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Chapter 219: 219
The Cousin and The Grandmother (3)

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“Yeah, let’s go!” smiled Princess Longji as she grabbed Ye Lang . She would never let Ye Lang leave her side, and she didn’t want to stay either .

In the past, if something like this had happened, perhaps she would’ve stayed to investigate . However, since Ye Lang was here, she didn’t care about anything else . She’d been ignoring Prince Longguang since the beginning .

“Longji, stay! We may be done with this case, but we still have matters to discuss . Guards, take Prince Longguang away . Coldblood Group members, return to your original positions, and everyone else may excuse themselves!” the emperor gave out many commands at once . After dealing with this, there were other matters to discuss and some matters were not suitable to be discussed here .

“Bye-bye…” shouted Ye Lang happily when he saw them stop Princess Longji . He prepared to leave with the rest of the people .

“You stay too!!” How could she let Ye Lang leave?

“Your dad’s calling you, not me . You both should talk more, and remember to eat the medicine!” Ye Lang slipped out . Princess Longji thought it was weird how he slipped out .

“You stay!” At this point, the empress dowager suddenly grabbed Ye Lang, then put him onto her palm . She peered closely at him .

“Granny, let me go!”

“Granny?” Princess Longji was puzzled but soon understood . Ye Lang had always been clueless, perhaps he didn’t know who the empress dowager was, so he called her granny .

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She was Princess Longji after all, her guesses were very close to the truth .

“What? Just call me Grandma!!” said the empress dowager seriously, but with a hint of laughter .

“Grandmother?!” Ye Lang stared at her, then said something shocking, “Hey, are you taking advantage of me? It won’t work!!”

She’s the empress dowager of the Vermilion Bird Empire, would she do something like this?

However, to talk about being his grandmother was definitely a little sudden!

“You troublemaker, would your grandma take advantage of you?” said the empress dowager .

“I don’t have a grandmother, my mom never told me about it!” Ye Lang shook his head .

“ . . . ” The empress dowager stopped for a moment upon hearing this . There seemed to be a long story to explain this .

“Your name must be Ye Lang . We know there was a prodigal son, the thirteenth son of the Ye family . We haven’t met, but we have always paid close attention to you all!” said the emperor emotionally, looking at Ye Lang .

“I know you all have escaped the Soaring Sky Empire, and apparently you won a kingdom…” the emperor’s expression was odd when he said this .

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News of Ye Lang winning a small kingdom had spread across the mainland, but at the same time, everyone also knew that Ye Lang’s kingdom was also called the Ye City . It was the Ye Family’s Ye Chengtian’s new territory .

Then, everyone seemed to have forgotten about Ye Lang . Everyone was so focused on the Ye family’s plans!

Their family’s directions could switch due to the changes in the political scene in the mainland!

However, no one would’ve imagined that the Ye family would dabble in business themselves, to run a trading city…

“Oh by the way, what happened to you guys? Why did Xiao Yarou change her mind? Why did your Ye Family separate? And how did you all escape? How did you win a country?” Princess Longji asked many questions because these were matters she’d been pondering upon but never got the answers to .

Although everyone knew what had happened to the Soaring Sky Empire, no one knew of the details of the incidents in between . This information was sealed within the empire, no one knew .

If someone knew about the information seal, then Ye Lang would become the focal point of attention, and Princess Longji’s questions would only increase!

“I’ve always known that this Xiao Yarou woman had always been mad . Her changing her plans was very normal . As for the separation of the Ye family, you should ask my dad, I don’t know anything! As for escaping, that was easy . We escaped like this…”

Ye Lang answered every question, but it was short and simple . Regular people might have at least arranged their answers but Ye Lang answered like he was doing a paper .

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At this point, Coldblood Five realised that Ye Lang directly calling Xiao Yarou’s name was very normal . He knew her, and they’d fought each other too .

At the same time, she finally knew Ye Lang’s identity . Coldblood Five and Seven were very surprised that he was the Ye Family’s thirteenth son . They couldn’t imagine that this little idiot had such a family background!

“As for me winning the kingdom, I don’t know about that . The king HAD to make a bet against me, and his luck was awful . He lost every bet and I won everything . He couldn’t take it, so he killed himself!”

“His luck wasn’t bad, it’s your luck that’s good . You’d win every bet! That king was asking for trouble! I can’t believe he would bet against you…” said Princess Longji, exasperated .

“ . . . ”

“Is that so?” asked Ye Lang, in shock .

“Yep! No one is luckier than you little dumbo . The clueless have clueless luck!!” she laughed .

“Alright, I know both of you are friendly, but I also need to get to know my little grandson!” said the empress dowager, “Right, my grandson?”

“I’m not your grandson, don’t randomly assign family ties!” Ye Lang rejected her greetings .

“ . . . Since you say Longji is your cousin, then wouldn’t I be your grandmother?”

“She’s her, you’re you . What has that got to do with anything?”

What did he mean? His cousin’s grandmother was very, very likely to be his own grandmother too…

“ . . . Longji, talk to him . How is he that stupid? He just doesn’t understand,” the empress dowager was speechless .

“I knew it!” Princess Longji shook her head, “Brother, my grandmother is your grandmother . She’s Aunt Anqi’s mother, this is true . ”

Long Anqi’s identity was not simple after all . She was the Vermilion Bird Empire’s princess, and not many people knew about it . Not just the Ye family, even the Vermilion Bird Empire’s people didn’t .

That was because Long Anqi was a very special princess, and there were too many stories . Ye Lang had never known that he had such a high position in this Vermilion Bird Empire .

These stories also caused some distance between Long Anqi and the empress dowager, this was something Princess Longji could sense- even Ye Lang noticed .

“I don’t care what you say! If my mom didn’t mention, that means it doesn’t exist! I’ll wait for my mother to tell me, then you’ll be!” said Ye Lang very directly . He didn’t accept her explanation .

You little idiot, why can’t you be a little more flexible? Everyone else was exasperated .

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