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Chapter Thirty Two Frightening Encounter

Holding the bundle gifted to her, he faced the shopkeeper and bowed. After expressing his thanks, he departed. Inside the bundle there was some old, but clean, clothes, as well as some copper coins. He didn't blame the shopkeeper, on the contrary, he was grateful toward him. If it weren't for the shopkeeper, then he would've starved to death a long time ago. This stingy shopkeeper was considered to have treated him extremely well. Welcoming Customer experienced an accident, so he had to accept responsibility for all the losses. But, like before, he still gifted him clothes and money. This Iron shopkeeper was actually an adorable, but awkward, old man.

He walked up to the shore side and peered into the crystal clear water, in front of him, appeared his face. Half of his face was covered by the red spot, but even inverted, it wasn't ugly, it was merely a piece of skin that was colorless. However, he was afraid that he would have to resume his original form tonight. Fishing out the bottle from his bosom, he saw that "Cloaking Appearance" was nearly completely used up. This was because he needed to frequently use it in order to work and inquire about information. However, "Vanish" hadn't been used.

The day she initially ran away from the second courtyard, she was very excited, at first. But, she accidentally discovered someone had been following her, planting a seed of doubt in her mind. Then when she thought about it some more, she came to the conclusion that she couldn't have escaped so easily. So, at first, there had been someone that followed her. This way, no matter where she ran to, she would be wasting her strength. In order to lose the fellow behind her, she randomly selected a place that was extremely dirty and regularly had poor people milling around. Then, she hastily changed her clothes and used both, "Vanish" and "Cloaking Appearance" on herself in order to completely change her appearance. As expected, the person lost their trail. But when her stomach began to grumble, she realized that, in her haste to escape her shadow, she threw her jewelry away. This time, her own situation carried one word, tragic. After going hungry for the entire day, she had been tricked by a peddler selling steamed buns, for their amusement. Without another choice, she crouched down in the corner and became a beggar. And although everyone rolled their eyes and scorned her, she didn't have even an iota of grievance in her heart. She was Gu Weiyi, and only Gu Weiyi. She wasn't noble, nor was she lowly. She would do whatever was required in whatever circumstances she found herself in. The most tragic thing about humans, ah, was that they either thought too highly of themselves or too lowly, they didn't see reality for what it was. The best way to survive was to go with the flow, if it was supposed to be like something, then have it be like that. But she couldn't erase her feelings. Apart from longing for gege, she cherished their memories together, more and more, as the days went by, causing her heart to throb with pain.

In reality, she could go to one of the branches (of store) that belonged to Wan Li Mountain. As long as she arrived there, the shopkeeper would be able to notify gege and they would be able to come face to face again. But there was one glaring problem. The only time she had ever left the villa was to go into the capital city, and that was during her fifteenth birthday. Let alone to say that she was captured and brought to Yan Zhou city. Here, she couldn't make sense of any directions and she didn't have any tokens on her. With her current appearance as a beggar, who was supposed to believe that she was that Eldest Young Miss? And adding onto that, outsiders of Xiu Luo villa didn't even know of Xue Wushuang's existence, if she were to go first, she would just be treated as a swindler. And the cherry on top was that Lan Sheng Ling would never allow her to meet gege so easily. On this road, there would certainly be people that would block her. How could she take the risk of letting Lan Sheng Ling find her first, before gege did?

She regretted her own rashness and the use of poison X, but she wasn't worried or concerned. When she originally chose this teahouse, she did it with the intent to ask around for information. Who would've known, over these few days, that she came up empty handed. The only piece of information she got was related to the Ghost Valley's Poison Lord, but the current master of Ghost Valley was her two gege. That was twenty years ago, the former Valley Master would only be about forty years old now, this would be the prime of their life, ah. Why would he wish to hand his position over to gege? She puzzled over this thought, her mind was all jumbled together at the moment. But, now wasn't the proper time to mull over this matter. Right now, she needed to focus on returning back to Xiu Luo villa… No, wrong. She recalled that Lan Sheng Ling had said that gege had already set out. If she went back now, she would be missing them. But second courtyard was full of dragons and tigers, so that wasn't a possibility either. Could it be that she was destined to be a beggar and aimlessly search around? Oh god, this was the first time that Gu Weiyi felt so powerless.

