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Cracking The Code (1)

"I didn't want to. I'd be treated like a weirdo," explained Coldblood Five, not holding back. At this moment, everyone was already looking at her weird. And when she finished, many people immediately shifted their gaze! 

"..." Coldblood Two fell silent for a moment. When she thought about it, it was true. If she were in Coldblood Five, perhaps she would have done the same, to wait until she was back to her original state then deal with everything else. 

If it were not for the brat, Coldblood Five probably wouldn't have outed herself. The brat looked like an alchemy expert too, it wasn't easy to even cause an accident like that. 

Then again, he was good enough to guide Coldblood Five-two-zero, helping her solve the symbol. Coldblood Thirteen had made the same mistake too, but this guy saw right through it. 

At this point, Coldblood Two turned to find that Ye Lang (who was originally on the spirit's head) was missing once again…

"You idiot, where did you run to?" Coldblood Five also noticed, so she immediately shouted for him. 

"I'm here!" everyone realised he was now sitting on Coldblood Five-two-zero's shoulder so he could be nearer to the formation. And so he could see what she was seeing. 

"Stay there, don't move!" instructed Coldblood Five. 

"Oh, alright!" answered Ye Lang. At this moment, it would be hard to tear him away from the symbol unless he cracked it. 

Coldblood Two and the rest gave her a quizzical look when they heard how Coldblood Five talked to him. 

"Coldblood Five, what's going on with you today?" Coldblood Seven glared at Ye Lang. She found Coldblood Five's attitude towards Ye Lang too odd. 

"Why?" Coldblood Five didn't understand. 

"Why are you so nice to the brat? And, your tone, it didn't sound like you! You sound like someone's mother or elder sister!" blurted Coldblood Seven, explaining her feelings. 

"I'm only watching him. It's not great. He's a troublemaker, and something happens whenever you take your eyes off him. You saw that firsthand!" said Coldblood Five, shaking her head. 

"..." Coldblood Seven fell silent. She didn't just see, she experienced it. She understood. 

"However, you can't blame him for what happened just now. He likes alchemy too much, and you were bothering him. He'll get upset," elaborated Coldblood Five, as if protecting Ye Lang. 

"..." Coldblood Seven's face darkened. There was a subtle hint requesting her to swallow and not take revenge. 

"Don't ever think of taking revenge, I'll remember you!" said Coldblood Five directly. The aura of violence appeared again, even stronger than before. Being small did not make her any weaker.

"Hmmph!" grunted Coldblood Seven, showing her dissatisfaction. But she could only wallow on her own. She would never have the guts to do anything, not even behind Coldblood Five's back. 

Coldblood Five wasn't one to reason with. Everyone in the Coldblood Group knew this, and things have happened to prove this. 

Someone once wanted to frame Coldblood Five, taking advantage of her. Then, Coldblood Five killed the person without mercy. No one else dared say a thing. That guy had it coming anyway, who could he blame? 

Coldblood Five knew Coldblood Seven was only being whiny so she decided to ignore her. Watching Ye Lang, she answered a few questions. 

"You mentioned that Frank and Coldblood Thirteen made the spirit?" 

"Yeah, Coldblood Thirteen assembled the general parts, then died. Frank finished up the details!" answered Coldblood Five. Her answer made everyone think the spirit was mostly created by Coldblood Thirteen, and Ye Lang only did very little. Like he was lucky. 

However, you can imagine how hard it was for Ye Lang to finish the job. It wasn't something regular people could do. 

"So now the spirit moves because he is controlling it. He signed a blood contract?" asked Coldblood Two. 

"Mm!" nodded Coldblood Five. 

Coldblood Two fell silent. She was staring at Ye Lang, as if deep in thought. 

"Coldblood Two, he will take care of it, don't worry!" it was a weird thing to say, but everyone understood. And because they understood, they were shocked. 

What was Coldblood Two thinking? She was considering killing Ye Lang to keep the spirit for herself. 

Since the rights were in Ye Lang's hands, naturally she had to consider her options. She could kill Ye Lang and make a new contract, or convince Ye Lang to work with her to get to the spirit. 

Everyone could see this, including Coldblood Five. 

However, in a situation like this, Coldblood Five had hinted to not touch Ye Lang. This showed Ye Lang held a certain position in her heart. 

Perhaps it was because she had always been cold, keeping everyone else a mile away. Hence, when she suddenly had a friend like Ye Lang, she didn't want to lose him. 

Perhaps it was because of their peculiar situation, they only had each other as company. It felt like they were the same species, and it was possible it was going to remain that way for a long time. They had grown very close, very quickly.

It's like the Chinese idiom: disasters reveal true feelings!

"Since you put it that way, then we will allow him into the Coldblood Group. His alchemy skills seem good, he can be in the alchemy team. However, I can't guarantee that this will be long-term, everything will depend on you both!" said Coldblood Two. 

Coldblood Five and Ye Lang were temporarily protected by this sentence. At least now no one would bother them. 

Ye Lang didn't seem to mind trouble though. If he was temporarily alright, he will be alright for a very long time. The team definitely won't be a threat to him. 

The Coldblood Group angered the Ye Family, they would be in so much trouble! The Ye family's own investigation department was definitely not weaker than the Coldblood Group! 

"I will!" answered Coldblood. Not sure if she meant 'I will protect Ye Lang' or 'I will watch him'. 

"We'll end here today. Keep a lookout, everyone. This brat might be accidentally hurt by other people," said Coldblood Two. She didn't mean hurt in a normal way. 

Coldblood Five understood. She didn't have good relations with many in the Coldblood Group. They were all afraid of her. However, if one day they no longer feared her, there would be many people who would come for her head. 

And this moment seemed exactly like it! 

DOGE's notes:

henlo again! hope u liked it. 

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