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If Ling Han flew up and watched from the sky, he would know that an old friend had arrived just from seeing the Three Lives Corpse Caskets.

Rong Huan Xuan!

This guy was truly audacious to the extreme, daring to act right in front of the few Shattering Void Tier elites. However, he also really succeeded, and a Fifteen-eyed Corpse King would be enough for him to run rampant throughout the world.

Moreover, he still had Three Lives Corpse Caskets, which was equivalent to having the raw materials to transform the Corpse King infinitely, and simply lacked the water of the Pond of the Underworld, the catalyst.

However, he could still bring the great Corpse King and charge break into Million Treasures City, so would there be any need to fear that the great Corpse King wouldn't be able to evolve to the limit of eighteen eyes in the shortest amount of time?

This was exactly what it was like to be a cat's paw.

"Get out of the way!" The Ninth Underworld King burst into anger and waved the Demonic Noise Saber at the Sword King and the others.

"Ninth Underworld, you tired of living, trying to battle three of us alone?" The Azure Phoenix Divine Empress sneered. Earlier, the Thousand Corpse Sect had seven Corpse Kings and the Third Killing Formation before the sides became equal, but now, with only the Ninth Underworld King left, he still wanted to turn over the skies?

The Ninth Underworld King sneered, and said, "You guys aren't afraid of inviting trouble? With Three Lives Corpse Caskets providing Corpse Qi, that Corpse King will advance into eighteen eyes in at most a dozen years. This lord, well, will dig a few more graves to nurture another Corpse King at worst."

"Hehe, then please sit and watch, Ninth Underworld King." Beast Snake King laughed, obviously seeing through what was Ninth Underworld King's provocation.

The Thousand Corpse Sect was obviously divided on the inside. This was something they were happy to see, and the more balanced the strength of the two sides, the better, especially if it ended in wounding both sides greatly in a fight. They would then come clean up the mess, exterminating this sect utterly.

The Ninth Underworld King was in a rush, but with three great elites blocking him together, he couldn't break through their encirclement.

The seven Corpse Kings were already heavily injured by the Azure Phoenix Divine Empress. They were only able to stall for time, and obviously couldn't truly rival one of the strongest elites of the present age. With the Third Killing Formation gone and him left alone, although he still had one ace up his sleeve, it still couldn't help him resolve this situation.

What should he do?

"Hahahaha!" At the bottom, Rong Huan Xuan jumped out of the bronze casket. The great Corpse King already arrived and voluntarily entered the bronze casket; that endless stream of Corpse Qi was irresistible for Corpse Soldiers.

After refining for a period of time, this great Corpse King would obediently listen to his commands.

Thousand Corpse Sect's specialty was to control corpses, so there was not a bit of problem at all.

Rong Huan Xuan was obviously pleased with himself. Possessing a Corpse King of Shattering Void Tier level, the world was his to tread freely. The five great ancient sects and whatnot were all flatulence in his eyes.

"Youngster, you and I both are disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect, how about returning to the Thousand Corpse Sect with me?" the Ninth Underworld King suddenly said. Once he tricked the Rong Huan Xuan into entering the sect, could he still not subdue Rong Huan Xuan with his ways?

"Oh, then what will I be in Thousand Corpse Sect?" Rong Huan Xuan said with narrowed eyes; his ambitions were great, very great.

"This lord can take you in as a disciple. One hundred years after this lord, you will naturally take my place and become Thousand Corpse Sect's new sect master." Ninth Underworld King saw Rong Huan Xuan's ambitions, and tempted him by promise of profit.

Rong Huan Xuan laughed scornfully, and said, "According to the sect rules, the one who has Demonic Noise Saber is the dao-guarding heavenly venerable, while the one who has Three Lives Corpse Caskets is the sect master. You should respect me as the sect master and abdicate to be a dao-guarding heavenly venerable in accordance with the sect rules."

