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The Audition (1)

"Little Five, come see this! That lady in front isn't wearing any underwear…" Ye Lang pointed a small finger at a sophisticated-looking young lady, almost a hundred times taller than him. He shouted as if he discovered new land. 

He was only having fun, he wasn't a pervert… Thud! 

Coldblood Five's hand had intimate contact with Ye Lang's small head. We don't know if she actually liked doing it because she often knocked his head. 

Usually, after the knock, she wouldn't speak because it was obvious-- you're wrong! 

Of course, sometimes, she would same something simple like, 

"You little pervert!" 

"Hey! Miss! You dropped your underwear…" Ye Land shouted as he ran towards the lady. 

"?!" The aristocratic lady was startled, examining Ye Lang as if she didn't know how to respond. 

She must have been thinking, was she hallucinating? Why was she seeing a tiny man? And he said something about her dropping her underwear? I'm wearing nude-coloured ones though, it's made of a sexier material and doesn't look like I'm wearing any. 

It's all because of the bunch, saying something about being flirty, how they'd bag guys together, and they'd all wear the same kind…Wait a minute… "Ahhhhh…." 

Very soon, the lady finally came to. She screamed while holding her skirt. The people around looked towards the lady. 

What was going on? It looked like there was a peeping Tom from her gestures. But they didn't see anyone?? No wait, is that a tiny man? 

The lady looked again, this time finding only an empty spot. She muttered to herself, "Was that a hallucination? Is it because I didn't sleep well last night?" 

Her face reddened as she apologized to everyone. She was so embarrassed, but also confused. Was she really dreaming? 

"....You're lucky I moved fast, or you would've been caught!" behind the corner, Coldblood Five exhaled in relief as she grabbed his hand. 

When Ye Lang shouted all the wrong words, she immediately grabbed him to run far away. If anyone saw these two peculiar people, they'd definitely be caught. 

"I was being helpful, she wasn't wearing any underwear!" Ye Lang whine innocently. 

"I saw. She was wearing underwear, but they were nude-coloured. Also, even if she wasn't wearing any, how could you shout like that?" she was exasperated because she felt like a babysitter every time they went out together. 

She was once an assassin people called Death, and now she was a babysitter! How would anyone believe her! 

"I can't do that?"


"Why?" he didn't understand. 

"There's no why, you just can't," Coldblood Five didn't feel like explaining because if she did, his questions would never stop coming. He didn't understand matters like that. 

"Little Five, look…" in the middle of the conversation, Ye Lang ran off, pushing this topic aside to do something else. 

"..." She sighed. If she didn't shrink, she definitely wouldn't hang out with this idiot like this. But to be honest, this was pretty fun too. 

It's time to take some time off for herself, she'd never had a vacation in her life! 

"You idiot, be careful! People could see you!" Coldblood Five shouted, then ran to catch up. 

"So what? I'm not afraid of them!" he ignored her warnings. He was so tiny, so it was very easy to run. Who could catch him? 

"... Do you guys feel, like, Coldblood Five has been a little different?" the Coldblood Thirteen Eagles were having another discussion. 

"I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't mention it. I do think she's been a little weird recently like she's a different person-no wait- like she's not a person," another person said, frowning. 

"She was never human, she was cold-blooded," another remarked. This was something everyone agreed. Perhaps this was why they did think the spirit could be Coldblood Five herself. 

"No, she was cold in the past, but she was definitely human. Now, I don't think she is, and you all seem to feel it too." 

"I guess, but perhaps she's just been getting colder. She has changed compared to her younger self. She was an adorable child, but, ah forget it, people like us shouldn't want to be like normal people!" another exclaimed. Some of them were old enough to be her grandfather, and they'd been with her since she was just a child. 

"Yeah, if that isn't a human, then what is it? A spirit? Even if Coldblood Thirteen were alive, he'd never been able to make one like this." 

"Mm, it doesn't seem like a reanimated spirit either. I've never heard of spirits looking so human. If this were true, then it would be convenient for us!" 

"Yeah, the spirit Coldblood Thirteen made did look human, but it was only enough for a temporary lie." 

They'd been communicating with spirit Coldblood Five for a while now, and since could never identify it as a spirit, naturally they didn't believe it was one. 

To them, no matter how real a spirit looked, you would always find out after a while. It was only a temporary trick. 

Then again, Coldblood Five herself was feeding it the words to say, so no one could really be sure. Nobody would've believed that the real Coldblood Five was only a tiny person. 

Although it was odd, this topic was only discussed in passing. No one checked! 

"Alright, let's not talk about Coldblood Five. Let's get back to Coldblood Thirteen. We need a successor, please keep a lookout for suitable ones, " Coldblood Two said with a low voice. 

Coldblood Two was one of the three women in the Coldblood Thirteen Eagles. She was also the highest-ranking woman, while the other lady seemed to be Coldblood Seven. 

However, Coldblood Two was already about seventy or eighty. She'd been with the Coldblood Group for a long time now, or she wouldn't have been in this position. Coldblood One didn't usually attend the meetings, so Coldblood Two was practically the leader. 

No one knew why Coldblood One rarely appeared either. No one knew, nor did they dare to find out. They only knew that the position was passed down generations. It was the only position that was inherited but not competed for. 

You can imagine how special the Coldblood Group was. No gang leader would let another person run their organisation like that. 

By the way, Coldblood Five was actually raised by Coldblood Two. Apparently they didn't have just a normal relationship, but of course, no one could ever confirm this. 

Then again, Coldblood Five relied on her own efforts to get to her current position, so no sane person would want to challenge her abilities. 

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