Now, it should just stay how it was currently. She took "Vanish" out and poured a drop on her hand. After she smeared it over her body, her body distributed a very pungent stink that caused people to want to stay away. She put on her tattered clothes and messed up her hair. Then, she picked up half of a black pottery bowl. Soon, a genuine beggar appeared in her place. After being a beggar these few days, she already gained some knowledge. But the most important piece of knowledge she learned was how to listen to information, so she can return to gege's side at the earliest time.

Walking along the crowded street, Gu Weiyi looked at all the people that came and went, none of them were familiar to her. The combination of ancient clothes, bound hair, and archaic expressions came together and formed a dreamland-type scene. But, this scene wasn't a dream, it truly appeared in front of her face. If it weren't for gege, she was afraid that she would never be able to completely accept this world. Unfamiliarity, emptiness, and loneliness flooded her. Her thoughts were completely different from these people, it was as if all the lonely people in the world were gone and only she remained. This was the type of helplessness that she was filled with.

Gu Weiyi aimlessly walked around as if everything in front of her already turned hazy and she could no longer see anything. During this moment, she fell into a deep sense of loss and began to question her existence in this world. Why would she be inexplicably reborn into these times, gaining a beautiful romance and two immortal-like gege that pampered her? This type of happiness all seemed to be part of a dream. But now, she was left to be a beggar, alone, endlessly seeking for that former doting. It had been so long, how was gege doing? Had they fallen into a trap? Had they run into danger? When would they be able to reunite and resume their careless days?

Unconsciously, she had already walked into the middle of the street. Everything in front of her was too blurred, so she didn't make out the carriage speeding towards her. On the carriage, there was a male sitting on the driver's seat, as he violently pulled at the reigns, he was loudly yelling at her. "Get out of the way, quickly get out of the way!"

It was a pity that Gu Weiyi didn't process what she heard, because she didn't even know where she was anymore, nor did she realize that the driver was talking to her. The carriage rushed closer and closer to her, seeming as if it was going to crash into her slender body. But during this matter of life and death, a white figure suddenly jumped out of the carriage and pulled the wooden Gu Weiyi down to the floor.

Everyone surrounding them let out a sigh of relief. But when some people realized that it was just a small beggar, they felt disappointed. Even if this life disappeared, nobody would care. The driver stopped the carriage and walked over to their side. But, when he smelled the unbearable stench on Gu Weiyi's body, he puckered his eyebrows in disgust and covered his mouth. With a face full of undisguised dissatisfaction, he stared at Gu Weiyi and began to speak to the white clothed male.

"Master, this youngster is already fine. Why are you still carrying her? She really is dirty and smelly! Young Master's body is noble and invaluable, do you need to disgrace your body for this beggar?" Finished speaking, he extended his hand out and prepared to pull Gu Weiyi away.

"Okay, Zhuang Sheng, you need not be like this." Stopping his extended hand, Mu Yalun softly reprimanded him. It was his own carriage that was careless and knocked against someone else. Moreover, even if it was just a small beggar, every life was important. He, Mu Yalun, wasn't more nobler than anyone else. Removing this body's skin and family background, he was nothing more than an ordinary person.

"Are you still okay?"

The soft voice echoed in her ear and Gu Weiyi awakened from the confusion in her head. Somewhat blankly opening her eyes, she looked towards the figure in front of her.

The person's eyes were as black as paint, they were like an endless abyss, she couldn't see the bottom. Her big, misty eyes slowly opened. They were filled with some beautiful purity and charm. This deer-like expressions moved Mu Yalun's heart. Even though this person's face wasn't beautiful, and could even said to be ugly, the red patch covering more than half of her face, the tattered clothes on her body, and the unpleasant stench on her still caused a favorable expression to raise in him.

Gu Weiyi was finally able to clearly look at the face in front of her. His face was as gentle as jade, his temperament was like it had faded into the spring wind, and his voice was as clear as water. So it was him, ah.

But, Gu Weiyi was only able to give him a glance before she fell unconscious.

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