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Chapter 207: 207
The Forgotten One (2)

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“Yeah, you little brat! You’re likeable sometimes but other times you can be very annoying!!” said Coldblood Seven, provoking him a little more . As she watched Ye Lang roll across the table, her mood seemed to be have improved a lot .

“Yeah, many people hate me . Some of them want me dead! Also, I’m warning you! Don’t bully me or you’ll be sorry!” shouted Ye Lang at Coldblood Seven .

“So what if I bully you? As if I TERRIFIED of you biting me . . . Ah, you brat, you actually bit me!” Ye Lang had already bitten into her finger before Coldblood Seven could finish .

“You said you were afraid, so I’ll bite harder!” when he finished, he bit down again .

“Ahh . . ” shrieked Coldblood Seven in pain . The index finger was connected to the heart . Ye Lang was tiny, but the bite still hurt .

“I will pinch you to death…”

“Woooo (try me!) . . . ”

“ . . . ”

“Stop fighting!!” said Coldblood Five coldly, then dragging Ye Lang away to sit aside .

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“Coldblood Seven, the little idiot and the emperor had already negotiated their terms . On the day after tomorrow, you and the spirit girl will be allowed to enter the royal ceremony, so you’ll be able to get nearer to Princess Longji! However, it will be a little troublesome because you’ll be guarded . It will be a little more difficult to look for opportunities to act!” said Coldblood Five .

“?? What happened? I can go too?” Coldblood Seven couldn’t digest the information dumped on her . She didn’t know Ye Lang had already negotiated terms, nor did she know she’d be able to enter .

At the same time, she was puzzled . Why would she be guarded?

“Hmm, you can go too but because this little idiot said some dumb things and offended the emperor, you both will be heavily watched and guarded . Any movements will definitely be picked up!” explained Coldblood Five .

“ . . . Then what’s the use? You little brat! Why do you always do this!!” Coldblood Seven was coming at Ye Lang again . Ye Lang was angry enough to pull his needle out in preparation to prick her .

“Uhh, alright I’m wrong . Be a good boy, not the needle again…” Coldblood Seven immediately begged for mercy . She was a little afraid of his needle- she’d had a traumatic experience with it .

She didn’t dare underestimate this tiny Ye Lang . He was tiny but powerful, perhaps enough to kill someone… Wait…

“Little brat, we’ll be watched but you both still can move . You’re so small no one would notice . Killing Princess Longji would be a piece of cake!” Coldblood Seven just realised they wouldn’t be easily noticed . With a few tricks up their sleeves, they’d be able to kill her without leaving a trace .

“This I know, I’ll do it!” Coldblood Five continued, “Little idiot, you just focus on attracting attention, I’ll kill Princess Longji!”

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This was her forte . Her tiny stature would allow her to use her assassination skills even more flawlessly . Even if Princess Longji were surrounded by many masters, they would never know .

Coldblood Five was initially the last resort, the ultimate card . She was the last layer of insurance arranged by Coldblood Two . Obviously, Coldblood Two didn’t trust Ye Lang to operate alone, and she didn’t feel like this mission only needed one plan .

In reality, Coldblood Two was puzzled as to why they had to involve the spirit . This wasn’t her decision . She didn’t feel like the spirit girl would help, but they were Coldblood One’s orders so she had to follow them .

If only the spirit could successfully survive the mission, then they wouldn’t have to sacrifice it!

Theoretically, no matter who was assigned, after the assassination, they’d be dead . It was certain .

Assassinating Princess Longji itself was a very difficult task . Retreating with your body intact would be close to impossible!

Other than making arrangments with this trio, Coldblood Two had also prepared many other routes to ensure the success of this mission . The possible sacrifice of these people was something she’d considered since the beginning .

This mission was a tough one, it had a huge price to pay!

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“Then we should enjoy tomorrow thoroughly! The success of our mission would be up to the heavens now!!” smiled Coldblood Seven . She realised she might be sacrificed in this mission too . This was something everyone in this mission understood .

“Yes! Yes…” Ye Lang shot up and down, very excited .

“ . . . ” Coldblood Five stared at Ye Lang . Alright, it was time for some fun!

The next day, the trio toured and had fun around Dragon City, as if they’d forgotten about this assignment . They ate and played all they wanted, for everything was paid by Ye Lang . A lot of gold coins were spent!

Nothing significant happened on this day, as if the heavens had agreed to let them have a day of fun .

On this day, Coldblood Seven finally understood why Coldblood Five would have such a change, and why Coldblood Five said this was the happiest time of her life .

She felt the same too . The feeling of letting go of everything, letting go of the Coldblood Group to enjoy the day…

On the third day, the three of them prepared early in the morning . Ye Lang was called a little pervert again when he helped the spirit girl put on a white gown for the ceremony .

As they stepped outside, the three of them saw the bustling streets filled with people . Even the streets were full of decorations .

Celebration oozed out of every corner, spreading joy to every person on the streets .

It was the empress dowager’s birthday . Everyone in the kingdom liked and respected her, and seemed to celebrate her birthday as if she were family .

However, amidst this happy day was a murderous intention . Would it disrupt the celebration? Would it upset the birthday star?

Princess Longji was one of her favourite granddaughters too, That was why she always wanted Princess Longji to be there every year . Even if she was busy in another country, she must return for the celebration .

There were still many unknown variables, for nothing has happened yet!!

Coldlood Seven had previously arranged for a carriage, but they realised it wasn’t necessary at all . The palace had sent a carriage for them .

This wasn’t a privilege enjoyed by every guest . She was summoned to the palace yesterday, but that didn’t mean she would need a special carriage to get her . Many people were puzzled at this special treatment .

The true reason, which not many people knew, nor would’ve guessed, was that the emperor sent people for Lady Marge to prevent anything suspicious from happening .

If Ye Lang had known this, would he feel guilty?

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