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Chapter 746: All the Men Are Perverts!

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Hao Ren surprised, and his shoulders which were raised by Zhao Yanzi’s hands collapsed back onto her because of this.

He didn’t expect Su Han to return from the Daemon Sea and appear outside his bedroom window.

Su Han’s voice disappeared gradually.

Zhao Yanzi’s face turned red, and she punched Hao Ren on his shoulders with full strength.

In reality, Su Han just showed up beside Hao Ren’s bedroom. She was cultivating in the Demon Sea, and the Nuwa Stone inside her body was suddenly triggered, helping her reach peak Qian-level.

She got out of her room and was about to say farewell to Lady Zhen when she was informed that Hao Ren’s family was in trouble, and Lady Zhen had left to rescue them. Therefore, she flew from the Demon Sea to Hao Ren’s home this late at night.

However, she found that everything was in peace when she arrived at Hao Ren’s home. As she was about to jump onto the balcony of his room and knock on the door to figure it out the situation, she noticed that Zhao Yanzi was in Hao Ren’s bed ‘interrogating him’.

Since the question happened to be related to her, she said something to get him off the hook.

After Su Han had already flown away, Zhao Yanzi couldn’t calm down as Su Han’s words seemed to hold some special meanings.

“Pervert!” Zhao Yanzi exploded abruptly and pushed Hao Ren away before she flipped over and pinned Hao Ren down.

Seeing the innocent and stupid look on Hao Ren’s face in the moonlight, Zhao Yanzi’s rage increased.

She thought that only Xie Yujia, Lu Linlin, and Lu Lili liked him but didn’t know that her cold Sister Su loved him as well!

Looking at his seemingly innocent face, Zhao Yanzi didn’t know how she could vent her anger. She understood that Hao Ren didn’t mean to mess around, but she had no idea how she should react after finding out that so many pretty girls liked her boyfriend.

What a mix of love and hate!

Zhao Yanzi hopped on Hao Ren’s chest and kissed his lips heavily.

Hao Ren was stupefied for a moment as he didn’t expect this kind of reaction from Zhao Yanzi.

Seeing her biting his lips like a little puppy, Hao Ren instantly froze.

Guessing Zhao Yanzi’s thoughts was impossible!

“Pervert!” Zhao Yanzi said fiercely, and then she bit on Hao Ren’s lips while wrapping her arms around his neck.

Dressed in her tight-fit shirt, she pinned Hao Ren down and moved her body from side to side, which made Hao Ren feel aroused.

The size of Hao Ren’s bed was between a single and a twin, which wasn’t too small. He held Zhao Yanzi by her slim and smooth back and flipped over gently to put her under him.

Zhao Yanzi’s face was all red. She didn’t get any benefits from kissing Hao Ren so crazily and also hurt him a little.

Hao Ren looked at her messy hair and felt her short breaths before staring into her dark eyes.

Zhao Yanzi calmed down slowly when Hao Ren stared at her.

Then, Hao Ren moved close to her lips like a mountain.

He gently opened her pink lips and felt the tip of her tongue behind her teeth, and Zhao Yanzi laid her hands beside her and slowly held her breath.

Hao Ren was very gentle, and she could feel that he liked her a lot.

The gentle touches gradually calmed her down. Zhao Yanzi was still unfamiliar with it, but it was at least better than last time. She used to think about how Ling did it with her boyfriend, but now she couldn’t think about anything else and immersed herself into this experience.

“Ah!” She suddenly gasped.

She noticed that Hao Ren had put his hands underneath her shirt!

“He is still such a pervert!” he thought.

Zhao Yanzi tightened her body but only found that Hao Ren had already lifted her shirt. The blanket was propped up by Hao Ren’s back, and the moonlight was shining on her curvy chest.

It was quite chilly.

Zhao Yanzi’s entire body was frozen immediately due to the shyness.

Hao Ren was kissing her gently, and he wasn’t able to hold back his excitement as his hands were on top of her.

“Don’t do that…” Although Zhao Yanzi was thinking about this, her body was too soft to resist anything.

“Don’t get cold…” Hao Ren pulled the blanket over Zhao Yanzi’s shoulders. He was worried that he would have a heart attack and Zhao Yanzi would catch a cold.

“Pervert, pervert, pervert… I won’t let you kiss me!” Seeing Hao Ren was still such a gentleman under this circumstance, she grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away.

Hao Ren was pushed back into the blanket immediately, and his face passed by the lifted shirt as he felt something cold; it was Zhao Yanzi’s chest.


Zhao Yanzi’s body shook as she screamed a little.

The noise awakened Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang in the next room, but they pulled the blanket up and went back to sleep as they thought that Zhao Yanzi was sleeping with Grandma.

However, in the other room, Grandma smiled happily and mumbled, “Young people really can’t hold back…”

All the turmoil at night made Zhao Yanzi embarrassed and excited. Overall, Hao Ren took quite a lot of advantage of her. He would never allow anyone to have Zhao Yanzi, so he took her into his control as much as he could.

