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I Have A Friend Now (1)

"Let's GOO! I am spinach, SPINACHHHHH," Ye Lang switched from his initial taunts to this song. He sang while hiding, quite pleased with himself. 

"..." Coldblood Five stopped, then calmly inspected Ye Lang. 

"??" Ye Lang also stopped, thinking she'd given up. Well that definitely didn't happen. He suddenly understood the common phrase: Never provoke women, they're too scary!! Coldblood Five directly sent a full force of douqi towards Ye Lang. If he was in its way, he'd be less than mush! Could he dodge? Well, Ye Lang was too small to leave the range of attack. "Fuck me!!" Ye Lang raised both hands to create the Alchemy Formation, producing a Moon Mirror to protect himself. Thank god he had a few tricks up his sleeve! 


The laboratory exploded. Coldblood Five also seemed to have forgotten she was in a laboratory, that it was a dangerous place. She only acted without thinking after being provoked by Ye Lang. 

After the incident, she did wonder why she did what she did. Why was she even triggered? She used to be able to ignore things a million times worse than this, but why was she provoked then? She didn't understand, and probably wouldn't ever!! Perhaps Ye Lang was being too annoying, he was still prancing at the face of a problem like that! 

"Little Five you dumbo, don't you know it's dangerous…. Hey, where are you?" Ye Lang shouted for a bit, then realised the laboratory was suddenly empty. He couldn't see anyone, as if Coldblood Five was never there. "Unless…." Ye Lang thought of a possibility, then started to search on the ground. Unfortunately, the ground was a mess, and that was a huge problem. 

"FRANK!!" Coldblood Five's voice rang, bringing with it a strong surge of anger. 

"Present!!" Ye Lang answered, as if indifferent to her rage. He only asked, "Little Five, tell me, did you shrink too?" He couldn't see Coldblood Five, so it was a huge possibility. The alchemy experiment he was conducting previously was similar, so the effect could probably be the same. 

"You don't say! I will kill you!!" Coldblood Five technically didn't answer his question, but it was confirmed. She was indeed tiny. 

"This is going to be fun, I have a friend now!! Ye Lang ignored her anger, only shrieking in excitement. That was also human nature. No matter the situation, having someone to share it with you makes everything better, especially with problems like this one. Humans get lonely! 

"Oh to HELL with your fun, think of a way to bring us back!!" Coldblood Five roared. 

"I wanted to get big again just now, but you said it was good like that," Ye Lang said, confused. 
"..." Coldblood Five was speechless now. She didn't expect her own words to be so hurtful! 

"Why aren't you speaking? Say something, or I don't know where you are," Ye Lang shouted over. He'd never been good at searching for people. If Coldblood Five didn't make a sound, he'd probably never be able to find her. 

"I'm here!" Coldblood shrieked. She didn't want to answer, but Ye Lang was her only hope. At this moment, she thought of something she'd never had to consider before. Why was Ye Lang her only hope? Did he even know alchemy? 

Ye Lang was only there as a test subject. No one knew he was an alchemist himself, nor did they think he was. 

Coldblood Five also began moving to meet Ye Lang, guiding him with her voice and listening to his at the same time. However, soon enough, she made a decision! "Frank, stay where you are and don't move!!" 


"We'll meet faster like this!" Coldblood Five remarked coldly. 

"?? What," Ye Lang didn't understand, but he obediently stayed in his spot. If he could save his energy, why wouldn't he? 

Coldblood Five made the decision, not for Ye Lang's comfort, but because Ye Lang was being weird again, walking further and further away. 

Coldblood Five noticed Ye Lang's voice was getting further and further away rather than nearer so she immediately made the decision to instruct him to stay put. 

After a few minutes, Coldblood Five's silhouette approached, then stopped before Ye Lang. She was so fast her shadow couldn't be seen, then stopping soundlessly. 

They were almost the same size. Coldblood Five was slightly bigger, but that was probably due to her height before. "Hi, Little Five…." Ye Lang waved. Thud! Coldblood Five wordlessly threw a punch at Ye Lang's head. He didn't dodge it this time, so she thought her previous troubles were definitely because he was tiny. "Why did you hit me!!" Ye Lang asked innocently.

"Why do you think? I was fine but I'm like this now and it's all your fault!!" Coldblood Five said coldly. 

"What has that got to do with me? You were the one who knocked over the materials, causing the accident!" Ye Lang defended himself, refusing to be intimidated. "What can we do now? Looks like we can only wait!" Ye Lang flung his hands, upset. 

"Wait?" Coldblood Five looked at him, wanting to know the answer. 

Ye Lang nodded, "Wait. We'll wait for the effects to fade. I've had something like this before, I had to wait for the effects to fade on its own before I could recover." 

"How long?" Coldblood Five's questions were still shorter than ever, probably because she didn't like to talk. 

Ye Lang thought for a moment, then said, "I can't tell for sure. It could be one or two days. Or a month. Perhaps one or two years, perhaps……" 

"Forever?" Coldblood Five continued.

"Mm!" Ye Lang nodded. 

"Then what are you waiting for, you should get back to your experiment," Coldblood Five was slightly panicky now. She definitely didn't want to be like this forever. 

"You've just destroyed everything here, where would I get any materials for my experiment," Ye Lang said directly. He gave up not because he found a friend, but because he had no choice. Coldblood Five fell silent. She thought, even if the explosion didn't happen, she'd already destroyed most of his workbench. 

"Let's go, we shall daydream now. Find a comfortable space to daydream," Ye Lang leapt off an unknown object. This room was full of unidentifiable objects now.

"What about Coldblood Thirteen?" Coldblood Five suddenly asked after a short walk. 

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