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Never Underestimate The Little Ones (3)

Coldblood Seven's face couldn't get any redder. She was panicking, and she was furious. If she caught him, she'd definitely crush him to bits and then flatten him with her foot. 

As the rest watched the events unfold, no one knew what to do or say. 

It seemed like they could only wait for Ye Lang to climb out. Coldblood Seven couldn't move, so no one else could either. 

However, something wild happened. Someone rushed forward to help, and that person's presence shocked the audience. 

A shadow leapt onto Coldblood Seven, then burrowed into her cleavage. It moved fast so no one knew what it was, but they could confirm it was something small. 

Soon, they heard a voice…

"Hey, you idiot! Stop moving, follow me!! I told you to stay put! Now you're in so much trouble!! We'll see how you get out of this one!!" 

Coldblood Five? 

Coldblood Seven was stunned yet again. She heard Coldblood Five's voice from her body, but she saw Coldblood Five still sitting in her seat. 

How was she still there, not moving at all? 

At this moment, everyone turned to look at the seated puppet, all very, very confused. 

Was Coldblood Five communicating with the little thing? What alchemy tool was she using? 

Everyone soon found out. Their questions were answered, but many new questions surfaced. 

Two little humans popped up on Coldblood Seven's chest. Other than Ye Lang, the other was a mini Coldblood Five. She did watch the entire scene unfold, but she couldn't find a suitable time to intervene. She didn't imagine it would escalate this weirdly too. That was surprising. 

And this idiot! The troublemaker! Nothing good came out of this one! 

Coldblood Five dragged Ye Lang, saying, "Let's go. Jump. We should talk to them!!" 

"I can't, I haven't stopped this woman yet. She's annoying!" said Ye Lang, refusing to go. 

"With me here, she won't trouble you!" said Coldblood Five. 



"Then alright, we'll get down."

Coldblood Five didn't answer. She was preparing to jump off with Ye Lang. Ye Lang stopped again. 

"What now?" 

"We're too high up, I'm scared!" 

A vein popped up on Coldblood Five's forehead. What fear? I didn't think you feared anything. 

"We should just climb down!" decided Ye Lang, after looking around. 

Many people were excited by his choice, but the rest were utterly speechless. Didn't he have to cross her chest again on the way down? 

"Just get down!" Coldblood Five grabbed Ye Lang, pulling him off. She leapt too, following behind to catch him. 

She only wanted to scare him but not hurt him for real. It was a high place, someone could get hurt very easily. 

However, what she didn't expect was, the lack of screaming on Ye Lang's part and the lack of need to catch him. Ye Lang pulled an umbrella out, opened it, then slowly spiralled down to the ground. 

He'd made the umbrella recently while controlling the spirit. He'd even made one for Coldblood Five for rainy days. 

When Ye Lang landed, they were already surrounded by Coldblood Two and the rest of the members. Fortunately, they were used to situations like that while running among crowds. If they weren't they'd feel very intimidated. 

Despite that, Ye Lang still hated being examined this closely. He called the spirit over to lift him and Coldblood Five up onto its head. He wanted to observe the symbol from this angle. 

He didn't care about anything else, like Coldblood Five-two-zero. She was the same, not affected by her surroundings. 

If she weren't distracted, she would've attacked Ye Lang. Don't forget he was hiding under her skirt by her feet, though he was far from her torso. 

"You don't need to guess. I am Coldblood Five and she's a reanimated spirit, not a real person!" said Coldblood Five in a straightforward manner, looking at everybody's confused expressions. 

"I am Frank, brought here by Coldblood Thirteen. We're like this because of his recklessness in alchemy!" 

Coldblood Five had already explained everything in a nutshell. Everyone knew she was like this, and there was nothing much to ask leave. 

At the same time, everyone had already made speculations. 

However, the situation was unique. They had to ask, even if they knew they wouldn't get an answer. 

"Do you know why you became like this? Also, when will you recover?" asked Coldblood Two. This might be to the Coldblood Group's advantage. If they could master the art of changing their sizes, then they could use it for future missions.

"We don't!" said Coldblood Five respectfully, shaking her head. She had always been very respectful towards Coldblood Two. 

Coldblood Two frowned at the answer, "What don't you know? You don't know, or he doesn't know, or are you saying you don't know how you shrank, or you don't know how to recover?" 

There were many questions to be answered. One wouldn't suffice. 

"Yes. He doesn't know, I don't know, we don't know how to recover nor how we changed!" answered Coldblood Five. 

"Then what can we do now? Will you remain this way forever?" said Coldblood Two, frowning. If it were true, then she had to consider choosing a new Coldblood Five. 

"We can't say for sure. He said it might be a few days, or a month, a year, or forever," replied Coldblood Five, repeating what Ye Lang said. 

"How long have you been like this?" asked Coldblood Two. 

"More than a month." 

"A month? That would mean you were already like this when we first knew about Coldblood Thirteen's death! So do you mean that the Coldblood Five we've been seeing about was the spirit all along?" 

"Mm!" nodded Coldblood Five. 

"You've been like this for a month, why didn't you tell me?" said Coldblood Two, visibly upset. It was a huge matter, why didn't they report to her? 

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oof. or rather, woof. 

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