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Fang Xingjian used about eight minutes to arrive on Earth. When he stood outside the atmospheric layer and looked down on the Earth that had been completely transformed, even a person of his cultivation could not help but be caught by surprise.

However, at the next moment, this shock was turned into a delight.


"This is really good.

"Only such remarkable capabilities is worthy of becoming my trial for attaining a breakthrough to tier six of the Divine level."

Streams of sword intents flowed out from his body, and he kept on trembling like he wanted to shatter void space, destroying the universe. It was as if he could not wait to fight it out with Ulpian.

Fang Xingjian smiled sightly and moved his legs, descending toward the huge continent on Earth.

Although he had an overflowing battle will and was extremely confident in himself, he would not act recklessly. Instead, he planned carefully before taking action and proceeded to collect the opponent's information first.

After taking a walk around the continent, Fang Xingjian understood Ulpian's actions from over the past month. He was full of admiration and praise for Ulpian's great scale of activity.

Fang Xingjian raised his head and looked toward the heavens, gazing at the surging heavenly river in the sky. However, his eyes squinted slightly. "Is this the heavenly river? His Virtual Image?"

"That's right." The Immortality Saint had unknowingly appeared behind Fang Xingjian. He looked at the Virtual Image in the sky and explained, "This person's Virtual Image has been sustained for an entire month. Although it is relatively inadequate in sensing tier six Divine level experts, its deep foundations make it a really rare find."

Fang Xingjian nodded. This was also Ulpian's advantage. The ring's energy was endless and could allow him to incessantly draw out the demonic god's diabolic energy for his own use. He would not have to worry about depleting his energy, making him akin to a perpetual motion machine.

All of his actions over the past month also showed that he wanted to replace the heaven's will with his own and turn into a blade that hung over everyone's head, enslaving the will of the entire human society. His great boldness and broad-mindedness could be said to be the greatest amongst all the opponents Fang Xingjian had encountered.

At the next moment, the Immortality Saint looked at Fang Xingjian with a solemn gaze. "Brother Fang, now that you've come out from your seclusion, do you still have the confidence to deal with this person?"

The Immortality Saint had also been surprised by Ulpian's series of actions over the past month. His confidence of winning this battle had decreased by at least 20%.

Fang Xingjian said calmly, "My Celestial Eradication Sword Technique has reached the greatest limit below tier six of the Divine level. If I can't win against him now, I still won't be able to win against him even after a century has passed.

"Moreover, we've been preparing for a very long time. There's no more turning back now."

The Immortality Saint smiled, feeling relieved. "Not bad. Moreover, it's already a great blessing for us to be able to join forces to begin with."

At the next moment, his gaze turned toward the Central City and he smiled. "Then let's go."

Within the United Government's hall, the television live broadcast was still ongoing.

Edward's eyes continued looking at Ulpian who was on the stage. No one knew what he was thinking.

Beside him was the Green Army's Ming Wang, the Red Army's Akaryuu Juushirou, and the Orange Army's Reverend Fahui. Their gazes were moving as they brought along the Thunder Calamity, Abyss, and Light Pursuit Swords. Cold gleams pierced out from the depths of their gazes as they looked Ulpian who was at the rostrum.

On the stage, Ulpian said, "... with the help of the Gold Army's technologies and my powers, food scarcity problems will be completely resolved.

"My heavenly river will be circulating at the atmospheric layer day and night for 24 hours. Three months later, I'll release the authority over it, and all humans will be able to tap on the heavenly river to proceed with space-time transmission. Traffic problems will be resolved at its essence.

"With the resolving of the traffic problems, humans will be able to arrive at all places with the help of the heavenly river. Traffic will no longer be a problem, and housing prices will no longer be a problem. With the convenience of the heavenly river, it won't matter where a person lives or work. Everyone will have their own houses, and the housing problems will be resolved at its essence."

As Ulpian said these, a commotion broke out across the entire planet. He did not talk about major principles, and there were no empty talk or conventional words. Instead, he shared the great benefits that everyone would be able to really enjoy.

Ulpian continued, "Of course, with the circulation of the heavenly river, my will will also encompass the entire planet. My eyes will be constantly looking at all of you. No one will be able to violate the laws. Anything that causes harm to others will be prohibited. Humans will enter and unprecedented state of flourishment, but not everyone will have the right to enter it."

Edward looked at Ulpian on the stage and thought, 'His justice is really getting increasingly prejudiced. Right now, he can naturally oppress others using unrivalled strength and violence suppression.

'However, human nature is greedy and ugly to begin with. Unless all of mankind is brainwashed, this one-sided oppression...'

Edward did not think well of Ulpian's violence oppression. Moreover, in his opinion, many things that Ulpian prohibited were human desires to begin with. There were no right or wrong about them. Ulpian was merely forcibly enforcing his views of kindness and evil onto everyone.

'However, although he will fail… As long as Ulpian is still alive, he will have countless chances to make a comeback. His realm and powers are truly unrivalled.'

Just as Edward was thinking this, the entire building shook slightly and gasps rang out. The roof suddenly shattered like building blocks being flipped open. Something flew toward the sky, revealing everyone in the hall to the outside.


A cold voice rang out in everyone's mind. It was as if a stream of sword light had flashed past or a thunderbolt had swept by, making everyone feel an extremely sharp and eye-piercing sensation.

It was Fang Xingjian! Everyone watched this scene in great surprise like they had not expected that he would appear once again. Moreover, from the looks it, he seemed to want to fight it out with Ulpian.

Ulpian raised his head. In fact, with him turning into the heavenly river, his appearance on the rostrum was merely something he had materialized to show others. He had actually already seen Fang Xingjian from different perspectives at all 360 degrees.

"Fang Xingjian? To think that you would still dare to come out. This is something that I hadn't expected."

Fang Xingjian made a grabbing action, and the White Bone Longsword seemed to be drawn out from void space. He held onto this Divine Remains Equipment that he was connected to in spirit and in blood—a weapon forged from his rib bone. He then said slowly, "I never expected that there would be a great talent like yourself in this world that has such a short cultivating history.

"Being able to grasp space, thinking for the whole world, single-handedly oppressing the minds of all living creatures in the world... You're already worthy of me fighting against you with my full powers."

Ulpian looked at him calmly like the heavens looking down upon a mortal. It was as if Fang Xingjian's appearance was unable to bring forth any waves in his heart.

"Fang Xingjian, you aren't bad. If you're willing to contribute to mankind, my plans will be able to hasten by 10%," he sighed. Then he bemoaned, "It still isn't too late for you to pull back. Over the past one month, I've killed too many people."

"But if I don't kill you, I won't be able to succeed in attaining my Dao." Fang Xingjian laughed coldly, and his White Bone Longsword came slashing down.

In that instant, sword Qis slashed through the world and a stream of white gas that was 30 kilometers long descended from the sky. It lashed out at the atmosphere and caused an explosion. This brought about a series of plasma flames, seemingly wanting to slash the entire Central City into two.

Ulpian looked at this scene calmly. At the next moment, he disappeared.

Concurrently, the heavenly river in the atmosphere started to seethe violently, and splashing sounds rang throughout the world.

Under the astonished gazes of countless people, the heavenly river and sword Qis collided. A great war had finally started.

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