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The Audition (2)

Coldblood Seven was angry but she wasn't bold enough to speak up. She felt Coldblood Five could rise to such a high position all because of Coldblood Two's help. Without help, Coldblood Five would be below herself. 

Coldblood Seven still had to admit Coldblood Five was capable though. Hence she could only be angry without taking action. She would never mention this in front of Coldblood Five, she definitely didn't want to be murdered one day. 

By the way, Coldblood Seven wasn't very old. From her body shape and skin, she looked like she was about twenty-seven or eight, probably like an older sister. Many people wanted to see the face behind her mask, but of course, the people who did were already dead. 

"To be Coldblood Thirteen, one has to attain the highest qualifications in alchemy. The rest is not important. The problem is that within our alchemy team, while Coldblood Thirteen did stand out a little, the rest are about the same level. It's going to be hard to pick one!" 

The Coldblood Thirteen Eagles were a group of people who were the most capable among these small teams. Within their fields, they were the most powerful. Some teams were stronger than others, some had more people than the rest, but of course, every team had to have at least one person.  

Alchemists were already rare among them, and Coldblood Thirteen was the only alchemist within the Coldblood Thirteen Eagles. Hence, the new Coldblood Thirteen had to be a master in alchemy- or at least be able to win over the members. 

"What's so difficult about it? If we're looking at their skills, then we'll follow our Coldblood rules to organise a competition. As long as the person is a member of the Coldblood Group, and wins the competition, then he/she will get the position!" Coldblood Seven said, waving. 

"Mm, that'll do!" said Coldblood Ten, usually a man of few words. He stood up, ready to leave. He was in charge of the collection and distribution of information, so he was preparing to announce this update. 

Many people thought it was weird to have a quiet person like Coldblood Ten to be in charge of information distribution. His answer: I don't need to know how to speak well to share and collect information. 

"Do it as soon as possible. Coldblood One was originally waiting for Coldblood Thirteen's results. With the accident, although we can't keep our hopes up for someone else, there'd still be hope," added Coldblood Two, "now, the most important thing is to choose a new Coldblood Thirteen and help the person finish a spirit." 

"Why must it be a reanimated spirit?" asked Coldblood Seven, puzzled.
"We don't need to ask questions, nor do we need to know why!" frowned Coldblood Two. 

Coldblood Seven always had too many questions when the rest had none. Perhaps it was an occupational hazard. She was the head of the spy team, or what they called the Pretty Squad. 

The Pretty Squad. Like how wise men say, 'Lies are all beautiful', this squad consisted of con artists. They were in charge of telling lies, scamming people for all sorts of reasons. 

The Pretty Squad had the most contact with the outside world. They were the best at makeup, thievery, acting etc. 

The Coldblood Group had a team of thinkers to plan all of this. They consisted of most of the Coldblood Thirteen Eagles.

Coldblood Two led the planning, and they were called the Think Tank!!

And just like that, after a short discussion, the new Coldblood Thirteen was about to be born. Many people were very excited to audition for it. 

To be one of the Coldblood Thirteen Eagles was just a dream to most of the members. Right now, the gates were open to them. Every person who knew alchemy registered, while the rest could only watch and sigh! 

This position was probably the most attainable seat of all. Unfortunately, alchemy was a difficult art. Even if you were lucky enough to get it, other people still could knock you off. 

Only a true alchemy genius like Coldblood Thirteen could sit comfortably on this throne!! 

This position wasn't an easy one to keep, but it was definitely one of the better positions than the rest! 

News travelled across the group. Some came to watch, while the ones who were participating worked hard. 

Coldblood Group operated at high efficiency. Three days later, the competition started. Although the alchemy team had fewer members than the rest, they were still a big group when most were present. 

Not everyone was present but the numbers could still rival the team of royal alchemists. 

Sometimes geniuses in secret organisations like this one were probably better than the royal talents, hiding and working on underground projects. 

On this day, Ye Lang controlled spirit Coldblood Five to run her daily errands, organising meetings within her assassin teams, allowing Coldblood Five to give instructions and run her team. 

During these times, Ye Lang would sleep on the spirit's chest. Coldblood Five had always spoken in a proper, straight, manner anyway. She didn't move much. 

Why did he choose to sleep on her chest? It's simple. It's the most comfortable spot to sleep on. Coldblood Five didn't say much either because she was sleeping there too. She also thought it was very comfortable there. 

With all these activities, when the two had to hide on the spirit, they would be on its chest. They even put some bedding in there. 

This change only made spirit Coldblood Five sexier… 

"Frank, you did a great job on this spirit, it's so real! Awesome!" Coldblood Five was very impressed. Ye Lang made this spirit to perfection, even down to its texture and body temperature. Even someone who was very close wouldn't notice a thing. 

"We shall end the meeting here, you may all leave!" 

Coldblood Five ended the meeting, then kicked Ye Lang awake. 

"Are you up yet? Let's go!" 

Ye Lang was used to it. He brought the spirit out of the room. 

At this time, he would think, how awesome would it be to give all the commanding responsibilities to Coldblood Five. Then she wouldn't have to trouble him. 

Unfortunately, the art of reanimation had some quirks. When the spirit was completed, to control it, a blood contract had to be signed. 

Once the contract was signed, unless the owner died, another contract couldn't be made. This was so the spirit couldn't be controlled by another person. Unless someone was powerful enough to force an amendment in the contract- but that was almost impossible. 

Therefore, other than Ye Lang, no one could control spirit Coldblood Five. He had to be with Coldblood Five every day now. If he didn't have this, he'd be out roaming the world while he was still tiny. 


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