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Chapter 173: First Checkpoint

Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

“F*ck! What’s that?” Yao Si stared ahead with her mouth agape. The entire area was covered with black holes that looked like bug holes.

“They’re devouring portals.” Bai Yi paled as he stared blankly at the black holes that littered the area. “The presence of all these black holes can only be explained by the planet being situated on a space node, but I would have never expected the Elders Council to place a checkpoint in such a location.”

There was a possibility of getting torn apart at the slightest touch, which was a little too brutal for a test. Yet such a tricky spot happened to be their first stop.

“Eh, the checkpoint seems to be over there!” Li Zheng pointed ahead.

Yao Si raised her head and saw that not too far away there was indeed a red machine floating on top of a massive rock. Above it was a striking red sign: Checkpoint!

They weren’t too far from it, only around some hundred meters, but between were about ten black holes, some of which were moving.

“What do we do?” Bai Yi hesitated. “Do we give up on this checkpoint?” It seemed too dangerous.

Yao Si calculated the time mentally. “We should give it a try since we are already here.” It had taken them close to half a month just to reach this checkpoint, so it would be a waste to just walk away. Moreover, there were nine more checkpoints to go.

“Bai Yi, help me scan these black holes and find the pattern of their motion. Once that’s done, maybe you could calculate the safe path?”

On a closer inspection, there seemed to be a pattern to the movement of the holes. If they were to flit about at a fast speed, they could possibly get through them.

“It is possible…” Bai Yi frowned. “But my optical computer is restricted, so even if I wanted to calculate…”

“Use mine!” Yao Si removed her optical computer and stuffed it in his hands, allowing him access.

“Great, leave it to me!” Bai Yi slammed his chest before starting to type rapidly on her optical computer. After about half an hour, his face lit up with joy.

“I found it!” He enlarged the map and pointed at it. “Your Highness, the situation is much better than expected. There aren’t any devouring portals in the air, so we can move about in the stratosphere before heading down. We would be able to avoid all the black holes like that.”

“Good job! What are we waiting for then?” Bai Yi’s words were as expected of a tech savvy nerd. Yao Si stuck her thumb up in compliment before heading back to the mini flying devices. “Let’s go!”

Bai Yi and Li Zheng followed behind, ascending after her. As expected, the sky didn’t have the same dense collection of black holes, so they flew about a hundred meters ahead before cautiously making a descent toward the checkpoint. Between them were two mid-sized black holes which they managed to avoid easily.

“We’re here!” Bai Yi exclaimed. As he had hoped, following after Her Highness had its benefits.

After landing on the massive rock, Yao Si saw a sensor-like object floating nearby.

“Let’s get it signed!” Bai Yi headed toward it and placed his hand on the sensor. A cold electronic announcement greeted him.

[Ding! Bloodling Bai Yi’s checkpoint marked! Total number of checkpoints completed: One!]

Li Zheng came forward hurriedly and mimicked Bai Yi by tapping the sensor.

[Ding! Bloodling Li Zheng’s checkpoint marked. Total number of checkpoints completed: One!]

Yao Si sighed in relief; it wasn’t a wasted trip after all. She placed her hand over the sensor, but unlike before, an enthusiastic and overly friendly response came bursting through the announcer.

[Her Highness Yao Si’s of our race coming of age checkpoint marked! Congratulations Your Highness, congratulations Your Highness! The first checkpoint you successfully completed is the devouring portal checkpoint with S level difficulty! This little checkpoint is happy, oh!

[Your Highness is indeed equipped with strong abilities that no one can catch up to. For the millions of years to come, you will be the number one! Press on! Checkpoint no.23 will support you spiritually! Go forth to the remaining nine checkpoints. You Highness’ next goal can only be the vast ocean among the stars!]


What the f*ck is with such a stark contrast in the announcement? Why was mine so different from the others? Who came up with such a ridiculous script?! 

“…” Bai Yi. The checkpoint seems to be discriminating against us! 

“…” Li Zheng. +1

“Forget it, let’s leave this place…” We can settle the scores when we’re back.

Yao Si was about to gather everyone into the flying device when a sudden familiar force came surging within her. Wasn’t it… her ability?

“Be careful!” Yao Si shouted our, turning to pull the two add-ons over. They fell and started tumbling down the massive rock.

The next second, a large chunk of the spot where the checkpoint floated was eaten by a massive beast, abd even the biased checkpoint was gone. Replacing it was a black hole about four meters in diameter and spiraling about maniacally, devouring everything it touched.

F*ck, weren’t the black holes not supposed to be here?!

“It’s a hidden portal!” Bai Yi ignored the pain from the hit on his head as his face clouded with shock. “I didn’t expect this place to posses such an engulfing portal. I wasn’t able to scan it previously since it appears in intervals!

“Your Highness, do you have any flying machines?” Bai Yi calmed himself as he turned to ask her. He really didn’t want to be sucked into the portal.

“Can’t take it out!” Yao Si shook her head. “It’s too big. The moment I’ll take it out, half of it will be engulfed by the black portal.”

“What are we going to do then?” Bai Yi started to panic as the portal began to enlarge, its suction power growing in strength. The wind scraped his skin like daggers. They could barely stand on their feet, but they couldn’t turn back either, since there were many holes behind them as well. “Do we give up?”

Yao Si bit down on her lip, pondering about their problem before replying, “Why don’t I… use my ability?”

“Oh right, Your Highness’ space ability!” Bai Yi’s eyes lit up, and he looked at her with a bright gaze. “The energy can cancel itself out. Your Highness, you just have to create a portal about the same size as that black hole for it to disappear.”

Li Zheng’s eyes lit up as well, and her turned to gaze at Yao Si in amazement. “Dad, I didn’t know you had such a strong ability. You’re amazing!”

“You are indeed worthy of being Your Highness, what a reliable presence. We’ll leave everything to you!”

“Dad, go for it! Son has faith in you!”

The corners of Yao Si’s lips twitched. Do you guys… have some sort of misconception about my ability?


“If you stop calling me dad, we can still be friends!”

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