Yu took back the magic she was originally preparing to release out. If not for this matter, I believe that the person who had tripped the thirteenth prince would have been frozen for a while.

“He, he, this beautiful young lady, I’m sorry, this little brother of mine is a stupid fellow, he did not peep at your panties intentionally, he was only tripped by others.” Ye Lan Yu was preparing to smooth down the anger of the girl before she got angry. Just that, what she said also had a very big problem, she had actually reminded the girl about the matter that her panties were seen once again.

“Really don’t know how to talk at all!” Princess Qi secretly said a sentence about Ye Lan Yu, and then went forward to converse with the girl: “I’m sorry, these two sister and brother don’t know how to talk at all. This happened because Ye Lang was tripped by others. If you feel offended, please don’t be angry. Ye Lang, quickly say sorry to her.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Ye Family’s thirteenth prince was still very honest, although he was tripped by others, he still felt that, it was wrong of him for spilling juice onto the girl, at the least, an apology was still needed.

“Just saying that he was tripped. Just saying sorry, would it erase all the things that have happened?” The girl said coldly, stating clearly that she was not accepting the apology.

[Oh, she sounds like one of those thugs you see in manga that extort people for "dirtying” their clothes, and demanding cleaning compensation.]

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