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Chapter 1006 - Yuan Xian Ninth Pin

Two hundred and fifty-six times that of the Purple Flame Dragon Grandmaster's stats had been activated.

At this moment.

The Flame Dragon Patriarch wreaked havoc, ravaging the powerhouse of the Immortal Realm. He opened his bloody mouth and bit down on several of the powerhouse s of the Immortal Realm, suddenly biting down, "Kacha!"

Blood dripped from between his teeth.

At the same time.

Long Fei's devouring vein was frantically devouring the powerhouse's strength, aura, and blood vein s.

"Roar …"

The Raging Dragon roared, its humongous body suddenly flipped in the air, the thick flame energy crushed down, sending all the powerhouse flying.

Another large group of people rushed forward.

They were also protecting the Magic Stone in the god emperor fairyland.

On the four sides of the Magic Stone, there were eight extremely thick chains that were tightly holding it, as if they were trying to trap a terrifying powerhouse beneath the Magic Stone.

Whose grave is the Magic Stone buried in?

What realm was it?

"I don't know right now, but. I'll know soon. "

Long Fei roared in his heart, "Rumble!"

Forefather Flame Dragon once again displayed his might and began to madly crush Jiang Chen.

Each and every one of these powerhouse s were extremely powerful existences. Although their health was not as frightening as the supreme god's one billion points, it still reached 130 million points. Even the power of the turn Yan Long into God was not enough to instantly kill them.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Level 5 Immortal powerhouse' for obtaining 50,000 experience, 20,000 power of celestial points, and 1 Energy Values point."

It doesn't explode.

The Experience Points was five million apiece.


"Flame Dragon Burning Heaven!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Long Fei roared in his heart, and also summoned his Sky-burning Dragon Gun. The power of Burning Heaven on the dragon spear fused with the flames on the Flame Dragon's body, and streams of flaming golden light charged out, forming numerous powerful dragon spear phantoms that shot down explosively.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

Those powerhouse s were nailed to the ground by the dragon spear mirages, a long string of damage floated out from above their heads, and at this moment, Long Fei's body moved, "Flickering Flame Dragon Tail!"

He swung his tail.

It was as if the heavens were split and the earth was split as it smashed down heavily.


Those powerhouse that were nailed to the ground were crushed to pieces.

The system beep exploded.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Level 5 Immortal powerhouse' for obtaining 50,000 experience, 20,000 power of celestial points, and 1 Energy Values point."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up. Currently at the eighth level of the Yuan Xian s!"

… ….

He had levelled up!

Long Fei had fully recovered his health point and power of celestial s, and the injuries on his body had also healed instantly.

The power of the eighth stage Yuan Xian gushed into his body.

Long Fei became stronger.

"Not enough!"

"Not enough!"

"It's far from enough!" Long Fei screamed in his heart, and he crushed his opponent even more violently. Like a mad demon, his every nerve was stretched taut, becoming stronger, becoming stronger, and becoming an existence that could crush Gu Tongtian.

When Gu Tongtian threatened him with Nantian Region's family, he had already touched upon the weakest nerve in Long Fei's heart.

No matter what.

Long Fei had to overturn Gu Tongtian, and palace question of god.

The only way was to level up and become stronger!

What happened in Nantian Region?

Long Fei did not know.

But since Gu Tongtian had said those words, Long Fei believed that Gu Tongtian had made a move on his family. If it was Gu Tongtian who did it, then everything made sense, because Nantian Region's martial arts training was too weak, and the of the Flying Fairy Land could easily crush him with a small finger.

But was the Nantian Region controlled by Gu Tongtian?


It was just that Long Fei did not know.

In the entire god's martial continent, who would dare to make a move against the Nantian Region?

What was the purpose of making a move on the Nantian Region?

Long Family?

Or was it the Dragon Domain?

All of these were unknown, and only by returning to the Nantian Region would he know what happened. But what Long Fei needed to do now was to level up, and break through the god emperor fairyland, he did not have much time left, he only had a few hours left before the time for the monsters to attack the city.

Long Fei's heart tensed, he gritted his teeth, seeing those Immortal Realm powerhouse who were charging forward once again, he moved his dragon head and roared, charging forward.


It was extremely urgent.

The establishment of the god's martial sect, the monster siege system triggered by the system.

How strong would it be?

Long Fei did not know.

But he knew clearly in his heart that no one in the god's martial continent would have thought of the demon beast attacking the city. If he did not rush back immediately, the god emperor city would definitely fail, and at that time … All fifty people in god's martial sect would be killed, including himself!


… ….

Three hours later.

Long Fei regained his Real Face look, supporting his knees with both of his hands, he gasped for breath heavily, "Huhu …"

At this moment.

His cultivation had already reached the ninth stage of the Yuan Xian!

Three days ago, he was still at the ninth stage of the Golden Immortal Stage, but now, he was at the ninth stage of the Yuan Xian.

This leveling speed was incomparable.

However …

Long Fei was still not satisfied!

Even if one reached the Fitted Realm, the difference in power between them and the Flying Fairy Land was just too big, an existence that was completely stomped over.

Three days and three nights without a second's rest.

Long Fei's body was exhausted, but he could not stop. In the last grave, after killing the powerhouse, he would be able to pass through the god emperor fairyland and receive the system's special reward. This would also mean that his power of celestial value had increased to a million points.

Hu hu hu hu …. Long Fei exhaled a breath of air. Looking at the gigantic soaring Magic Stone, the aura emitted by the Magic Stone felt like it was in hell.

Yan Huang ancestor said: "Brat, the aura released by this Magic Stone is too terrifying."


"This Magic Stone..." Yan Huang ancestor was silent for half a second. Although he was unwilling, he still spoke straightforwardly: "This Magic Stone is a spirit treasure, but I do not know what it is called or what kind of power it possesses."

This was a huge blow to the Yan Huang ancestor.

There were still things in the god's martial continent that he did not understand. It was truly a blow to him.

However …

Something that even the Yan Huang ancestor could not understand, also meant that this Magic Stone was a super powerful holy artifact.

Long Fei's heart began to boil, "Something that even you can't understand must definitely be good stuff, hehe … That would be even more so if we were to blow it up! "

Yan Huang ancestor said: "Brat, you better think about it carefully, this piece of Magic Stone is a ferocious beast, once it is activated, the consequences will be …"

Without waiting for Yan Huang ancestor to finish.

Long Fei had already walked out, and the dragon salyer in his hands descended, slashing at an incomparably thick chain. "Break for me!"

There was no way for him to consider the consequences.

There were only two hours left before dawn, and the monsters were about to attack the city.

He had no time!

He could only leave after opening up the god emperor fairyland, Long Fei … There was no way out!

"Don't be terrified!"



One of the chains broke, and the silver green runes on the Magic Stone began to flicker unstably …

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