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I Have A Friend Now (2)

"He's still in the lab. If he's there, then I guess there will be materials," Ye Lang replied, standing on a 'hill'. From their perspectives, the laboratory was impossibly huge- something they didn't notice before. 

Nonsense. You were a regular person before, obviously you wouldn't notice. However, it was still a decently spacious lab, as big as a basketball court. They weren't sure how Coldblood Thirteen built this place. 

It wasn't only this lab, Laboratory 1 was similar. Or maybe even bigger. 

"Go get him!" instructed Coldblood Five. She didn't mean to get materials from Coldblood Thirteen. With Coldblood Thirteen present, did she still have to question Ye Lang's skills like right now? 

To her, Coldblood Thirteen was the true master of alchemy. He'd definitely be able to solve their problem. She must've been confused a moment ago to believe Ye Lang could do it. 

Yes, I was confused! 

"Get him? Alright, I also want to see what he's doing in there!" Ye Lang also agreed to the suggestion, dragging Coldblood Five towards Laboratory 3. 

"Frank!!" Coldblood Five exclaimed coldly. 

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to grab your hand, but it was so cold!" Ye Lang didn't let go of her hand for this though. He let go because it was too cold. 

If it wasn't too cold, he probably would've held on. 

Her hands were cold not because she was cold-blooded, but because she was wearing special skin-like gloves.

With the gloves on, Coldblood Five didn't mind Ye Lang grabbing her hand. Although she felt it, since the gloves were like skin, she still didn't mind because it wasn't like he touched her real skin. 

It was still the first time someone held her hand though. No one ever dared to touch her hand. 

Then if she didn't want Ye Lang to let go, then why did she shout? 

It's very simple, its because Ye Lang was going the wrong way again!! 

"This way!" 

This time, it was Coldblood Five's turn to grab his hand, dragging him in a different direction. She didn't think much into it. The important thing was to reach their destination. 

"Isn't it that way?" 

"It's this way!"

"Are you sure?" 

"Shut up!"

Coldblood Five dragged Ye Lang to the entrance of Laboratory 3, then stopped. As she gazed at the door (which was over ten times taller than her), thinking. 

"What's wrong?" Ye Lang asked when he saw her stop. He didn't realise he was at the door. 

"We're tiny, how can we open it? If it were last time I would've been able to open it," she frowned. 

"You would've been able to open it?" Ye Lang asked, puzzled. 

"As long as it is a door, then I can open it. Every assassin must master this," she nodded. 

Coldblood Five could enter this laboratory not because she was given permission by Coldblood Thirteen nor was it because there were instructions at the front. Yet, she could open the door on her own. It was one of her talents. 

It was like what she said. She was an assassin, and assassinations usually require opening locked doors. Because of that, she trained herself to open doors. 

Although she wasn't very good at alchemy, she very still very good at opening doors with alchemy protection. Probably even faster than Ye Lang. 

Usually, she would definitely be able to get through, but she was too small. Even if she broke the alchemy shield, she might not be able to push the door open. 

Ye Lang was the same!! 


"We don't have to open the door to enter," Ye Lang rubbed his chin while looking at the door like he was deep in thought. 

"How can we get in without opening the door?" Coldblood Five was curious. There were alchemy shields and protections everywhere. To break those would be ten times harder than opening this door. 

"We can squeeze through. We're tiny, we can get in through the cracks," Ye Lang added casually, "there are benefits to being small." 

"..." Coldblood Five fell silent. She'd forgetten about that. Some places were only built to stop people from entering, but there were still slits that were too small for humans. 

"Here! Little Five, make a hole with your douqi!" Ye Lang walked for a bit, then pointed at a spot. 

"Why don't you do it?!" Coldblood Five said coldly. He was obviously using her for labour. 

"I don't know douqi," he said slowly. 

"..." She stopped for a bit, then walked towards where he was pointing at. Her body shot up, even stopping mid-air. 

Quickly, both her thumbs formed a triangle! 


A visible douqi wave was created in front of her. The beautiful curve hit against the wall, emitting a bright flash! 

When the wave disappeared, a big hole was left on the wall. Yep, it was a big hole to the both of them, enough to crawl through.

Coldblood Five landed, grabbed Ye Lang's shirt, then leapt up to grab the edge of the hole with him. 

"Little Five, do you think I'm a cat? Let me go!" he said behind her. 


Ye Lang immediately decided to climb up upon hearing her. He used her torso as a ladder, conveniently stepping a few more times to get back at her. 

"Hmmph, be careful!!" Coldblood Five couldn't do much but yell at him. 

"Thank you, I'm already quite careful!" Ye Lang decided to take her words as a friendly reminder. 

"..." Coldblood Five was speechless. She wasn't sure if he was acting or really was stupid. 

She couldn't care less at this point. When Coldblood Five caught up with Ye Lang, they crawled through the tunnel, through the wall. However, Ye Lang stopped as soon as he reached the end. She didn't know why he'd stopped. 

"What are you doing again?" Coldblood Five wanted to push him off the ledge, but she resisted the urge. 

"I am watching Coldblood Thirteen…" Ye Lang replied. 

"You see him? Good. Then what are you still doing here blocking me?!!" Coldblood pushed Ye Lang off. He won't die. 



Ye Lang fell heavily on the floor, while Coldblood Five leapt to land next to him. She kicked Ye Lang a few times, as if to check if he was dead, but also to take revenge for stepping on her. 

"Are you dead yet?" Coldblood Five asked coldly. 

"Nope!" Ye Lang answered, crawling up, "But someone else might be dead!" 

DOGE's notes:

what kinda cliffhanger??? 

sniff. very hope you enjoyed it. 

bork wishes, 


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