Zhao Yanzi just felt like she had fallen into his trap, and he kissed her anywhere possible. As a consequence, there was no way back; she belonged to him now.

What happened in the night made Zhao Yanzi feel very hot.

Hao Ren was indeed familiar with every inch of her skin, which was warm when he cuddled with her.

He looked at Zhao Yanzi’s eyes which were almost red, and he lowered his body and kissed her neck when he saw that the night was almost over.

Zhao Yanzi’s cotton underwear almost slid down her smooth legs, and her soft hands pressed onto Hao Ren’s chest like stamps.

“I’m scared…” She grabbed her long sweater and put her black stockings back on. Then, she rushed out of Hao Ren’s room while holding her slippers. Her heartbeat had reached the limit, and she went back to Grandma’s room in a hurry. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to. She had felt Hao Ren’s… with her tiny hands, and she thought she wouldn’t be able to…

After going back to Grandma’s room, Zhao Yanzi mumbled and went on the bed with her heart racing crazily.

“Hao Ren is so bad! I’m in Grade 9 now; how can I be able to study after this!” She couldn’t stop complaining, but her mind was filled with the scene of cuddling with Hao Ren.

She peeped at Grandma and found her soundly asleep, so she tapped on her chest and felt lucky.

“Thank God…”

“Ouch!” Grandmother shouted suddenly, and she turned around slowly and stared at Zhao Yanzi.

“Grandma, what happened…” Zhao Yanzi asked in a shaking voice as she felt a bit guilty.

“Ah… Grandma is getting old; I can’t sleep well when someone is around. It seemed that my back isn’t in a good state.” While holding onto her back, Grandma looked at Zhao Yanzi apologetically as she said, “There are still few hours before the sun rises. Grandma wants to have some good sleep; how about going to Ren’s room to sleep, Zi?”

Zhao Yanzi didn’t know how to respond to Grandma’s tentative question. She was actually not in Grandma room at night, but she couldn’t tell her that.

However, Zhao Yanzi felt bad when she saw Grandma in pain. “Ok Grandma, you have some good rest.”

Then, Zhao Yanzi picked up her sweater and slippers before walking out of Grandma’s room and going to Hao Ren’s room.

Seeing Zhao Yanzi leaving his room, Hao Ren wondered if he scared her. He didn’t expect her to come back.

Without saying anything, Zhao Yanzi went back to Hao Ren’s bed.

She just left less than a minute ago, and the bed was still warm. When Hao Ren touched her, the diminished feeling was back again.

“What are you scared of?” Hao Ren asked her.

Zhao Yanzi left in such a rush that Hao Ren didn’t even have time to react.

“Pervert!” Zhao Yanzi said while gritting her teeth.

Hao Ren’s feeling hadn’t disappeared, so he turned her around and saw her pink face and watery eyes. At that moment, he was sure that she belonged to him.

Under the blanket, Hao Ren felt her legs in the black stockings, which seemed to be even sexier.

Hao Ren took off her cotton underwear gently, and Zhao Yanzi breathed so hard that her chest kept moving up and down.

The shirt and stockings were still on, but…

Hao Ren wrapped his arms around her softly through her clothes, but it still felt so comfortable.

Zhao Yanzi knew that this was going to happen at some point, and she actually looked forward to it. After leaving and coming back, it was obvious that she couldn’t back out this time.

But Hao Ren was indeed a pervert.

“Ah, ah,” Zhao Yanzi felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest. She felt a crazy pain all of a sudden, and she curled up immediately.

“It’s so painful!” She frowned and pushed on Hao Ren.

Looking down under the blanket, it had already been…

Hao Ren didn’t know that there would be so much pain, and he hugged her as soon as he saw her face turning pale.

“It hurts just when we… Who knows how it is going to be…” Zhao Yanzi was in so much pain that she could barely talk. All she could do was to grit her teeth and grab her sweater.

Seeing tears almost coming out of her eyes, Hao Ren realized that he was too rough, so he lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead.

“Are you ok now?” Seeing Zhao Yanzi’s furrowed eyebrows relaxing, Hao Ren asked gently.

“You… are the worst!” Zhao Yanzi stared at Hao Ren and breathed heavily. Then, she kissed Hao Ren on the lips unexpectedly.

Hao Ren was so touched that he wrapped his arms around her even harder.

Zhao Yanzi might seem willful, but she actually cared about him.

Everything gradually brightened as the Sun went up. While cuddling with Zhao Yanzi, Hao Ren just stayed in the same position.

Suddenly, there was some noise downstairs, and Zhao Yanzi picked up her underwear instantly and then put on her sweater and slippers.

Hao Ren pulled up his bed sheet, and he shot out a water-elemental sword energy and a fire-elemental sword energy to clean the blood off the bed without Zhao Yanzi’s notice so that she wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

“I was too impatient…” Hao Ren self-reflected.

With a red face, Zhao Yanzi went out of Hao Ren’s room in her slippers. She believed that she belonged to Hao Ren, so she didn’t think that it had special meanings.

When she saw Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang preparing for breakfast, she wanted to greet them. However, for some reason, she blurted out, “Mom! Dad!”

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