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Reanimation (1)

"...Who?" Coldblood Five asked, but quickly remembered there was only one other person apart from the both. 

"Coldblood Thirteen!" 

That's right, it was Coldblood Thirteen. Ye Lang stopped at the hole because he saw Coldblood Thirteen sprawled across the ground like he was dead. 

"Let's check!" Coldblood Five said calmly, then move over in a flash. She was probably faster than a regular, running human. 

When she reached Coldblood Thirteen, Coldblood Five reached out a small hand (a literally tiny hand) to check for a pulse. 

"So? Any pulse?" Ye Lang approached slowly. 

"None!" Coldblood Five put down her hand, a little disappointed. She was only disappointed, not sad. Disappointed because she couldn't get a person to solve her problem. 

"Oh," Ye Lang suddenly switched direction. He was originally running towards the head, but now he was going to the hips. 

"??? What are you doing?" Coldblood Five saw him change direction, puzzled. 

"I'm going to get his ring. I remember he had an almost decent space ring," Ye Lang shouted without turning, then continue to run. Coldblood Five fell silent, privately cursing. You have no shame, you just knew he was dead and now you're stealing his ring. 

However, Coldblood Thirteen's ring is the best among all ours, why the 'almost decent'? 

Coldblood Five didn't know that Ye Lang wouldn't ever like a ring like this. His own ring was so much better, but it was much rarer too. The rings regular people had were very normal, with a much smaller volume. 

Even a distinguished group like the Coldblood Group could only get the regular space rings. Only the Coldblood Thirteen Eagles could have them, the rest had to find their own. 

Ye Lang didn't like Coldblood Thirteen's ring that much, but he was interested in the things kept within the space ring. Perhaps he secretly kept alchemy reference books or materials in it. 

"Found it!" Ye Lang climbed up Coldblood Thirteen's hand, struggling to pull off the ring. 

"What will you get from that ring? And you can't use it, you can't even get it off," Coldblood Five appeared next to Ye Lang. The ring was still too big for both of them. 

Space rings weren't stackable either, or it'd wreck chaos within space and time. Hence, this ring couldn't be kept in another space ring. 

"Don't you know? Space rings can grow and shrink, automatically suiting the user's hand," Ye Lang slipped his arm into the ring. The ring shrank immediately. 

Coldblood Five fell silent. She knew, but she didn't know it could make this big of a change. 

"Let's see how he died. He should've written it in his experimental log," he said while searching for the log. It was something any alchemist would do, including Ye Lang. 

They would record their experimental procedures in the log. More detailed logs also included the alchemist's own thoughts and speculations. 

Hence, their experimental log would always be kept in their space or somewhere secret. Places people wouldn't find-- at least while they were still alive. 

All these aren't important when you're dead. The contract with your space will vanish, and other people will be able to access your things. 

Still, to prevent this from happening, i.e. having enemies access your life's work after killing you, many alchemists would use different methods of hiding their logs.

Thank god Coldblood Thirteen didn't think that was necessary. His journal was conveniently in his space ring. Ye Lang was lucky. 

Ye Lang pulled the journal out of the space ring. The book was still regular-sized. Although the ring shrank, the objects didn't. 

Ye Lang stared at the gigantic book, thought for a moment, then turned to Coldblood Five: "Little Five, help me turn the pages."

"Hmmph!" Coldblood Five grunted, ignoring Ye Lang. 

"Do you want to get us big again?" he asked convincingly. He knew it had the strongest persuading power. 

"Very much!" she grunted again, but she still approached to open the book. 

As he watched Coldblood Five open the book, Ye Lang couldn't help but say, "Little Five, I didn't know you were cute too!" 

Picture this. A girl of barely twenty centimetres flipping open a book taller than her. Even with a cold person like Coldblood Five, it was still adorable. 

"Read. Stop your nonsense!" Coldblood Five lashed. 

"Flip to the last page," Ye Lang was used to her tone, so he didn't take anything to heart. 

She continued to flip the pages, asking, "Why the last page?" 

"Stupid, it's so we know when he died," Ye Lang responded, annoyed. 

Coldblood Five had a strong urge to punch him. She couldn't believe she was being lectured by an idiot. Unfortunately, the idiot made sense. Once they saw the date of the last entry, then they'd know when Coldblood Thirteen died. 

"From the journal, it's been seven days!" Ye Lang read the log, deep in thought. 

"Oh, he's been dead for seven days!" Coldblood Five looked at Coldblood Thirteen with a complicated expression, either pity or grief. 

"No, he was incapacitated seven days ago. He didn't die. A more accurate point of death is three days ago," said Ye Lang, shaking his head. 

"?!" Coldblood Five looked at him, bewildered. 

"He was incapacitated seven days ago. If someone came to save him, he'd probably survive. He didn't have an assistant or supervisors, so he didn't even have a last chance," Ye Lang looked at Coldblood Thirteen with pity. 

Alchemists usually have assistants or partners. They weren't only for companionship, but more importantly to have someone to help them when there's an accident. 

"Oh," Coldblood Five seemed to have understood a little. 

The truth was not far from Ye Lang's speculations. Coldblood Thirteen's laboratory did have an accident, not a fatal one nor did he think it was serious. Unfortunately, he was paralyzed because of this small accident, and he could only await death, quietly. 

Like what Ye Lang said, if someone found him, he'd definitely been saved!! 


DOGE's notes:

much love to everyone who has been leaving comments. such happy. 

but such sad for Thirteen. 

bork wishes,


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