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Chapter 218: 218
The Cousin and The Grandmother (2)

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It was rare to have a prince be Coldblood One . Usually, it would be the current emperor . However, even princes had to step down from this position if there was a new emperor, handing over the organisation to the new ruler!

However, usually, when princes enter the Coldblood Group, it meant that he had lost the right to the throne . That was why very few princes were willing to take on the position .

That was also why princes who become Coldblood One would be someone who didn’t like conflicts and too much power .

This was something everyone thought was impossible!

However, a prince would still be a prince . Perhaps he’d been affected by the powers he or his brothers had, so he abused the group’s powers to deal with some matters .

That was still possible!

“I don’t have proof!” said Prince Longguang, looking at Princess Longji .

Initially, if they’d killed Princess Longji, this whole situation wouldn’t require evidence because no one knew what Princess Longji was doing at the Soaring Sky Empire, and no one would object to his explanations .

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However, she was still alive and had such a good explanation, an explanation that didn’t provoke any suspicions!

He had, in fact, consider that if Princess Longji didn’t die, and they found out it was the Coldblood Group’s doing, he would be able to interrogate her too . He felt like there must be something sketchy about her but he’d never guess it was to visit Ye Lang’s family .

This was something no one could imagine . Her identity was a sensitive matter, and she risked danger to sneak into the Soaring Sky Empire to visit a few people- it was ridiculous!

In reality, she wouldn’t visit just for Long Anqi . However, because of Ye Lang, she couldn’t help but visit more, even while risking her life!

Without Ye Lang, if she were to risk her life like this, it would be for something more malicious!

This was why Prince Longguang felt like he could be very certain she was up to something bad even without any proof . Then again, he wanted to kill her earlier, so he was getting impatient and didn’t consider all angles!

It was only this one angle . If it weren’t for Ye Lang, it wouldn’t have failed!

And if it weren’t for Ye Lang, the spirit would’ve belonged to the Coldblood Group . Although Coldblood Thirteen was dead, he’d already completed most of it . As long as another person continued his work, it would have been done anyway!

However, it wouldn’t have been this perfect, but enough to kill the princess . Then this matter wouldn’t drag the Coldblood Group along with it!

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In fact, without the spirit, the Coldblood Group would still be able to kill her- but the cost was high and could fail at any moment .

The incident proved that this probability was very high . If Ye Lang hadn’t shown up, she would’ve been dead by now!!

“Why do you want to kill Longji? For whom?” frowned the emperor . This wasn’t something he wanted to hear, although he didn’t want to hear that the princess was problematic either .

It was a very conflicting feeling . Everyone wished that there would be a perfect explanation to all of this but the reality was very cruel indeed!

“I wanted to take your place . Once Longji dies, then my siblings would start to fight and I would have my opportunities to remove them slowly!” he said calmly as if it really was not for anyone else, just him alone .

“ . . . Did you really think so? Then why did you accept this position? You know that you taking this position would mean leaving the fight for the throne!” said the emperor . He was looking for microexpressions on the prince’s face, trying to get any information from it .

“I accepted it to get some points for myself . Anyone knows how powerful the Coldblood Group is!” said Prince Longguang, “Coldblood Group has always had a problem . They had to obey every order of Coldblood One yet never meet this person . However, if I, Coldblood One, were a problematic person, then what would happen to this organisation?”

“ . . .

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The emperor fell silent . He’d consider this problem, but he didn’t imagine it would happen to the person he chose .

Every emperor of the kingdom had considered this but they’d never imagine it would happen during their reign . This was a normal perception, for no one would think a problem would happen to them!!

“A group like Coldblood Group would only become Coldblood One’s tool on his belt, it would be fully controlled by him!!” interrupted Ye Lang suddenly .

Princess Longji was surprised Ye Lang did so . She knew that he would never intervene in things not relevant to himself . Also, with his cluelessness, he wouldn’t have such a sharp and clear thought .

“That’s true, but we will always need a person to lead the Coldblood Group, this can’t be avoided!” frowned the emperor .

It was true the group needed a Coldblood One, but it cannot be ruled by one person like in the past, without supervision .

“This is your business . I only want to say that the person who wanted to kill my cousin was Coldblood One, and this isn’t related to Little Five and Coldblood Seven!” said Ye Lang directly . He didn’t care about anything else, he only wanted to state that Coldblood Five and Seven were innocent .

It was true . The problem with this mission was with Coldblood One and the structure of this organisation . The rest of the members did nothing wrong .

“Brother, so you’ve been here all along . Looks like the relationship between you and this girl isn’t normal either,” smiled Princess Longji . She looked at Coldblood Five and Ye Lang standing together with an odd expression .

“Of course it’s not normal . She’s now the only person who is like me, I need to care for her!!” nodded Ye Lang .

“ . . . ”

Who’s caring for who now? It’s Coldblood Five who’ve been taking care of you!

“You know how to care for another person?” Before Coldblood Five could object, Princess Longji had already asked the question . It was impossible for Ye Lang to care for another person, it was impossible . At least to everyone else .

“Of course!” said Ye Lang, patting his chest .

“Nonsense!” Princess Longji flicked at Ye Lang .

“Hmmph, Little Five, let’s go!” he pulled Coldblood Five away, getting ready to leave . He didn’t want to stay . Even if Princess Longji was here, he still didn’t like being there .

To be honest, Princess Longji herself was also why he wanted to leave . Let’s not forget that he never liked being with her anyway because she liked to bully him .

Caring for each other is different from spending time with each other!

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