The Ninth Underworld King was struck dumb. This brat's ambitions were so great; a mere Spiritual Infant Tier warrior wanted to be Thousand Corpse Sect's sect master, who would be convinced by you? He said indifferently, "Youngster, don't be too arrogant. The most important thing for people is to see their own strength clearly and know their own place."

"Hahahaha, I now possess the Fifteen-eyed Corpse King, and soon it'll evolve into sixteen eyes, seventeen eyes, and the world's strongest of eighteen eyes. Is my strength still not enough?" Rong Huan Xuan laughed loudly.

Ninth Underworld King of all people couldn't retort, because the disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect counted Corpse Soldiers as part of their own strength. Although Rong Huan Xuan's own strength wasn't worth mentioning, with that great Corpse King, he definitely could rank amongst the strongest in the world.

This risk Rong Huan Xuan had taken was truly worth it, like a carp leaping over the dragon's gate to become a dragon.

"Ling Han!" Rong Huan Xuan shouted. "I know you're here. Dare to come out for a fight?" Amongst the people he hated most, Ling Han ranked first, so now that he'd obtained the great Corpse King, this powerful henchman, he challenged Ling Han to a fight.

Not to mention ones from the younger generations like Ling Han, he even dared to show contempt for the Sword King and the Azure Phoenix Divine Empress.

"Ling Han?"

"Who's Ling Han?"

In the surroundings, everyone discussed animatedly, but soon someone revealed Ling Han's identity… a Heaven Grade alchemist who'd even obtained the coordinates to a divine treasure trove. If not for Wen Yi Jian's initiative in telling the whereabouts of the divine treasure trove to the five great sects, Ling Han would probably be hunted down by the five great sects.

Heaven Grade alchemists had exalted status, but how could they surpass the five great sects?

The entire world belonged to the five great sect's.

Found it!

Ling Han revealed a delight look. Earlier, he'd found three of the great Corpse King's broken bones, but they weren't large enough, being shattered into dregs under the bombardment of various attacks. However, this chunk was large enough, as thick as a person's thigh.

Damned thing, I'll curse you to death!

Ling Han put the broken bone into the Vial of Curses. The bottle might not look big, but there seemed to be infinite space on the inside—at least, storing a few bones was easy. He immediately pressed his finger on the decorative pattern that represented death, and this pattern instantly lit up.

Haha, since the pattern lit up, it meant the great Corpse King was dead for sure.

Ling Han revealed a smile, leapt up into the sky, and said, "Rong Huan Xuan, I'm here, bring it on!"

"You actually dared to show?" Rong Huan Xuan was startled, and then laughed loudly. "I really don't know whether to call you brave or foolish! But, since you've come to die, then I'll grant you your wish."


The great Corpse King came out of the casket, and its fifteen eyes emitted ominous glints, targeting Ling Han.

Ling Han was unafraid, and said leisurely, "Such an ominous being hurts the harmony of the world and will be targeted by heaven and earth."

"Die!" Rong Huan Xuan pointed at Ling Han.

Peng, peng, peng, the great Corpse King immediately rushed towards Ling Han, its vicious might bursting forth, and even Shattering Void Tier elites had to defend against the terrifying fiendish Qi with all their strength, or else they were bound to be killed.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

While running, the great Corpse King's forehead actually grew another eye.

What was going on?

Fifteen eyes should already have exhausted the great Corpse King's ancient corpse powers it fused with in several thousand years, and it was already the size of a normal Corpse Soldier, so how could it continue to evolve into sixteen eyes?

This transformation was surprisingly fast. The sixteenth eye seemed to instantly grow out, and soon the seventeenth eye followed it!

Everyone was struck dumb with amazement. The Ninth Underworld King was overjoyed but envious because this Corpse Soldier should've been his! Only Rong Huan Xuang was laughing loudly. The stronger the great Corpse King, naturally, the happier he was.

Eighteen eyes!

The great Corpse King instantly reached the limit of Corpse Kings, advancing into the level of eighteen eyes. However, as it took another step, one of its legs suddenly broke and rotted, and peng, it fell right onto the ground.

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