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Tong Lei was hopping mad and even Xiaoxi's pretty face revealed anger.

Yang Shiwen said coldly, "Liu Feng, don't brag about it; let's have a competition to set off from Xian Luo Mountain villa and take the ring road around the University of Science and Technology in Dongcheng High-Tech zone; the first to reach wins."

"The most important thing is the placing of bets; Liu Feng, you're not saying that we are looking to get trashed?" Xiaoxi quickly added, "If you can't win us, then you are not allowed to be so aloof in front of us! We are all your seniors; you have to listen to whatever we say."

"And if you lose?" Liu Feng asked in return.

Tong Lei roared. "If we lose, then in future, we will acknowledge you as the big boss, and whatever you say, we will listen!"

"If I ask you to eat sh*t, would you also eat sh*t?" Liu Feng asked, laughing.

D*mn it!

It could be confirmed that if Tong Lei was not afraid of losing to Liu Feng, he would have lost his temper a long time ago.

"Yes, as long as you can win my Mustang!" Tong Lei returned to his own Ford Mustang and stood in front of it, patting its bonnet and saying, "This car's engine is not the country's 2.7T, but America's 3.5T. In terms of its movement power, it's stronger than Shiwen's Porsche 911."

"You're full of nonsense; whether the car moves fast or not, it is not up to the car but the driver," Liu Feng said leisurely, "If you want to play, then get moving. Don't chatter there."


Tong Lei and Xiaoxi turned to get up the car.

Liu Feng squinted with his eyes and heavily stepped on the pedal. "Shiwen, put on your safety belt. In a while, I will let you experience what is real speed and passion!"


Following which, three luxurious sports cars started to ignite their engines and formed a straight line on the road outside the Xian Luo Mountain villa.

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

The sound of the engines grew louder in waves, when the waves rang for three times, the three cars seemed to have rushed out at the same time; because the movement power were too strong, at the moment when they ignited, the three cars' tires produced waves of green smoke on the ground from the friction.

Tong Lei's Mustang very quickly rushed to the front; its 3.5T engine's power was definitely not for show.

Liu Feng's 911 followed behind, trailed by Xiaoxi's Maserati.

"Liu Feng, you can't outrun Tong Lei. He had started to play with cars from the age of 13, and was the Moyun Mountain Car God in our Eastern Sea City." Yang Shiwen saw that Tong Lei had run to the very front, and then she said with satisfaction, her two large eyes brimmed with tears and moved.

Liu Feng glanced at the navigation on the control screen and said calmly, "He, a second-generation rich kid playing with car racing, is a car god? Haha!"

"You... as if you are very skilled!" Yang Shiwen huffed, saying.

"It's still okay, isn't it? Didn't I say my skills are only third in the world."

The two bickered and drove into the main road. There were many cars on the main road and under such conditions, car racing was an extremely dangerous act and definitely tested the car drivers' true skills.

Liu Feng drove his Porsche 911 and did not stop weaving in between the car traffic. Even if the 911 had strong traction, under the condition of continually changing lanes and overtaking other cars, it faced a common car issue.

Yang Shiwen sat on the co-pilot seat. At first, she seemed very calm, but less than three minutes later, she grabbed the handlebar of the car involuntarily.

On the other hand, Liu Feng appeared very calm and relaxed and was even holding onto the steering wheel with one hand. The car, under his control, simply seemed like a live animal with a soul.

At the very start, the Mustang, depending on its strong power, shrugged off the 911 for several tens of meters but under Liu Feng's terrible driving control, the 911 very quickly caught up to behind the Mustang.

"Shiwen, look at how I, brother Feng, will overtake this brat!" Liu Feng's lips curled with a self-satisfied smile and the pedal under his foot swiftly touched the floor.

Honk honk!

The 911 emitted a roar like that of a beast. A strong force that pushed Shiwen backwards caused her to feel slightly dizzy.


Closely following, Liu Feng hurriedly changed direction; the car slanted and changed lanes, hurriedly changing from the left lane, charging from a white VW's front to the front.

"D*mn it! You berserk, you want to die?" That VW's driver was almost scared to the point of peeing.

But no matter how he scolded, Liu Feng would not hear it.

Honk honk!

The 911's engine continued to roar and Liu Feng maintained his foot on the pedal, letting the car's speed continually increase—this time, it's already shoulder to shoulder with Tong Lei's Mustang.

"Slowly, it's a signal post at the front!" Yang Shiwen could not keep her calm this moment. She even reminded in a screeching cry.

Yes, that was right. Up ahead, there was a signal post that entered the ring road. Tong Lei's Mustang had already decreased its speed because the signal light thirty centimeters up ahead had already turned yellow. At the most, after two seconds, it would turn red.

But Liu Feng did not have thoughts of slowing down. The 911 Porsche was still increasing in speed and would almost complete its overtaking of the Mustang. When the car had rushed to the signla post, the signal light turned red coincidentally.


At this moment, Liu Feng again, hurriedly hit the steering wheel again but only the force of the downward force of his foot was different. Under his precise control, the 911 delivered a beautiful drift, carrying a whistling wind and turning into the ring road.

"Berserk, d*mn it. This is definitely a berserk." This time, Tong Lei, who had already stopped before the signal post, thrashed the steering wheel forcefully. He completely did not think that Liu Feng could actually speed the red light, and in such a swag way.

"Wow! Someone drifted through the red light!"

"What! Such technique? Is he courting death?"

"I assure you that the driver of the car just now was definitely a handsome guy, a hunk—that's too crazy!"

Many drivers who had waited before the signal post were stupefied by Liu Feng, who had drifted through the red light, into the corner; a wave of exclaimation resounded from the front of the signal post.

After entering the ring road, the cars driving on the road reduced visibly, and the road surface had also widened to about the breath of four car lanes.

Liu Feng maintained his foot on the pedal the whole journey and the car sped quickly to 200km per hour. The wind outside the car was roaring and the car's engine was thundering. Yang Shiwen looked at Liu Feng nervously.

Liu Feng kept his composure still and one hand was even holding onto the steering wheel, looking so calm as if it was not him who was racing, and that he was simply doing something mundane.

"You..." Yang Shiwen had wanted to give Liu Feng an earful but she didn't know why, looking at Liu Feng's calm composure, she could not bring herself to scold him. "Why did you dash the red light just now?"

After asking these words, even Yang Shiwen herself did not realize how her tone had softened much.

Liu Feng laughed, saying, "It's not my car after all, if I can dash the red light, then do it! It's not as if I am the one who will be fined!"

"Liu Feng!"

While just now Yang Shiwen had felt that Liu Feng did not appear so irritating, in a short moment, her good feelings seemed to have disappeared completely.

"Shiwen, you are so rude. After all, I am older than you; you should be calling me Brother Liu Feng, or calling me Liu Feng Brother—can you don't call my name so straightforwardly?" Liu Feng said, laughing and teasing.


"What should be going away is your car tire, and your hopes of victory!" Liu Feng said confidently, "The international signal—red light just now, is 99 seconds long; according to the Porsche's 911 speed and this 99-second advantage, even with those two cars at full-speed, they will not be able to catch up. Most importantly, Shiwen sister, the bet that you have made with me; you are definitely losing!"


Hearing Liu Feng's words, Yang Shiwen was stupefied.

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